Papantoniou Freed On 50,000 Euros Bail

Papadoniou9Former Greek defense minister Yannos Papantoniou and his wife Stavroula Kourakou appeared in court on April 17 to testify in a case against them in which the government charges they failed to declare all their wealth, which is a crime. He was set free on 50,000 euros ($65,150) while his wife was released on 20,000 euros ($26,000) bail.

Investigators said they had found $2.2 million in a secret bank account in the Geneva branch of HSBC which was one of the 2,062 in the so-called Lagarde List that is being investigated by a Parliamentary committee and never checked by the government for possible tax evaders. It was in his wife’s name.

In his testimony, Papantoniou, a PASOK Socialist party stalwart, reiterated he had done nothing wrong. Initially he said he didn’t have an account in the bank and that the allegations were false, but then changed his story and said in a memo to a Parliamentary committee he admitted there was an account but that his wife didn’t tell him they had $2.2 million in the bank.

He then said it was his wife’s personal account that she had never informed him about into which her former husband had deposited money for their children. Then he said he really did know about the account that he said he didn’t know about and that it included his money as well as hers although he had said he didn’t know about it.

Prosecutors have ordered an investigation into his holdings and wealth and all his accounts, as well as his wife’s. They are also examining all the contracts he oversaw in the defense ministry, especially those pertaining to purchases of equipment.



  1. So don’t worry about tax evading. If you get caught just pay your bail fee. This guy stashed 2.2 million and payed 50,000 (almost 3%) so it’s not like the bail will be that high… You might be able to invest the tax evaded money and make a bigger profit than 3%.

  2. Unless Papantoniou, can explain how he ended up with millions of dollars in a secret bank account, it seems like he was stealing massively from the Greek people while simultaneously claiming to care about them.

    Of note, Papantoniou was a leftist. Today those that used to vote for Pasok’s Papantoniou in the hopes of free money from politicians that were robbing them blind… now vote for communist Syriza in the hopes of free money.

    If every Greek stopped demanding free money from one another, and just focused on what we are each producing fairly through our intellect, hard work, and free enterprise… our homeland would be a paradise.

    Selfishness is usually associated with rightwing politics by leftists but the reality is our leftists are the most selfish of all. They expect others to be morally and economically responsible for their lives via the state. Rather than think about what they can produce themselves, they think about what they can take away from the producers of our society. Rather than think what they themselves can give back to their community, they think what their community can give to them.

    Giving to someone else is easy to preach. Much harder to actually do. Too many Greeks have learned to associate the giving of others as a human right for themselves. Its made us unproductive. We wonder why people call FYROM “Macedonia”, but then we don’t behave like Greeks. We behave like a bunch of thieves always looking for a short cut to easy money rather than focus on Hellenic classics like philosophy, mathematics and technology. Rather than a nation of producers we are a nation of consumers.

    We can change this, but the only way it can come is with a change of attitude.

  3. Another “PASOK” scumbag dirty filthy bugger, he should be jailed for submitting false information to the tax dept…

  4. Every single politician should not be above the law and as such should all be investigated!
    Papantoniou and his wife should be hanged in public!

  5. You still up to your goldendawn fascist pig bullsh..t!
    Of course he was a leftist you fascist imbecile!
    Political colours you fascist idiot don’t determine the corrupt, you fascist imbecile. But rather individual greed, vre mounopano!

  6. More crimes and lies from the Justice System in Greece and PASOK’s criminal MPs — and they actually let this man free to run off to another country with only 50,000 Euros bail? — INCREDIBLE! First Venizelos gets off the hook then Papacontaniou’s Legarde List case drags on and and Akis Tzahadsopolous is still waiting for trial— Outrageous!!!!


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