Greece Will Allow Sunday Store Openings

storesWith more than 68,000 businesses closed in the last three years of a crushing economic crisis, the Greek government is planning to submit a bill that will let small stores be open on every Sunday and for department stores for seven Sundays a year.

Deputy Minister of Development, Thanasis Skordas said the openings would be optional although there are concerns it could lead to most of them being open as store owners jockey for customers and more revenue.

Greece’s international lenders are pressing for all stores to be allowed to open on Sundays but many merchants are unhappy with the change. “We don’t know any more if there’s anyone to talk responsibly, what questions we should ask and to who,” said the President of the National Confederation of Greek Commerce (ESEE) Vassilis Korkidis.

He said that, “After having abolished the Sunday holiday for stores, they seem to reject our proposal for the supposedly establishment of a development bank for SMEs, while they confirm that Mr. Horst Reichenbach has done the same at the meeting we had with him,” referring to the European Union’s task force chief among Greece’s creditors envoys that includes the so-called Troika of the EU, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank.

“We don’t know any more what to believe about the Sundays issue, the Ministry, its ‘cycles’ or the Troika?” Korkidis said, stressing that the National Confederation of Greek Commerce has never proposed the creation of a new development bank for SMEs, but to use the existing structures of the cooperative banks.

“Honestly, we cannot understand the reason why the Ministry continues all these back and forth regarding the Sundays issue, while this proposal is already condemned by almost the entire market and society, and undermines development – which the Ministry is supposed to serve – by rejecting from the very beginning a financial proposal, which can push the market to overcome the crisis. For once more the trade falls to deaf ears,” he said.

He added: “I wonder how the Ministry imagines the market recovery? In the absence of society and entrepreneurship? Or with selective leaks by “cycles” of those responsible that stay anonymous? Unfortunately, our economic situation is getting worse day by day and some people insist in playing communication games. I think that this is the time to stop the exclusion of the institutionalized market actors from the discussions and to restore social dialogue,” he finished.


  1. Criminal decision. They want to destroy the Greek family and the Orthodox religion.

    At least the same day in the week, parents and children shouldn’t work so the families can be together.

    Now for the Sunday in particular, Orthodox Christians won’t be able to go to the Church so this decision is a violation of the Human Rights of Greek Orthodox Christians = 96% of our countrymen.

    Opening the shops the Sunday is a violation of the Human Rights of Greeks.
    If they want Hellines to be more productive, what about diminushing the bureaucracy to make it easiest to open new companies ?
    Damn the Troïka.

  2. Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism Fascism

  3. You have a point about how it will weaken the family unit but at the same time allowing businesses to stay open on Sunday is also diminishing the bureaucracy for our businesses face. (much like privatization and deregulation does)

    Ancient Spartans were great warriors because they understood the importance of dedication to a cause also comes with no-nonsense trade offs. The ancient Athenians were great thinkers but not the best warriors. If we want to compete in the global marketplace, we too have to make choices and trade-offs.

    The vision of Greece we should have is not one of ridiculously running around in cheap plastic armour to “impress” tourists like the Skopians do. Our focus must be in Hellenic classics like math, physics and other sciences to produce things of utility and beauty. The best long term way to take back our country is to become uber-traders that marry the sciences with industry. Without this, we will not have the intellectual, moral, and economic means necessary to take our name back

  4. Retail stores need to adapt to the new environment and start to sell products at prices people can afford or willing to pay…

    The same thing is happening around the world and in ever other country.. Greek retailers have been protected for too long…With restrictions on price markups and discounts..

    Greece should introduce a central licensing body and all retailers should be registered with this body..Sunday trading is great thing…It has been introduced around the world..

  5. Another thing about making the Greek government much smaller….

    ,,,patriot Greeks can then focus giving helping other Greeks and Greek friendly causes voluntarily rather than having tax dollars funding anti-Hellenic causes (like illegals that disrespect our borders and far leftist extremists that are only “patriots” when it comes time to leeching off other Greeks)

  6. …. and even more stores will close or be taken over by multinational chains, because only the bigger ones can afford to staff their outlets 7 days a week, and as you can see in some countries, 24 hrs a day. Are cash strapped Greek families really going to spend more because of Sunday trading, no, they are just going to work even more hrs and spend their Sunday shopping instead of relaxing…..

  7. You forget both the Athenians and Sapartans were fulltime homosexuals as well!
    Not many men in ancient Greece for our Greek women! Lucky the Turks came!

  8. What human rights I’m talking about ?

    The right for the children to be together with their parents once a week.
    If the parents work the weekend, the family can’t be together unless the children would also have their day off changed.

    In a civilized country, don’t the children have a right to see a little their parents, at least once a week ? Doesn’t have the parents too the right to be together with their children once a week ?

    Also don’t the religious Orthodox peoples have the right to have the sunday off so they can go to the church ?
    If they work the sunday, how can they go to the Church ? Where is the respect of their rights as Humans ?

    Plus we have this measure in France. At first, when peoples worked the sunday, they were paid double per hours and now they try to pay the peoples like if it was just a normal working day of the week.

    Also this kind of measure don’t solves problems, it only weaken the units of the family and destroy traditions.

    And that is one of the objectives of peoples who push this kind of measures.
    In a Christian country, the sunday mustn’t be worked … unless you want to secularize it little by little which would opent the path to multiculturalism.

    Plus, this measure was adapted too in France and we are still bankrupt.
    Also now some big companies pay their workers who work the sunday … the same as if they would have worked a normal working day in the week while theses same workers lost the right to have a normal family life.

  9. Private workers and especially thoses who are owners of a small business are very hard working, you liar.
    Don’t put all Greeks in the same bag, Skopian.

  10. Yes these measures are in France because it has a strong economy but not in Greece where there is no economy…France is the world’s fifth largest economy and the second largest one behind Germany…Germans after WWII worked 2 extra hours free to build back their country…What do we do in Greece other than fighting between ourselves while our politicians are using us for their own benefits…We are doomed if we start thinking the way you think…If you want Greece to prosper, we have to think Germans…

  11. France, my second country and where I live is an economical catastrophe and we are unofficially BANKRUPT with 10% unemployement and it is worsening.
    Germany is also a catastrophe economically and the Germans are so bankrupt that they are forced to send their old peoples in poor countries because they haven’t the money to take care of them. Also, the life expectancy of the Germans have shrinked from 5% and there are “workers” in this country paid with very very low wages.

    Basically German officials don’t count in their debt, the money they need to take care of their old ones and also they don’t count the money necessery to treat peoples who have dangerous and long disease as well as some others things.
    Unofficially, Germany’s debt is 85% of GDP but unofficially, Germany’s debt is 185% of GDP.

    Also if you look at history, Germany has been many times bankrupt so it won’t be the first time. So thinking like a German (2nd best peoples
    after us when it comes to become bankrupt) won’t bring any goods.

    Now the UK and the USA are economic catastrophe too and can only survive because theses 2 countries can print their way out (but for how long ?).

    There is also Spain, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, ect … which are bad economically. Belgium has also problems (but perhaps not as bad) and Japan is one of the country which has the biggest debt in the world (but this debt is own by Japanese so it’s ok … for the moment).

    China is also a catastrophe economically and has its economy officially growing because the Chineses governement build enormous cities which ends up empty (because the peoples don’t have the money to by appartements in it).

    Also one economic professor in a conference said that every Chinese provinces are Greece …

    Excepting Iceland where the peoples kicked out the parasites who were trying to destroy them and aren’t doing so bad, I don’t know other developped countries which aren’t in a (at least) difficult economical situation.

    Why are you guys looking so much as USA, UK, and other northern countries as an example while there aren’t better than Hellas ?
    Only as bigger economies (because they have a big population), they can’t be destabilized as easily as a small country like Hellas ?
    For example, corruption in France is as big as in Hellas and the French minister who was charged to fight frauds, Cahuzac, was forced to resign weeks ago because he was himself a fraudster and his leftist colleagues in the governement knew about him at least since december.

    What they want with measures like opening the shops the sunday is to open more the society. Measures like that are the 1st step to make Hellas a secularist country until in the end it can be transformed in a multicultural secularist democracy like the other EU countries in the north. That is what thoses who push for theses kind of measures really want because like I pointed it, other EU countries aren’t better than Hellas when it comes to economy and when it comes to family lifes, solidarity (not economically but humanly) between the peoples, theses countries are a Human catastrophe.

  12. Just another step in the long process of dismantling and destroying tradition and culture of an ethnos until Greece is nothing but a multicultural cesspool where noone believes in anything and everything…just as the masters ordered.

  13. This move shows the Greek authorities yet again taking an easy way out, trying to rectify the financial crisis by urging even greater consumption of its people, rather than by urging Greeks to make, to create, to invent, to produce, and to EXPORT!

  14. You are so right but I don’t think many Greek leftists understand what’s going on. They live in a fantasy world of denial. It’s important to bring this Internet false flagger issue up (why I constantly do).

    It shows CONSCIOUS deception on the part of the Skopians (and certainly not “good neighbourly relations”) The Skopians are in an unofficial war with us. They spread lies, racism and hate against Greeks. We have to respond to this head on.

    As for myself, even if I publicly agree with someone on some point online I don’t trust anyone online unless I have been talking with them for an extended period and they show moral and intellectual consistency. The handleswapping personas tend to disappear or show major cracks in their reasoning.

    (e.g Alex Prime Minister of Greece, a handle created specifically for me, claimed to vote for Golden Dawn… then keep defending leftist Dablis (who keeps slamming Golden Dawn) and *complaining* about me criticizing Skopians and leftists)

  15. How is opening on Sundays “taking the easy way out:”? If anything its a decrease business bureaucracy. (giving businesses an extra day a week to pay their expenses).

  16. No, no, no! Retail lunacy has been 24/7 all around the world for decades now and look what it has done to those societies. Do Greeks want to become homogenised into robotic creatures that simply live to buy, live to shop, to shop till you drop?

    Say, no!

    When the KKK clambered up onto the Acropolis in 2010 many of us in the rest of Europe hoped that Greeks would lead the way, begin the rebellion. Instead you’re choosing to sell of your assets, start 24/7 trading, and become just like the sheep of other nations. So sad.

    Greece, the old Greece, the special Greece, is dying, and Greeks are letting it happen.

  17. And it is primarily leftist Greeks that are killing it.

    Unless we focus on technology, economic production and protecting our borders… there will be no Greece in a hundred years. Our homeland cannot be protected with empty narratives alone.

  18. Not only do nearly nobody care about Greeks today… but many of our former foreign “comrades” are literally prepared to ethnically delete us (to cover up their shame for referencing the Skopians as “Macedonians”)

    Our leftists need to wake up to the reality that empty speeches of goodwill are not the same thing as deeds of goodwill.

  19. Alex, come on! Suggesting, or believing, that there is some hidden to plan “ethnically delete” the Greeks, or the nation of Greece, is simply akin to paranoia.

    What you have said elsewhere about Greeks needing to really get productive is sound. There is another possibility, however, and that is to say No to the international bandwagon and to simply revert to a traditional way of life, to get those abandoned olive farms going again, and rejoice in all the contentment of an unnecessarily frantic and driven life, as imposed by the multinationals.

  20. “Unless we focus on technology, economic production and protecting our borders… there will be no Greece in a hundred years.”

    I wouldn’t go quite that far, Alex. But I would agree that unless Greeks take major creative action very soon, the Greece that will exist in a hundred years will not be the Greece that most Greeks would like to possess. It will be a Greece owned and populated by peoples of other nations, like wealthy Russians, Chinese, and so forth.

    All the people of Greece need to take responsibility and turn Greece around. The government has to reduce the bloated public sector massively. Those who are laid off have to get productive, even in ways they may find beneath them! People have to refuse bribery and corruption. Everyone must pay their rightful taxes and willingly. And so on. It’s the only way.

  21. I would go that far.

    Many of of our moronic leftist argue for flood of illegals (framing them all as “victims of racism” when they are in fact are ALL lawbreakers that violated our borders), What our leftists are effectively arguing for is a NON-Greek state. (the rational conclusion of their non-existent immigration policies)

    Ethnic Greeks have have a negative population growth rate. If there is
    not a strong opposition to illegal immigration now Greece will be a
    NON-Greek state in a few decades. Its near mathematical certainty given
    demographic trends.

  22. This is not a “theory”. Its a FACT some of our former allies are attempting to ethnically delete us (by attacking our very identity).

    This is precisely why they pretend not to notice the Skopians sudden transformation into “ancient macedonians” and threats against our country. They are trying to hide their hate and shame for trusting them and betraying us.

  23. Alex, I agree with you to an extent. You have focussed on the worst possible scenario. You have imagined that that worst possible scenario WILL happen. Undesirable things may happen but your worst possible scenario is only an invention on your part.

    I agree that imagining worst possible scenarios can be productive, and highly motivating. However, the imagining of best possible scenarios is of equal value.

    Things are changing in Greece at this time. They need to continue changing. But real change will only come about through a positive vision of a future Greece. Is there such a leader at the helm in Greece at this time?

  24. Alex, if you believe that there exists an actual plan amongst certain Western nations to genocidally wipe out the Greeks, or to “delete” them in some other way, then you really do need to name the specific nations involved, and to provide hard evidence of the existence of that plan, along with hard evidence of the discussions and strategies that you claim have been discussed and drawn up. You also need to provide evidence of those nations’ MOTIVE for wishing to eliminate the Greek state, and to explain why those nations do not entertain such a motive towards any other state in the Balkans or Eastern Europe.

  25. Every nation, organization and person that calls FYROM “Macedonians” is implicitly involved. By handing over our very identity to the former Yugoslavians that are effectively inch-by-inch deleting us. No amount of recognition will change the FACT ancient Macedonians were self-identifying Hellenes not Slavic, that their homeland was ancient Macedonia (i.e. Macedonia Greece not ancient Paeonia), and that they identified with Greek culture/language not Slavic.

    “Those who live in Skopje and say that that is Macedon and Alexander’s homeland are as ignorant and outrageous as if someone was to say that Oxford University was really in Belarus and Oxford was Minsk” – Robin Lane Fox, Oxford University

    On November 4, 2004, two days after the re-election of President George W. Bush, his administration unilaterally recognized the “Republic of Macedonia.” This action not only abrogated geographic and historic fact, but it also has unleashed a dangerous epidemic of historical revisionism, of which the most obvious symptom is the misappropriation by the government in Skopje of the most famous of Macedonians, Alexander the Great.

    “Prior to the creation of a Macedonian republic in 1944,most Macedonian immigrants viewed themselves as ethnically Bulgarian and often referred to themselves as Macedonian-Bulgarians or simply Bulgarians.While immigration records failed to list Macedonians as separate category,approximately three-quarters of those listed as Bulgarians were‍ from the regions of Kostur and Bitola in Macedonia.” – James R. Grossman, University of Chicago

    “It should be noted that there is NO CONNECTION between the Macedonians of the time of Alexander the Great who were a GREEK tribe and today’s so-called ‘Macedonians’ of the ‘Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ or FYROM, who are of SLAVIC origin and related to BULGARIANS.” – David H Levinson, ‘The Encyclopedia of Ancient Cultures’

    The very fact that apologists of the former Yugoslavians pretend not to notice their sudden transformation into descendents of ancient Macedonians and irredentism against Greece is clear evidence of these pretentious lecturing snots are RACIST towards Greeks.

    “We are Slavs. There’s no connection between us an alexander the Great. ” – Kiro Gligorov first President of FYROM

    ‘We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian.’ – FYROM´s Ambassador to Canada Gyordan Veselinov, Ottawa Citizen Newspaper, February 24 1999

    ‘We do not claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great.’ – FYROM’S Ambassador Ljubica Acevshka, speech to US representatives in Washington on January 22 1999

  26. I am basing my view on currently empirical trends. You are basing your view on purely speculation.

    With leftist Greek extremists and foreigners ranting “racism” and “fasicism” at every attempt to protect our borders (while foreigner deport illegals in their own countries), and more and more illegals streaming in, we have no ability to deport illegals in any meaningful way.

    Its not even an issue of money. No amount of money can protect us if extremists in our midst constantly lobby for illegals and frame them as “immigrants’, “undocumented migrants” and “victims of racism” rather than condemn their disrespectful violation of our borders. Immigrants first ask, they don’t sneak across borders then start ranting “racism” when locals are hostile towards them. Its an inversion of morality.

  27. I agree with you on this matter. With the terms “racism” and “fascism” Greece is being rather bullied into welcoming all illegal immigrants. It’s up to Greeks to have the confidence and the guts to stand up, and loudly and strongly refute the nonsense that objecting to people flowing into Greece uninvited is “racism”.

    With regard to your posts on FYROM, I will try to set aside some time in the next few days to look at the links you have provided and then respond.

  28. This might be desirable but it is not a human right. Someone in a previous post said “every child has the human right to have father and a mother”. Again desirable maybe, but not a human right.