Sketch, Comic and Cartoon Festival in Thessaloniki

comic-festivalThe sketch, comic and cartoon festival, under the title The Economic Crisis and its Impact on Greek Society, which is organized by the municipality of Kalamaria, Thessaloniki, will present works of professional and new artists seen in the light of the era we are experiencing.

The art of engraving is combined with the art of comics and sketch, and the festival shows the financial crisis as an opportunity for new innovative movements to be created.

Leda Kazantzaki, art historian, reports that every period of crisis is proved to promote art creativity. “Many pioneers in the field of art have been born through a period of crisis, as for example German expressionism, Dadaism and Cubism. Despite the difficulties, this is an optimism message. Art is an alternative way to read reality,” Kazantzaki noted.

In the festival, interlinked forms of art will be presented. Kazantzaki said that, “The art of engraving has been serving satire from the time of ancient Greece. When typography developed, this particular art transformed into sketch drawing and comic with its simultaneous existence as an autonomous art.”

The festival begins April 20 and will run to April 30. Two exhibitions are being presented during this time. In the first one, about 70 works of professionals are exhibited at Remezzo Multiplace. In the second one, about 120 works of children and new artists are presented at the dormitories of the former military camp Kodra.

On April 21 the art historian Kazantzaki will give a speech on the crisis.

The opening of the festival will take place on the evening of April 20 at the Town Hall Square in Kalamaria, where various music schemes and children’s choirs will participate in a concert.