Mt. Athos Leaders Talk Taxes With Samaras

assets_LARGE_t_942_200273_type12128The administration of the Holy Mount met Prime Minister Antonis Samaras in the Maximos Mansion on April 17 to go over financial matters and taxes concerning the famed Mt. Athos.

According to the statement of the Deputy Foreign Minister Constantine Tsiaras who attended the meeting, the dominant theme was the 100-years celebration of the Holy Mount’s incorporation into the Greek State:

“The Prime Minister’s meeting with the Athonite Fathers’ delegation was particularly constructive. The dominant matter of their discussion was the 100-years celebration from Holy Mount’s incorporation in the Greek State. Other issues that bother the Holy community and Mount Athos’ monasteries were discussed. Through this hard financial situation, the government does whatever possible in order to deal with various matters and to give the possibility of answers to problems that for many years trouble the Holy Mount and the Greek community in general,” a statement said.

Mt. Athos is situated in the eastern peninsula of Halkidiki, called the peninsula of Athos, and is a place dedicated to prayer and worship of God, earning it the name Holy Mount. It is a self- governed part of the Greek state, subject to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its political aspect and to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinopole as regards its religious aspect.

It has been divided into 20 self- governed territories consisting of a cardinal monastery and other monastic establishments that surround it, according to Mount Athos official website.


  1. There is a communist by handle of Savas. To understand why I suggest why I constantly complain about far leftist extremists in Greece (and I don’t say this as political rhetoric)… consider the case of Savas that claims the uber peaceful christian monks at Mr. athos are “fascists”? Fascists? (this is the same Savas that argues to murder 15 percent of our population that vote for Golden Dawn)

    And this sort of incredibility slanderous rhetoric doesn’t end there. For another example consider world arts that openly cheers on communist and anarchist terrorism? Terrorism against a *democratically elected* government is “human rights” now?

    These sorts of slanderous far leftist extremists, that have infiltrated our unions, ngos, , media and slander anyone that disagree with their extreme political views as “Fascists….. need to be called by the moderate left.

    From Syriza lobbying for Skopians rather than condemning their behavior, to leftist extremists lobbying for illegals rather than condemning their disrespectful violation of our borders, their HATE against Greeks needs to be called out.

    It is precisely these sorts of far leftist extremists that has led to the counter extreme of Golden Dawn (who are also over reacting in an attempt to protect out identity and heritage from the onslaught of anti-Greek hysteria among a segment of leftist extremists).

    IMO if we want to get back to getting along with one another, we have to support the middle ground and moderation (despite its mistakes which are really a reflection of all our mistakes).

  2. I hope Samaras, and all politicians, have the guts to make these Greek citizens on Athos pay taxes just like everyone else so that they do not continue living in an environment which they like to consider as part of Greece but superior to it and free of the usual responsibilities.


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