The Slow Death Of Greece’s KKE Communists

Α young Aleka Papariga
Α young Aleka Papariga

If she weren’t so obtuse, you could say that Aleka “Irrelevant” Papariga, who has dragged Greece’s Communist party down so low you’d need a microscope to find it – appropriate when you’re looking for amoeba anyway – saw the handwriting on the wall (Commie Go Home!) when she decided to step down as its non-leader.

But she couldn’t see a red arrow coming straight at her face if she were wearing 3-D glasses, so maybe she just got tired of reciting the same old worn-out Commie bromides and offering no answers.

She said she never really wanted to lead, only oppose anybody who was in power and that’s all you ever really to know about her types or the Communist manifesto that went out of fashion when people were still wearing powder blue polyester leisure suits with collars the size of B-22 stealth bomber wings.

Greece’s Communists, whose day was done when they got whipped in the Civil War after World War II, still believe they are the great egalitarians who want everybody to be equal, a particularly quaint and antiquated notion because life just isn’t that way. Some people are janitors and some are brain surgeons and that’s just the way it is and you can’t pay them the same.

Papariga, 67, was at the head of the KKE’s (yes, it actually is pronounced Koo-Koo) for 22 years, during which time she accomplished exactly nothing and in the last election the Commies won 12 seats out of 300 in the Parliament, the definition of irrelevance. Watching her engineer the Commies is like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

She handed over the reins to the dead horse to Dimitris Koutsoumbas, who is so unknown his own family wouldn’t recognize him, and you can bet he’ll read from the same moribund playbook (running yellow dog capitalist imperialists banker bosses) and recite the same propaganda that is so old and harmless tha you can buy Commie posters on line as junk art.

What’s especially tragic about Greek Communists is that they talk like it’s 1957 but none of them have a Chevie from that year because they like new cars and prefer to vacation in Paris and go to the Moulin Rouge instead of hiking it to Cuba to work in the sugar cane fields with their comrades. Greek Commies talk the talk but walk the walk to Flocafe for a 5 euros coffee instead of donating the money to the cause.


I had a conversation with one earnest young Communist, of the type who stand around subway stations and hand out the party newspaper that is about as exciting as the one-hour opening of a Theo Angelopoulos movie showing wheat waving (the kind the Communists could never harvest, leading the Soviet Union to bring in farmers from Iowa after the Cold War ended to show them how to do it) and he said – with a straight face, I kid you not – “Stalin was a great man.”

Usually I don’t get into a battle of wits with unarmed opponents, even those who try to offer biting ripostes while drooling on themselves as they sit in their underwear in the basement of their mother’s house and type out illiterate rigidly ideological traps for themselves, but I spit out my coffee and said, “What are you smoking? He killed six million people!” If Hitler had his PR man the Nazis would still be around (oh, they are.)

That’s the part that always throw Communists, along with asking them which is the biggest capitalist country in the world and they don’t know the answer is China. They just can’t defend pogroms.

Under Papariga, KKE went from 8.5 percent of the vote to 4.5 percent last year, a near 50 percent loss in popularity, so maybe that’s why she walked out the door before the next elections when the party might go the way of LAOS, the equally whacky extreme right version of political insanity. These people are crazier than loons and anyone else except for the the Nazis in Golden Dawn who couldn’t spell cat if you spotted them the “c” and the “a”.

You gotta love the Commie propaganda though because it provides comic relief during Greece’s crushing economic crisis. I keep waiting for them to drag out some of the classic posters, such as the one showing an earnest woman in a scarf with her finger to her mouth under the slogan, “Don’t babble, keep your tongue behind your teeth,” which explains both why Commies aren’t good French-kissers and are deadly dull conversationalists.

As Commies go though, Papariga is a relatively sweet harmless creature although you’d rather walk into Harlem wearing only a placard denouncing African-Americans than get into a conversation with her because she’s human Sominex.

With Greece buried under $460 billion in debt created by the running yellow dog capitalists of New Democracy and the soft leftists of the PASOK anti-socialists hiring everyone in Greece except Communists for 40 years, all Papariga could come up with to oppose what’s going on is to say, “Hey, it’s not good,” a rallying cry if you ever heard one.

Once Fidel Castro figured out that even the world’s best cigars as exports weren’t going to save Cuba and his brother who succeeded him opened the economy to quirky capitalistic ideas like letting people own their own businesses, it was pretty much over for the likes of Papariga who at least is an intelligent woman, unlike the mental midget running the world’s last bastion of Communism in North Korea. We can only hope he fires a missile that gets shot down and the US of A rains death on his head.

Papariga has been bleeding support to one of her leftist rivals, the coalition of soft Communists, Maoists, Hot-to-Trotyskites and ecologists in the SYRIZA party that seems to be missing only Scientologists in its motley grab bag as it has risen even faster than KKE has fallen, showing that even Communists are opportunists. If you’re going to be a Marxist it should be Groucho Marx who know how to be irreverent and funny at the same time, unlike Communists whose funny bone is removed at birth.

But now that she’s got time on her hands, maybe Papariga can do what her former fellow Communist Fotis Kouvelis, now the head of the barely more relevant Democratic Left did: become a capitalist conservative and do whatever Prime Minister Antonis Samaras tells you to do. Either that or head for Pyongyang while it’s still on the map.





  1. Communists haven’t died. They have grown. They just renamed themselves Syriza to appeal to a broader audience of leftist suckers.

    Some far leftist extremists even pretend to be moderates that are against communism but end up sounding exactly like communists with their vilification of anyone with power/money while trying to treat everyone poor as a “victim”. (i.e. class warfare) Some of these alleged “moderate” leftist also slander anyone on the right against their non-existent Marxian immigration polices as “Neo-nazi” and “racist”… just like communists do.

    Do you know anyone like that Che Dablis?

  2. I understand the sentiment and even agree with it, in this article. The problem is though, the communism you have to fear in Europe today isn’t the East German/Soviet variety that KKE supports, it’s the Beatnik Jewish garbage Freudian-Marxism pushed by pedophile Allen Ginsburg, who the hippies saw as a god. Life is sex and drugs, this is the new communism of Syriza and much of the Western Left.

    Ironically citizens in the old Eastern bloc were more wholesome, family oriented, and sharper than the hyper individualist, drug using, pop culture obsessed privileged 60’s Polytechneio kids that are in power and sinking Greece today. KKE is junk ideology and outdated, but Syriza is undistilled nihilism personified and the flavor of the week. The latter is far worse. Even as a nationalist, I can see more artistic merit in “Soviet Realism” than I can in the cultural marxist LSD inspired excrement on canvas of Jackson Pollak.

  3. The Syriza-style communists rule our universities, pentagon financed NGO’s , and even government. Europe’s 68rs cut their long hair, shaved, and got their college degrees since their parents could afford to send them off to universities. They did essentially what one of their greatest ideologues, Antonio Gramsci, told them to do: infiltrate the system and turn Western culture on its head, in order to distance the proletarian from his racial and spiritual roots, forcing him to identify as a soulless economic unit to bring about the globalist “paradise”.

    International moneyed powers back this campus Leftist sentiment to break down borders and profit off illegal immigrant labor. They cause civil strife in societies, then when the Greeks least expect it, buy up all their resources at deflated market prices. Once big monopoly capitalists sink their teeth in Greek resources, the upper class Leftist “idealists” that put a humanitarian spin on this, fade into obscurity, feeling great about themselves for making the world a better place.

  4. Everything this buffoon idiot has written is a load of rubbish because KKE’s decline after Kasidiaris slapped the 150kg lesbian Kaneli in self defence and all of Greece said καλά τις έκανε!!!

  5. Potty-humour and playground insults – wow the Greek Reporter is doing a great job of upholding the finest standards of objective journalism.

    Bravo Andy Dabilis, carry on writing like this and you’ll surely be headhunted by Fox News, or maybe even the National Enquirer.

  6. Yo nunca en mi vida habia leido tanta estupidez junta. Este Idiota estructural llamado andy Kandilis – supongo que antonio kandilis- donde se habrá graduado de analista? porque la verdad es que hay que ver como este Andy llena tres paginas para no decir nada. Diganme;¿ alguien entendió algo de lo que dice este papanatas???