Supervisor Opens Fire Against Foreign Workers

Foreign Workers in ManoladaA Greek supervisor in an agricultural holding in Nea Manolada, Ilia, southwest of Greece, opened fire against foreign workers who demanded a six-month back pay on April 17.

It all started when about 200 workers from Bangladesh, employed in a Greek agricultural holding, had a dispute with three supervisors, the owner’s representatives, over their wages, which ended in an argument. One of the supervisors took a hunting rifle and began shooting at the workers.

About thirty workers were injured and were transferred to local hospitals. According to sources, twelve of the workers are in serious condition and the rest are slightly injured.

The owner was arrested and investigations to detect and arrest the three perpetrators are in progress.


  1. Its this kind of leftist sensationalist anti-Greek trash I object to.

    Why did this manipulative POS article have to be framed as “open fire against foreign workers”. When Greeks are killed by someone foreign, is the title “illegals open fire against Greeks”?

    Do you realize irrresponsibly writing titles like this causes HATE against Greeks and re-enforces negative stereotypes of Greeks?

    Pure anti-Greek garbage.

  2. The employers are obviously not patriots but liberals (understand slavers) because in this troubled period, employing foreign workers while there are so many local peoples unemployed and on the verge of ending in the streets is disgusting.
    And obviously, theses liberal “bosses” who prefer to employ foreign workers instead of local workers don’t employ them because of “human rights” (the good excuse) but because it is easiest to abuse foreign nationals than locals and to pay them when they want (or to not pay them at all).

    Fine all theses unpatriotic greedy “masters” who prefer to employ foreign workers instead of local workers and send the kapos who fired at the workers in jail.

    No borders like the far-leftist idealists say so our “fantastic” bosses can replace the Albanians (cheaper than Greek workers) by Pakistanies and Bangladeshis workers (even cheaper than the Albanians) !

    On the other note, courage to the peoples who got shot.

  3. If 200 people rush someone they have a God given right to defend themselves. They do this in Canada to. They’ll be some dispute or even something like a car accident and a horde of East Indians will show up with bats. Yet the media will spin it so that somehow the horde was justified in their violence. If they have a dispute they should take it up with the labour authorities instead of resorting to violence.

  4. Caught that too.

    A patriot would never have hired an illegal. It was almost certainly leftists that shot them.

  5. 200 immigrant workers? from bangledesh? greece has youth unemployment at over 50% and the 3 greek foremen hire 200 people from bangledesh?.. why does greece even allow people from bangledesh into their country they are not refugees fleeing war they are economic immigrants. meanwhile young greek people are unemployed and refugees from syria are homeless

  6. Alex, shut ur mouth u wining twat. The title is the main content of the article and it’s as accurate as it gets. Stop sooking like a little girl. This is the title, the content is relevant to the title, this newspaper is not anti-Greek, its made by the Greeks. It’s u who is extremist bias and real life does not reflect your views, in fact, nothing does. U live in a different dimension to everyone else, and not in a good way.

  7. Alex is actually a goldendawn fasicst pig! His red neck, white supremacist views are always condemning Greeks and non-Greeks alike!
    His fascist views are as close as anyone can get to absolute racism!
    He is an Greek-american fascist, with venom against all who despise his goldendawn fascist pig views!

  8. So the leftists who support immigrants, legal or illegal, shot them? Doesn’t really make sense.

  9. A patriot is usually the biggest hypocrite of all. Look at your politicians for example, pretending to do good for Greece yet they are responsible for people starving & dying.

    & nutter, I’m sure when you need your light bulb changing & you get a quote from Stavros to change it for 100€ but Ahmed charges only 10€, you would choose Ahmed & then not pay him.

  10. Alex the Arse lives in the States and knows nothing of what life is really like here. In fact, this article is very short on facts. According to Ekathimereni the workers had not been paid for six months and when they went to (rightfully) protest, they were shot.

    You are such an imbecile Alex the Arse.

  11. Golden Dawn will win the June 2016 national elections.
    Golden Dawn will then immediately deport EVERY SINGLE LAST ILLEGAL immigrant residing in Greece. Those illegal immigrants which were given amnesty by the previous corrupt treasonous PASOK adminstration will have their citizenship revoked and will be deported.
    The children of all illegal immigrants will also be deported to the nation from which their illegal immigrant parents came from, regardless of whether these children were born in Greece or not.

  12. All that you goldendawn fascist pigs will win is more hatred from our people!
    Your demise is set just like the fascist junta succumbed to the our people so will all you goldendawn fascist pigs!

  13. Unlike the Greek military junta, the Greek Golden Dawn political party will be voted into power via democratic process. This will give them staying power. Golden Dawn’s objective is to have the support of the majority of the Greek people. They will achieve this more thoroughly than any other political party has in the past. This is because support for Golden Dawn comes from grassroots activism. No mainstream media supports Golden Dawn. Therefore a Golden Dawn voted into power will have sincere support from the population and will be unassailable. Fear that day in 2016 you marxist leftist scum. Life will become very hard for you and all leftist traitors after that day.


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