Outrage Grows Over Migrant Workers Shooting

7E30E8605FC2B5F14A585C5CB39295A8Faced with growing anger over the shooting of immigrant workers in Greece who were shot by a supervisor after they complained about not being paid for six months, the government criticized what it called an “unprecedented and devastating” incident.

“The injuries suffered by protesting farm workers in Manolada are being condemned in the most absolute manner by the entirety of Greek society,” government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said in a statement.

“This unprecedented and devastating act is alien to Greek morals and the reaction of the authorities will be swift and proper,” he said. Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias added that, “Respect for the law is a fundamental obligation for all of us, but also a necessary condition for the country’s economic revival,”while criticizing cases of economic exploitation.

Most political parties issued statements condemning the Manolada shootings, although there was no word from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party accused of attacking immigrants, which it has denied.

The incident occurred when some 200 workers allegedly demanded unpaid wages from their employer. The pickers became involved in an argument with three Greek supervisors, at least one of whom fired at the migrants with a shotgun, it was reported. Some 30 Bangladeshi workers were injured in the incident, with several of them said to be in a critical condition. Two men have been arrested by the police so far. Authorities were reportedly looking for two more suspects.

Manolada has been at the center of cases involving violence against migrant workers a number of times in recent years. Last year, two Greek men were arrested for beating a 30-year-old Egyptian, jamming his head in the window of a car door and dragging him for around one kilometer.

In 2008, migrants working on farms in New Manolada, known for its strawberries, went on a four-day strike to protest poverty wages and squalid living conditions.  Several activists have called on consumers at home and abroad to boycott Manolada strawberries. A social media campaign was launched on Twitter under #bloodstrawberries.

The international media strongly criticized the incident, few days after the report of Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muiznieks, who stated: “Impunity for the rising number of racist crimes in Greece has to end”.

According to the Associated Press, Police Capt. Haralambos Sfetsos stated, “We have identified the three foremen and are looking for them. They are three Greek men, who live locally. The injured have been taken to various nearby hospitals. We have been informed that none of the injuries are life-threatening,” Sfetsos continued.



  1. So a bunch of unpatriotic Greek businessman, most likely voters for either New Democracy or PASOK, who have supported illegal immigration into Greece by hiring illegal immigrants will now spend the rest of their lives in jail for shooting these illegal immigrants.
    Yes, they will spend the rest of their lives in prison. Even when Golden Dawn comes to power they will have no sympathy for these greedy unpatriotic illegal immigrant hiring traitors! Let them rot.

  2. The chances of these men spending “the rest of their lives in jail for shooting these illegal immigrants” , if and when a trial happens, are very very slim. The judical system here in Greece is appalling … thieves and murderers can avoid jail by paying mediocre daily penalties.

  3. “Appalling” is not the right word…”Inexistence” is the right one…Ask me and I’ll tell you…

  4. Normally this would be the case, & they might escape with light sentences.
    But in this case, the corrupt coalition government will pretend that these Greek businessmen were influenced by “racial hatred” being spread by Golden Dawn, & will hand down heavy sentences to show the world how they are trying to combat racism. The truth is these shootings were motivated entirely by greed.

  5. Nils Muiznieks is patronizing self-rightous Greek hating prick that pretends not to notice FYROM. He is NO position to lecture any Greek on human rights as long as he pretends not to notice this. Full stop


    Furthermore there is no evidence this was a case of racism. If the owners were “racist” why would they have hired so many illegals? It makes no sense. No one on the right that that was patriotic would ever… ever… hire an illegal. It was likely leftist loons that lost their marbles due to economic pressure.

  6. Yet another blood libel article against Greeks by leftists Greek Reporter portraying us all as “racist” because some nut starts shooting their employees. Ironically the slanderous troll who wrote this article is trying to tie in the murders to the far right when it so far it appears to be leftists that did it. Who on the far right would ever hire an illegal dear?

    According to our leftists when someone Greek kills an illegal its “racism”. However, when someone Greek is killed by someone illegal, Greek reporter never…never,,, writes “Greeks killed by migrants”. Fascinating bit of logic that

    Outrage is indeed growing. Disgusting anti-Greek articles like this are fuelling even more ethnic hatred of Greeks. Keep up the good work supporting RACISM towards Greeks “Greek” Reporter,

  7. Golden Dawn issued a statement Thursday condemning the Manolada shootings.

    Golden Dawn commented further saying:
    “We also condemn those who illegally employ illegal immigrants, taking the bread away from thousands of Greek families. All illegal immigrants must be immediately deported.”

  8. You are right. No patriot would ever hire an illegal.

    What far leftists idiots (and any any foreigners that hate Greeks) are doing is substituting word “patriotism” and defence of our soverignty and very identity…. by slandering all those that oppose them at “racist” and “fascists”. Any incident involving a Greek doing harm to an illegals i instance portrayed as “racism” (whereas murders of Greeks by illegals… that far far exceed the opposite in numbers…. aren’t reported in this fashion). This is implicitely RACISM directed AT Greeks.

    GD are however foolishly playing up to these stereotypes by using supremacist language and imagery.

  9. ALEX, This story is about “workers in Greece who were shot by a supervisor after they complained about not being paid for six months, when some 200 workers allegedly demanded unpaid wages from their employer” These workers happen to be migrants, which is not the point of the outrage implied by Nikos Dendias or the author of this story Maria Korologou.

    It seems you are already overdue for another rest from these forums.
    Why don’t you ever concern yourself with the Greek politics of your own country, America? If Greece has to be your obsession.

  10. Pure nonsense. The writer of the article clearly attempted to weave the story of a bunch of nuts killing their employees as part of Greek Reporters ongoing lobbying for illegals, lectures about “racism” and “human rights”, and slanderous campaign against anyone on the right as “Fascist”. (with scant facts to back up their claims) The irony is considering these were illegals, it seems more likely their employer voted left rather than right.

    All manipulative leftist sensationalist titles like these achieve is HATE and RACISM against Greeks.

  11. Where’s the article about the 16year old girl who was beaten and raped by a Pakistani illeggal in Agios Dimitrios Athens the other day.
    Another example of the racist antiGreek attitudes of the communist traitors not giving a damn about Greeks but crying for the illegal criminals.

  12. “All illegal immigrants must be immediately deported.”

    I dont’t agree with many things GD advocated but on this point I wholeheartedly agree. If I were in political power, not only would I kick out illegals, but if any foreign funded NGO or foreign media opened its mouth to criticize our soverign right to deport… while their own country’s deport illegals… I would boot them out as well.

  13. What I find disgusting is this. Comparisons. In the USA, when crime is done, Police ARE ON IT, and immediately start looking for the bad people and we can follow this on CNN etc. IN Greece, where 200 people are assaulted and many injured by a “shooting”, barely a word is said in Greece. Jay Leno doesn’t have to write jokes about Greece, because the jokes write themselves. I hate to say it, but a friend of mine says that the only way to truly get Greece on track with other Western countries and out of it’s Balkan mentality is to have foreign overseerers (maybe Troika, IMF etc) officially take stewardship over all government ministires and approve any and all expenditures, manage reforms etc, for at least the next 50 years until the current generation of Greeks pass on, and then (only then) could expats (maybe Greek-Americans?) could be given the reigns of Greece and then we would see Greece corrected.

    Until then, it’s chaos central in Elladastan unfortunately.

  14. Our politicians are causing the problems in the country and they cannot solve them…They are worthless politicians…

  15. …and what are those things that Golden Dawn advocates which you don’t agree with? Be specific?

  16. So your model is America or other EU countries ? Do you know the situation in northern EU countries like France where the police can’t enter the ghettos ? Where there are regularly shooting and deaths by firearms ? 20 deads mainly by firearms just for the city and ancient Greek colony Marseille last year and approximately the same number in Corsica island, ect … and this year has well began regarding that matters and perhaps the score of peoples victims of violent deaths will be beaten.
    And discussing with UK, and Swedish citizens, they are many many similar problems of violence here …
    Now for the economic situation, France, the UK, Germany, ect … are unofficially bankrupt so they aren’t models to follow.
    And let’s not speak about the USA which would be bankrupt too if they couldn’t print … and just look at Detroit and many other parts of this country.
    This is your model ?

  17. But the brand of America is a good one and that sells. So, the reality is that is what matters. Perception…. America Big, powerful!! Greece, not so much… US Marines Number 1…. By the way, all this talk about the Golden Dawn by everyone. I’d really like to see the Golden Dawn guys have a wrestling match or arm Wrestle with the landing group of a platoon of US Marines and then we’ll see how tough they are. US Marines would eat them for breakfast and give them what for! Anyone know if the Golden Dawn ever has arm wrestling matches?

  18. “But the brand of America is a good one and that sells”.

    Not anymore because now more and more countries like Iran, China, Russia and India are beginning to trade in their local devises instead of the $ and this is this money which make the USA powerful.
    If others countries follow and trade in local devises instead of the USA, the $ will be a junk money and the USA are done, especially since this country is now more and more a county of services instead of production .

    As for US marines, no doubt they are strong but as parts as the US army, they are alos ones of the biggest criminals of this area.
    The US army committed awful crimes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya and especially Irak.
    Heard of Fallouja (Irak) where many children in this area are disformed because of the uranium in the bombs ? And all that for WMDs which never existed …
    This war was only done because Saddam … wanted to trade in € instead of the $ … And now like I said, more and more countries are trying to free themselves of the US influence.
    Our Greek economy may be junk but you Americans will follow soon.

    As for Golden Dawners, what I know about their core members is that they fought in Bosnia and in Kosovo alongside the Serbians against nazi muslims like for example the revived Bosnian Islamic SS Handzar division in the 1990s (Bosnian war) so they are used to fight whether it is with weapons or close combats.
    Many of them have a military past, plus being Greeks and arm wrestling being an Olympic Sport, there is good chance that you could at least find one of them who practice wrestling and even in the case no one of them would practice wrestling, you could challenge them in another combat sport like Boxing or Judo.
    After all, some of their members teach self-defence to vulnerable persons who live in the areas changed into ghettos by illegal criminals.
    I’m sure it would be interesting 🙂

  19. US Marines are a bunch of weak pathetic spoilt cowardly weaklings.
    Why do i say this? The answer is simple! In nearly every single engagement between well equipped US marines and rag tag sandle wearing Iraqi insurgents or Taliban fighters, not even 5 minutes will go by before US marines are on their radios desperately calling in air support to save their asses. They always call in Apache gunships and F16’s to help them overcome a small outnumbered rag tag group of Islamist insurgents. Pathetic! Are these the brave US Marines that Golden Dawn is supposed to respect? Keep dreaming!
    The US military is only brave enough to go to war against opponents that don’t have the military hardware to hit back.
    When Russia invaded US ally Georgia in 2008, & humiliated the USA on the world stage, what did the US military do? NOTHING! They did nothing because they were unwilling to take on the Russian military which actually possesses the hardware to hit back and hit back hard.
    Take your homosexual recruiting gay US marine corps and go march in a gay mardi gras parade.

  20. Absolute nonsense ExposeHypocrisy. First to address your points, which seem to me absurd.
    1. US Marines, I would counter, are smarter fighters. So, are you saying if you were a Commander with superior fireforce and the top military in the world, you would risk injuring your men in hand to hand if you had the ability to all in air support??? So, obviously you have not served in the military, or did you get kicked out? Just curious? So, I call it using your head.
    2. The US military is brave enough to go to war with any force on the planet and beyond. It’s our leaders in the government that are not always ready to commit them. So, understand the difference! I’m sure that if the US Marines were allowed to go to Georgia, things would have been much different in Ossetia. Putin is a tough guy, but he’s not stupid and doesn’t want a full scale war with the USA either, and our Marines are tough as nails. Even in the movie, Battleship, they were going to use Russians who attacked the Americans but the producers said it wouldn’t be believable and would be boring, so they used Aliens from another planet to attack as that would be the only force on the planet who could win over Americans, and in the end we even beat the aliens. See the movie. Anyways, what kind of American are you to say those things about our Marines???
    3. And I don’t understand your comment about being Gay?? Not sure the relevance. There are plenty of Gay US Marines and they are as tough as the rest of them. Being gay has nothing to do with being tough, unless you are trying to bring up a stereotype. Are you Homophobic? I’m just saying your comment about Gay Mardi Gras parade leads me to believe you may be prejudiced against our Gay Marines and of course they are just as rough and tough and could be even more scarier for the enemy. Think of an Army of Dennis Rodman’s coming your way (even though I’m not sure he’s really Gay, or just pretend gay).
    4. So, from reading your other comments, it seems you tend to answer questions without thinking. As my old Grandpa Papou used to tell me, “First engage Brain, then the mouth” and you could use this it wouldn’t hurt friend.
    US Marines Rule and all others are just wannabe US Marines!!

  21. The last time the US military fought against a reasonably matched opponent was in my opinion the Korean war. Since then US firepower has been overwhelming compared to the arsenal of their opponents.
    The US military of WW1, WW2, & the Korean war proved their worth on the battlefield. So the question must be asked? What is the quality of today’s US soldier including US marines compared to the quality of the average member of the US Army & US Marine corps who fought in the Korean war, WW2, & WW1? There is no doubt at all that todays US Army & Marine personell are far more muscular, physically bigger in size due to improved fitness training, a bigger obsession with the gym than existed half a century ago, & no doubt steroids, but whilst being a muscular hulk might give you the courags to beat up on a skinny person it doesn’t give you courage to face bombs and bullets.
    Does the US marine corps, now riddled with gang members from the Crips, Bloods, MS13, Aryan White supremacist gangs, etc have the same selfless unity in a REAL combat situation – (Apaches + F16’s vs sandle wearing AK47 wielding Islamist doesn’t count as as a “real” engagement) – as did the nearly all White Christian US soldiers who fought in WW1, WW2, & the Korean war?
    You also say that if the US Marines had moved into Ossetia in 2008 the results would have been far different. Oh please. The Russian military has proven it’s courage, tenacity and willingness to fight to the death during the gargantuan battles of WW2 on the Eastern Front were at least 11 million Russian soldiers & 3 million German soldiers were killed in ruthless combat. Combat of a ferocity never experienced by the US Marines or any US soldier!
    Any advance of US Marines into Ossetia in 2008, would have met with initial success but before long the tenacity of the Russian soldier would smash the US troops including the overrated (by Hollywood movies) US marines. Very telling was a documentary were Taliban fighters said that they had respect for Soviet troops during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan because they fought bravely, on the other hand the Taliban fighter described the US soldiers as cowards unworthy of respect.

  22. @expose hypocrisy? Why you against US Marines, you anti-American person? Also, I see you post about Golden down a few times but I think they also attack in groups against skinny Pakistan men and not fight against tough Albainia mafia guys in Greece right? So, maybe you should look closer at them too the GD guys who seem like what you say about US Marines.

  23. Tough Albanian mafia guys? You seem to be glorifying a bunch of drug dealing, heroin smuggling, human trafficking Albanians.
    Let me make something clear. There is nothing tough and honourable about Albanians. The Albanians showed what cowards they were in Kosovo when they pleaded with NATO to save them from the Serbs.
    You ask why Golden Dawn doesn’t confront the Albanian mafia.
    Answer. The Albanian mafia is armed with AK47’s, heavy calibre
    machine guns, grenades, and even shoulder fired rocket launchers.
    Golden Dawn is a LEGALLY REGISTERED civilian democratic political movement. Golden Dawn does not possess an arsenal of weapons.
    So how can an unarmed Greek CITIZEN supporter of Golden Dawn, with only his fists to defend himself fight an Albanian mafia member armed with an AK47?
    But nevermind all that. Golden Dawn has a plan. Once Golden Dawn takes power in Greece, they will order heavily armed Greek police units, backed up by special units from the Greek military to hunt down and exterminate the Albanian mafia in Greece. The Albanian mafia will be shown no mercy.

  24. Ok, that would not be a bad thing to get rid of mafia. I give you that point. But why the racism part. Even the Junta in Greece, Papadopoulos had immigrants from Pakistan working in Xorafia and no one hurt them. So, Junta was not against immigrants, why XA is???

  25. This is the truth about the sick twisted perverted immoral US military.

    Today there’s no hiding the staggering numbers on sexual assault in the military any more. The Pentagon has just released a new report that shows sexual assaults in the military are up sharply, up to the rate of 70 per day. That translates into almost three rapes every hour, all day long, all night long, every twenty-four hours. This shocking report comes just after the Air Force officer in charge of the Air Force’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office was charged with sexual battery, and following a string of reports on sexual assault in the military, especially in the Air Force.

    See article published May 7th 2013, titled:
    “Because they can: Three rapes every hour in the military”