EU Official Says Greece Could Ban Golden Dawn

Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos (C) with his followers
Golden Dawn head Nikolaos Michaloliakos with followers

Europe’s human rights organization has prepared a report which said Greece has the authority to ban the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that won 18 seats in Parliament last year and has been accused of leading assaults against immigrants and other violent actions, which it denied.

The Council of Europe’s human rights commissioner, Nils Muiznieks, compiled the report during a visit to Greece from Jan. 28-Feb. 1 and said he found disturbing evidence linking Golden Dawn to racially motivate crimes, the newspaper Kathimerini said.

Sources said the report links several incidents of racist violence and hate crimes to supporters, members and deputies of Golden Dawn, which has an anti-immigrant agenda aimed at emptying Greece of foreigners.

The report describes Golden Dawn as a “neo-Nazi and violent political party” that should be isolated under legally binding international human rights conventions signed by Greece, according to AP, which had an interview with Muiznieks.

The document reportedly said that legally binding treaties such as the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination and the European Convention on Human Rights, both of which have been ratified by Greece, give local authorities the right to curb or sanction individuals who support or engage in hate crimes.

Such action is also within the powers of existing Greek legislation, it added. Greek government officials have reportedly responded to the Council of Europe recommendations. In a note attached to the report, authorities said that parties voted into Parliament are covered by the Constitution. Golden Dawn, which currently polls at around 11 percent, was approved by the country’s Supreme Court before running for power.

In February Muiznieks called on Greece to do more to tackle offenses committed by Golden Dawn and its members, as well as apparent links between the far-right party and the police. The Latvian official also recommended that the government set up an independent body to investigate claims of police brutality.

Golden Dawn is led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos, who delivers fiery speeches denouncing immigrants and the government for supporting austerity measures demanded by international lenders in return for $325 billion in two bailouts, and has espoused anti-Semitic and anti-Gay stances while taking an extremist ultra-religious stand demanding prosecution for what it perceives as blasphemy against the Greek Orthodox Church, including by playwrights.




  1. Alex, I’ve really nothing more to say, except that young Greek women might be the most beautiful in the world, I love a good Gyro and real Greek yoghurt.

  2. …. meanwhile the USA is funding ultra nationalist in the former Yugoslavia literally trying to usurp our very identity. (turning into “ancient Macedonians” right before the eyes of their pretentious apologists)

    Talk about being “against racism” .. when the same people say absolutely nothing to criticize them….is precisely why many Greek no longer trust foreigners anymore (including many foreign ngo’s that claim to stand for human rights, and now seem more interested in hiding their mistakes in supporting FYROM). Ethnic cleansing Greeks isn’t “human rights”. Its evil.

  3. Sorry, what’s the point of this post? What are you saying exactly? Women, Gyro and yogurt? How did those come into this?

  4. Not exactly what I’d want either. I don’t even support GD, but banning political parties? That’s not okay. At the very least, ban Syriza, too. Why only ban one extreme?

  5. That’s exactly the right answer Nicholette. We have to protect GD’s rights to participate for the exact same reason why have to protect the communists rights to participate.

    If we get into the game of banning politcal parties we going to face a very real threat of civil war. (since the people that vote for these parties will not disappears because their party was banned)

  6. Yup you’re right, it’s just a major tourist destination and Greek nationals own over 35% of freighter and oil tankers, and clearly the eastern roman empire was insignificant. Thanks for agreeing.

  7. Yup, you’re anti-nazi and Greece is the armpit of the med., but just a major tourist destination with a very low violent crime rate. So you’re afraid America will turn Nazi, I see your point, the place is on its way to be Nazi Germany part II especially after Obama was voted in.

  8. Of course you goldendawn fascist pig! Civil War!
    But wait you are a diasporic goldendawn fascist pig! You can’t take part in a war mounopano!

  9. Whats the matter Greek boy are you ashamed of your ancient homosexual blood!

    All you fascist Greeks are descended from the ancient homosexual Greeks like socrates, plato, and Iskander who all had homosexual relations!

  10. Cindy you communist mass murderer could you explain why all the ex communist countries are the production line for the brothels of Europe and the porn industry?

  11. First, if Ancient Greeks where all homosexuals like you pretend, there wouldn’t be modern Greeks today …
    Secondly qualifying Ancient Greeks as “gays” isn’t only an inaccurate but a racist statement towards Greeks but comming from a far-leftist, I’m not surprised, after all most of you are more racists and intolerants than the far-right ..:
    Also when you say about us Greeks that, according to you, we are ashamed of having “ancient homosexual blood” in out veins, you really speak like a nazi because you imply that we are a population born from homosexual relationships …
    And you dare to criticize GD members who are far more tolerants than you and call them fashists and nazis while you speak like that about a whole population ?

    Go to hell nazi rat.

  12. Right Alex, it’s perfectly clear that many far-leftists are racists, fashists, totalitarians and against democracy. But not only that, sadly some classic leftists are like that too.

    You may not have heard it but in France, the socialists who rule the country are getting increasingly totalitarians and don’t hesitate to violate the law and the constitution to pass their projects.
    For the “gay marriage” project for example, the Socialists violated the law by blocking 4 MPs from the opposition outside of the parliament so they couldn’t vote against the gay marriage which is a project not wanted by the majority of the peoples.
    Also the (socialist) president of the Senat who normally hasn’t the right to vote … voted for this law in violation of the constitution.
    Also 3 Socialist MPs from the Islands who couldn’t attend, voted by procuration against this law but the socialist leadership put their votes as a “yes” instead of a “no”.
    And this law was passed only by 3 voices. If the law and the constitution would have been respected, this project would have been rejected …

    Also peaceful youth protesting against this gay marriage project were forced to flee in the metro and then they were gazed by the police under the order of the Socialist Interior minister Manuel Valls who is now nicknamed “Chemical Manu” or Manuel “ValSS” since he ordered the police to gaz families with children during last protests.
    Also, peoples wearing a simple t-shirt praising the traditional family were verbalized theses last weeks just because they were wearing theses t-shirts …

    This prompted an italian journalist living in France to make a very aggressive article about the President Hollande, ironically decerning him a “Stalin prize” because while the criminals are freeing

    Here is the Italian article :
    Dopo l’arresto dei manifestanti contro le nozze gay, scriviamo tutti al compagno Hollande, “premio Stalin” :

    UMP Mps bocked outside the parliament so they couldn’t vote
    XD in the video when the policemen say they would gaz them, even them ask if it was under the orders of “Manu le Chimique” which means “Chemical Manu”.

    And now the Socialist police in action :
    Socialist police in action :

    And after many in the far-left dare to call us in the right “fashist” … What a bunch of hypocrites.

    All that to say that don’t, worry I don’t think you are exaggerating when you call theses far-leftists are communists, stalinists, and anti-democratics. I totally agree with your regarding that.
    Now I’m also pissed off at Samaras because of this mosque projects.

  13. Correction : “because while the criminals are free to go even when they commit serious crimes, peaceful protesters and taxpayers are treated like criminals and victim of violence by the fashist socialist police and Red judges.

  14. I am not a “golden dawn’ supporter you slanderous moron. This is quite unlike you that IS a supporter of communism. Far leftist extremists ists like you calling to “shoot” 15 percent of our population, calling the christian orthodox religioin “fascist”, and supporting a party that idolizes peopel that were responsible for the deaths of 100 million people are in no place to talk about human rights you evil man.

  15. “Cindy” is “against bigotry”. This is why “she” is making broad racial slurs against Greeks.

  16. I don’t personally have a problem with gay marriage but I do strongly believe in protecting the rights of people that oppose my view to express their views. (including the communist dirtbags I despise).

    The only time someone loses their rights, is when they (on a personal level) engage in criminal or terrorist activity, attempt to delete democratic rule, or end free speech. (not to be confuses with slander and threats of violence). This should apply whether its Syriza, Golden dawn, ND, Pasok, or any other party.

  17. OK, you guys have convinced me, Greece is globally significant, a financial powerhouse, a country that leads the world in science, medicine, finance, politics, military might. The world depends on Greece for the survival of mankind. Feel better now?

  18. The Gay marriage in itself isn’t the problem, Alex. The problem is that the socialists are violating the law and the Constitution to pass their law and they are gazing, beating and trying to silence with force thoses who oppose their view while they call “fashists”, “nazis”, and other kinds names all thoses who disagree with them.

    That’s the problem that I pointed out : The Socialists who currently rule France are totalitarians, undemocratic, violent and fashists.
    Theses bunch of criminal clowns behave like if they would be coming straight from the Soviet Era.

    The gay marriage (and all what it implies like for example the possibility for gays to rent the belly of a woman so they can have a child) which is a project rejected by the majority of the population is just the example I took to mark my point, not the problem in itself.

  19. “who oppose their view while they call “fashists”, “nazis”, and other kinds names all thoses who disagree with them.”

    I complete agree about this point.

    “The gay marriage (and all what it implies like for example the
    possibility for gays to rent the belly of a woman so they can have a
    child) which is a project rejected by the majority of the population”

    While I am physically repulsed and see gay as handcap of sorts its not their fault they are gay. Its some sort of biological problem that caused it. As I believe in freedom, I don’t see what right other have to tell someone they can’t marry someone they love. (even if everyone else disagrees). Its really not a big issue. I’m not worried about us all turning gay and stop procreating because we legalized gay marriage.

    IMO the far bigger problem is straight couples no longer having babies in Greece. Our population is rapidly shrinking. Instead of looking for people that they get along with and treat them respectfully, many look purely for physical appearance. Another problem is many today see children as burden rather than as something to love and a way to continue our culture. Without babies, Greeks will eventually cease to exist.

    We should be providing financial incentives for families to have children. Big tax breaks for big families would be a good idea. They are doing their part to continue the Greek people. They deserve to be rewarded for their sacrifices.

  20. You goldendawn fasist pigs will all succumb to the will of our people!
    Vre mounopano ti fasistas ise!

  21. Greece hasn’t been a major world power since the Greek Byzantine Empire fell to the invading Turkish hordes in 1453.
    Since then the Greek people suffered under the Islamic Turkish yoke until they won independence for a small part of Greek territory in 1832. Sinxe then the Greek people have piece by piece liberated more and more their ancient land from foreign imperialists such as the Turks, Italians(who were forced to relinquish the dodecanese islands to Greece in 1948), & the British (who were forced by the Greek resistance fighters of EOKA to withdraw from most of Cyprus). Ofcourse lets not forget the German imperialist foreigners who levelled Greece between 1941-1945. During the German occupation of Greece, 10% of the Greek population perished from a combination of German & British brutality (e.g British blockade of Greece which caused the starvation of hundreds of thousands of Greek civilians). So you see the big hindrance to Greece’s progress has always been marauding foreign imperialists, arrogant foreigners.
    Golden Dawn will serve notice to the world that Greece & ALL of her massive natural Gas/Oil & Gold resources are ONLY for the benefit of the Greek people).

  22. Ban Golden Dawn and it will cause extraordinary resentment in Greece, and not only from GD itself. Furthermore, GD would then only become a strong underground movement.

    In addition, if GD is banned then what voice would remain in Greece to support Greece’s right to defend and monitor its borders, to decide precisely WHO it wishes to invite to come and live in Greece?

  23. As for me, I’m not disgusted by gays and I respect their rights as long as they aren’ traitors but the problem here is that a small group of this category of of persons only care about their own interests without taking into account the interests of the children and the other members of the society.

    They were also many gays protesting against this law because every child has the human right to have father and a mother and because the parents have the human right to be called father and mother on official papers and not “parent 1” and “parent 2”)

    Children aren’t objects. Paying a woman to become pregnant so this minority could have a child is disgusting. One of the leftist politician supporting this law even said in public that a woman renting her belly and a worker renting his arms are the same situation …

    Plus in France, there is alread a civilian union called the PAX opened to homosexual as well as heterosexual.

    What the gays want is to have children but they can … if they do love with a woman. As for the marriage, they can too … if they marry a woman. They aren’t discrimined, only by some hard-right wings and they got beaten by muslim and black immigrants and illegals just because of their sexual orientation.

    No the probem is the leftists are violating the law and disrespecting the Constitution to pass this law NOT WANTED by the majority of the people and so the actual socialist governement is undemocratic. That’s what I point out.
    Theses fashist leftists politicians have to respect the will of the peoples. Where is the democracy in all this ?

  24. Are you retarded or just lying “pig”? I don’t support GD you slanderous communist MORON.

    Perhaps the concept of immgriation control is “fascist” to Greek hating scumbags like you but I can assure you every country in the world has an immigration department responsiblity for DEPORTING illegals.