Three Suspects Arrested In Migrant Shootings

Dendias_ManoladaThree men who were supervisors on a Greek strawberry farm and suspected of shooting at 200 immigrant workers, injuring 29 of them, were arrested on April 19, authorities said.

The only information given was that the men were aged 21, 27 and 39 but there were no further details immediately available.

That came after the arrest earlier the night before of another man, 38, on suspicion of harboring the three foremen believed to have shot at the workers at a farm in Nea Manolada on the Peloponnese after the immigrants demanded six months back pay.

The incident sparked outrage from human rights groups and led to a boycott call on Twitter.

The arrests came not long after Citizen Protection Minister Nikos Dendias said that none of the workers being treated in hospital has been detained by police nor would be deported.

Manolada_EpistatesA Member of Parliament from the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) claimed that police had entered the hospital and arrested a number of migrants for not having papers, similar to raids conducted by the anti-immigrant neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has gone into institutions hunting for foreigners.

After visiting the local police station, Dendias said that he has personally instructed that “none of victims be expelled from the country.” Officials have promised “swift and exemplary” punishment for the perpetrators.

Labor Minister Yianns Vroutsis said the government would pass legislation in Parliament allowing police to crack down on uninsured work as immigrants are being routinely exploited and going unpaid and forced to work in horrendous conditions, activists have said.

Dendias said he would also visit the strawberry farm in Manolada where the Bangladeshi migrants work and the camp where they sleep to examine the conditions himself.


  1. I demand these Greek national hero’s be set free! Where is Greece’s honour & integrity here? We should give these heros a gold medallion for protecting our country from this vermon, not punish them.

    All non Greeks living in Greece should be finished off by these toting gun men.

  2. He isn’t a Greek but a Skopian troll and what he says isn’t serious but ironic. Now for the website. It’s good that it isn’t moderated so the opinion of anyone can be heard.

    After all, we can make peoples like “Kostas” shut up with arguments.

  3. Immediately after bosses shot some illegal immigrant strawberry pickers on a large-scale farm in Manolada , the mass media and the filthy lying left began to blame Golden Dawn. 
    This vile slander begs an obvious question. How a boss that hires illegal immigrants instead of Greeks has anything to do with Golden Dawn?

    Thus far, we know that illegal aliens were protesting over months of unpaid wages.
    Who is really to blame for these killings?
    All of the legislation and solutions presented by Golden Dawn would’ve prevented this incident, blame the policies of Syriza, PASOK, and New Democracy.  The humanitarian left, working in tandem with the conservatives, vote time and time again for policies that keep illegal immigrants pouring into Greece , while the “right wing” protect big capital that wants and hires illegal immigrants instead of Greeks, in order to abuse them.

    The enlightened globalists on the left and right, motivated by extreme economic greed, that control Greece and the West as a whole are to blame for the suffering of both Greeks and illegal aliens in Greek land.

    The human trafficking and exploitation of illegals is enabled and supported solely by the mainstream parties, not by Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn’s platform demands the deportation of all illegal aliens on Greek soil and an end to illegal employment of them, which is an act of betrayal to the 30% of the Greek population that is desperately unemployed.

    A Left-wing Skai TV host stated in the morning: “how ironic that Golden Dawn opposes illegal immigration yet utilizes them as serfs in their fields”. The individuals who ran this strawberry farm are not affiliated to Golden Dawn in any way, as their unethical practices of hiring illegal labor are the anti-thesis of Golden Dawn’s beliefs. It is almost certain that those farm owners are voters of New Democracy or Syriza, who enable and shelter their practices, unless they actually want strict penalties and fines for their labor practices.

    Golden Dawn has been attacked by the whole Zionist media and all sorts of brain dead leftists as the cause of all of Greece’s ills. They say we scapegoat illegal immigrants for causing the massive credit crisis in Greece, which is not true at all, or that we go around beating up illegal immigrants without provocation, another falsehood (most immigrant victims are attacked by other immigrants).

    The lies and logical jumps are becoming more vast and less believable, we encourage the system to continue because it only shows the people the nature of this globalist beast. Enough of Syriza’s humanist rationalization for the anti-human system, enough of the neo-conservative New Democracy’s limitless greed at the expense of the nation.

  4. At the same time when Nils Muznieks of the European Human Rights Council called for banning of Golden Dawn for “racist crimes” and “hate speech”, a mentally retarded 16 year old Greek girl was beaten and raped by a Pakistani invader in the streets of Athens.

    The incident happened when the 16 year old girl was enjoying a walk in her neighborhood of Agios Dimitrios, until suddenly a Pakistani victim of unfair Greek racism and poverty, as the Marxist narrative goes, began to beat her then rape her mercilessly. Witnesses and the young girl went together to the police, where they identified the perpetrator and he is now in police custody.

    The monstrous attack was not reported in any mainstream Western media, nor has the European Human Rights Council mentioned it. Those who speak of  human rights are using flowery rhetoric as a cover for something more sinister, when Greeks are the victims they are not counted as humans by global agenda interlopers like Nils Muznieks.
    No word yet from the “Greek” left to whether they will have one of their infamous “solidarity demonstrations” for yet another 16 year old Greek girl mauled in her own country just for walking out on her towns street. The crime, one of many of its kind, does not fit the fake “utopia” that the Leftists want, one where Greeks are grazing sheep who can’t defend ourselves against the predators in our midst.

    The type of behavior we are seeing in the streets of Athens today are acts that Greeks have not known since the Ottoman occupation. They won’t get their wish, Golden Dawn will work day and night to achieve the promises of our platform and manifesto: illegal invaders out of Greece!

  5. Its ironic that someone who would call themselves exposehypocricy would be a goldendawn fascist pig!
    But since we have to tolerate these imbecilic diasporic fascist pigs and their views all I can say is, stay in America malak…..aaaaaa

  6. dev vomizw


    Αφιέρωμα της χρυσαυγίτικης σελίδας “Αντεπίθεση” στον Αδόλφο Χίτλερ, στις 20 Απριλίου 2010, επ’ ευκαιρία της επετείου γέννησής του.

    Διαβάζουμε: «20 Απριλίου 1889. 121 χρόνια έχουν παρέλθει από τη γέννηση του ανθρώπου που επηρέασε όσο κανείς άλλος τη νεότερη παγκόσμια ιστορία. Ο Αδόλφος Χίτλερ αποτελεί δίχως αμφιβολία τη μεγαλύτερη φυσιογνωμία του 20ου αιώνα. Το πρόσωπο του συγκεντρώνει μοναδικά και απόλυτα μίσος και αγάπη από εχθρούς και υποστηρικτές αντίστοιχα. Ιδιαιτέρως χαρισματικός άνθρωπος κατόρθωσε την εκ του μηδενός ανάδειξή του στο ύπατο αξίωμα της Γερμανίας. Εμπνευσμένος από τα ιδεώδη της Φυλής, συνοδοιπόρος του αρχαίου ελληνικού πνεύματος έδωσε μάχη μέχρις εσχάτων ενάντια σε μια παγκόσμια τάξη αποσκοπούσα στην συντριβή του ανθρώπου μέσω της αμείλικτης μαζοποίησης προερχόμενη από την ηθική απαξίωση, τη διαγραφή της συλλογικής μνήμης των εθνών, τον γκρίζο ολοκληρωτισμό, την ολοκληρωτική αποχαύνωση. Η μάχη μπορεί να χάθηκε, ο άνθρωπος μπορεί να έπεσε άλλα η Ιδέα, αθάνατη, φωτίζει το μονοπάτι της ελευθερίας. Ο Αδόλφος Χίτλερ μετουσιώθηκε σε αρχετυπική εικόνα για τον εν συνειδήσει Λευκό άνθρωπο. Η μνήμη του δεν μπορεί παρά να υπενθυμίζει το χρέος προς τη Φυλή και το άνευ αναστολών δόσιμο στον αγώνα υπέρ αυτής.»


  7. Love how this article is framed as “migrant shootings”… rather than “employees shot”….. likely a leftist employer given many of them are in the country ILLEGALLY.

    Always busy portraying illegals as “victims” to Greeks. More disgusting RACISM against Greece by Pseudo-Greek Reporter

  8. All there is that element in the party the vast majority of GD supporters are not Neo-Nazis. You confuse a minority with those that voted for them purely because they saw GD as the only party focused on taking control of our borders and be more militant on Skopian issue (unlike many of our treasonous far leftist cowards that lobby for illegals and Skopians – why the far rightwing Gruevski Skopians love communist Syriza)

    As for this particular incidence, it doesn’t appear to be Golden Dawn to have shot these people. No one in Golden Dawn would ever hire illegals.

    Unfortunately our treasonous leftists undermine their own country by manipulating stories like this as political propaganda. (as leftist Greek Reporter is currently doing) In so doing they help generate ethnic hatred for the Greek people (by foreign “comrades” that pretend not to notice the Skopians) and further undermine our ability to stop the flow of illegals. If that flow continues, by the end of the century Greece will cease to be a Greek state.

  9. their leader is a nazi hitler praising buffoon. enough said

    i never said GD shot these people

    ” the vast majority of GD supporters are not Neo-Nazis.” how do you know this since you’ve never been to Greece?

  10. What irks me is foreigner NGOs keep complaining about GD but say absolute nothing about the endless hate speech by Skopians directed at Greeks (as well as their sudden transformation into “ancient Macedonians). Apparently its fine if racism is directed at Greeks.

    This is precisely why I no longer frust foreign “human rights” NGOs. I have leaned the hard way just because someone claims to stand for “human rights” doesn’t actual put them above prejudices.

  11. Η κτηνωδία και ο μισανθρωπισμός του “αίλινα” δεν έχει πάτο…διαβάστε και θαυμάστε…όχι “Kakos Likos” κακός και επώδυνος ψόφος τομάρια
    την φώτο την αλιεύσαμε στη φασιστοσελίδα “Είμαστε στο πλευρό των τριών επιστατών απο την Μανωλάδα”

  12. Then why bring up GD in the article unless you are trying to make the connection? This is just another example of how you are a far leftist extremist that cares nothing about whom you slander. (like you ridiculously slander the EU and US as “fascist”)

    As for GD’s leader, he did indeed used to praise Hitler. He also is a holocaust denier. (which is untrue as the Holocaust did happen). However, if you were paying attention objectively, you’d know he doesn’t actually represent the typical GD supporter. In practice most GD supporters aren’t racist and certainly not “neo-Nazi”. 15% of Greek population didn’t sudden embrace fascism. What the vast majority of these people are is Greeks that have been left with no other political options but a party they feel will do something about illegals, Skopian issue and protecting our very identity.

    Treasonous cowardly anti-nationalist far leftists that lobby for Skopians and illegals certainly aren’t going to do it. ND is definitely trying but even they seem to have buckled to international pressure (death by a thousand cuts as someone here mentioned).

    The only reason I myself don’t support GD, is because of the supremacists and racists mixed in with the party. If they had stuck to patriotism and economics I would have supported it to get the job done. As it stands though I must chose between a range of imperfect options.

  13. i was responding to ExposeHypocrisy

    how do you know anything about the Greek population since you’ve never been there? maybe they are all fascist as fascism/nazism was never eliminated from Greece. maybe not

    they are fascist you moron

    Last week, when we commented on the absolutely idiotic Eurogroup proposal (now voted down and replaced by an equally idiotic “bank resolution” proposal which will see uninsured deposits virtually wiped out) to tax uninsured and insured deposits, we jokingly suggested that this may be merely the latest ploy by the legacy status quo to achieve one simple thing: force depositors across the continent (and soon, world) to pull their money out of a malevolent, hostile banking system and push that money into stocks, or simply to spend it. This would help finally defeat the biggest bogeyman of the centrally-planned reflation attempt in the past 4 years – the absolutely dismal velocity of money which drops every time the G-7 central planners inject liquidity into stocks.

    We were joking, because it would be beyond conspiratorial to suggest that a central bank could go as far as wiping out the wealth and savings of an entire nation in order to promote broken monetary policy. It would be outright idiotic and not to mention criminal. Why purposefully endanger depositors, and thus an entire financial system, just to spook them and their money? Or so we thought until we read the following just as “conspiratorial” take from Deutsche Bank’s Jim Reid:

    Maybe the lesson from all of this is that if you are fortunate enough to have a fair degree of money you might be better off spending it! Maybe that’s the master plan here? Boosting activity by forcing people to use their money rather than deposit it! Indeed I wonder how long it’ll be before an equity strategist suggests that this is bullish as money might now leave deposit accounts and go into equities!

    Sarcastic humor or sad, insolvent reality… You decide.

  14. You are right there is hypocrisy and massive racism against Greeks (which some of our leftists engage in because they are trying to “fit in” with foreigner “comrades” trying to delete our very identity).

    However if someone engaged in language like “Europeans are the master race” language, it impedes our ability to fight back against this hypocrisy.

    That said, I full support ejecting illegals from Greece (as well as an foreign funded NGO that collaborates in illegal immigration or with FYROM). Along with a much faster deportation process (rather than inhumanely putting them in squalid conidtions in prisons that also cost money to operate), a good way to do this is to substantially increase fines for those that hire illegals (as the the UK recently did). Without a means to an income many will have no choice but to move on and it will create further disincentives to come to Greece.

  15. Now you are starting to sound like troller Mr. Prime MInister. (claims to support GD… then goes on to defend leftists like Andy)

    Dear slander far leftist extremsits that calls the EU “fascist” and also claims I have never been to Greece. I don’t have property in Greece. No relatives. Never lived in Greece. Can’t speak Greek. And I am in no way related to Greeks. This is why I write in defense of Greece day-n-day out. I am actually a “German Nazi”.

    Satisfied? Now go back to whining for handouts like a shameless parasite.

  16. go back to supporting trillions in bailouts for banks – the largest handouts of them all you fascist. and yes we know you’re a german nazi but thanks for clarifying that

    so what handouts do i support? that’s right NONE unlike you who does the dirty work for your wall st and german overlords

  17. You don’t know what the word “fascism” means if you absurdly call the US and EU “fascist” you slanderous idiot..

  18. no you don’t as it’s staring you right in the face and you don’t even know it. but hey you’re a tool of Germany and Wall St so again no surprise there.

    advocate Greece selling off its assets at fire-sale prices even if it means losing control, today? as a reminder for those who weren’t around yesterday to see the german troll in all his glory


    “WE SHOULD PRIVATIZE EVEN IF IT MEANS LOSING CONTROL OF PARTS OF GREECE. It’s the only way to wake up Greeks that if they want their country back, if they want to remain Greeks, they will have to do it through work hard and intellect.

    We should not desire to be like the Skopians posers that disrespect Greek names impress people. Being Greek is far far more than a name. If we can’t take back our country though fair trade, developing our own technology, and through our own achievements than Greece deserves to be turned into western Pakistan.”

  19. Would you prefer not to bail out banks so as to trigger runs on banks and confiscation of depositor holding as happened in Cyprus?

    Far leftist whiners like you just like to complain and complain so you can justify money grabs from others. Instead of spending your energies trying to improve and protect our homeland you lobby for illegals and handouts. You have no interest in Hellenism. Your real identity is your leftist ideology. Pseudo-Greeks.

    I can only hope enough Greeks wake up to the fact if the current flood of illegals continues and Greece doesn’t begin to unapologetic defend its borders, Greece will cease to be a Greek state by the end of this century.

    Republic of Yunnistan. Run by Shaira sounds about right.

  20. yes – that is free market that allows the system to cleanse itself naturally without any wealth transfers to those in the know (socialize losses privatize profits) . and see cyprus + the PIIGS for bank runs happening regardless (the massive spike in the Target 2 imbalances shows this precisely). deposit confiscation happened regardless in Cyprus while the trillions in bailouts continue and deposit transfer schemes were concocted by the fascists like yourself, at the ECB to shore up the deposit base of the thinly capitalized northern european banks. it is possible to have a deposit insurance program without socializing the losses of these highly levered institutions btw. i thought you were free market ? clearly not when it comes to protecting the interests of your masters like the little sheep b*tch you are.

    and you are a fascsit burn in hell prodoti. i have never lobbied for illegals you dirty scumbag. you just proved that you LOVE handouts for your overlords on wall street

    Greece will never be able to improve its border problem until it improves its economy (which it won’t be able to do as long as traitors like your boy Samaras do everything and anything under the sun for Germany, the EU, and Wall Street).

  21. We annot improve its border problems primarily because of our TREASONOUS FAR LEFTEST EXTREMISTS that lobby for illegals rather than defence of our homeland.

    Along with the endless sob stories for criminals that violated our borders, our leftists slander those that oppose this lawless violation of our soverignty as “racists” and “fascists”. They also use wordplay like Am-nasy international like “immigrants” or “undocumented migrants” rather then describe what they are. DISRESPECTFUL BORDER VIOLATORS ILLEGALLY IN THE COUNTRY.

  22. yet it’s your boy Samaras, who you mentioned before, who is rolling over……

    sane people who are against illegals, thankfully are not GD nazis or psychopaths like yourself or puppets like Samaras

  23. No amount of money can improve our border problem because any attempts we take to protect our borders or deport illegals is slandered as “fascism” and “racism” by TREASONOUS FAR LEFTIST EXTREMISTS.

  24. thank you for proving that you are a fascist ilithie. $$$ would go a long way to improving our border/illegal problem

  25. “thank you for proving that you are a fascist ilithie”

    As I said…. NO amount of money can improve our border problem because any attempts we take to protect our borders or deport illegals is slandered as “fascism” and “racism” by TREASONOUS FAR LEFTIST EXTREMISTS.

  26. as i said you are an ilithie.

    i also love how you never rant against far right extremists who praise hitler the way you do with far leftist extremists. biased much?

  27. For all their flaw at least GD are patriots unlike our treasonous far leftist cowards that lobby for illegals (and some even for Skopians)

    Your problem is you confuse putting ones energies into support of one cause with meaning that one implicitely agrees with another. Do you spend your days and nights here complaining about the Taliban? How about Kachists in Israel which are Jewish version of Golden Dawn? How about the KKK in the US? How about anyone of the thousands of organizations in the world that are questionable?

    Ergo – does this make you a supporter of all of them?

    Unless some individual in GD breaks the law, why should any Greek expend an iota of effort whatsoever worrying about them when foreigners don’t say
    a peep to criticize the rampant racism against Greeks by the Skopians and their apologists? Where are all the self-proclaimed foreign NGO’s that prentiously claimed to support “human rights”? Is FYROM’s irredentism and sudden identity change hard to miss?

    Let any foreigner that is RACIST towards Greeks and any moronic treasonous far leftist to help them delete our own identity…expend their energy obsessing over GD. Only if I see foreigners beginning to argue against Skopians threatening our
    country will I take any lectures they give about ‘human rights” seriously. Until then I simply don’t care and certainly don’t trust anyone that stays blind over FYROM.

  28. Patriots who praise hitler and other nazis even though the German nazis killed 1 million Greeks and decimated the countries infrastructure. Yea real patriots. They are traitors like yourself who use illegals the same way hitler used the Jews. That is a fact you prodoti

    This is a Greek site so no of course I don’t protest all that you malakismevo germanotsolia

    Plent of gds have broken the law including that prodoti who you take it from nightly kasidiaris.

    Here we go with fyrom the only thing your German dark soul can talk about.

  29. Savas Isn’t it funny how your mother gave birth to you a pig because she has sex with Pigs.

  30. And here we go with a SLANDEROUS FAR LEFTIST FANATIC absusing the word “fascism” and “racism” to silence objections to their political views.

    A. It is YOU that is manipulating illegals to push your far leftist ideology. Opposing ILLEGAL immigration is not “fascism” you slanderous treasonous commie. ILLEGALS are not “immigrants” you Orwillian word abusing slanderous low life. ILLEGALS are not legal minorities you nut job. Every country in the world has immigration rules comrade . Those that slander Greeks as racist solely for expecting their borders respected like every other country does are RACIST against Greeks (including Greek leftist that slanderous resort to blood libel use of the word “racism”). The very countries the ILLEGALS come from DEPORT ILLEGALS. The very country’s the foreign funded NGOs and media that rant against Greeks…while pretending not to notice the Skopians…. DEPORT ILLEGALS.

    “Obama Administration Deports 1.5 Million Illegal Immigrants in 1st Term – A New Record

    B. I would note you once again complain about me complaining about SKopians threatening our country. Apparently far leftist like you seem to think those trying to usurp our very identity (i.e. a subtle form of ethnic cleansing) and trying to annex 1/3 of our country isn’t a serious matter. I have to strongly disagree with TREASONOUS far leftist extremists like you.

    C. Here is your communism you so admire in practice.

  31. Dabilis doesn’t hate Greeks. He’s just a bandwagen jumper that cares more about his image than protecting our homeland. He cares far more what his fellow American comrades at US military funded think than Greece. This is why he goes on-and-on about illegals (framing them as “immigrants’ just like manipulative foreign press and ngos do… while they deport illegals in their own countries)

  32. I have never read a single article or comment by any leftists on Greek Reporter complaining about any other country that deports illegals. They only complain about Greeks that don’t. (slandering any Greek that opposes illegall immgraiton as “racist’ and “fascist”

    In other words, many Greek leftists are in fact RACIST against Greeks.

  33. Dear Alex the German nazi

    Please show me exact where I called illegals “immigrants. ” or where I called it fascism. I am all for deportation of every illegal in Greece. as for fhrom stop putting words in my mouth you pos prodoti who loves the german tool samaras . i am anti fyrom for the milliknth time. My fascism comments are in relation to you and your support for trillions in handouts for Wall Street you dumb nazi. Does obama deport them humanely or does he do it like gd nazis like yourself want to do? Now go back to your mothers basement you stupid germavotsolia and go get busted making fake handles and trolling yourself like the nazi you are. So how am I communist unlike you who is clearly a German nazi

  34. You did call them immigrants elsewhere.

    All I can see here is like a typical TREASONOUS far leftist extremist you keep apologizing for illegals. (trying to manipulatively turn them all into “victims” for violating our borders and slanderously lumping all the patriots that oppose illegal immigration as “Nazis” and “racist”). And like a like typical TREASONOUS far leftist extremist you keep attacking those that criticize Skopians. (like you attack me)

    The rational outcome of the NON-EXISTENT far leftist immigration policies and communists like Syriza lobbying for Skopians is that by the turn of the century Greece will be a NON-GREEK state. That by definition is TREASON.

  35. No I didn’t you lying German but it is funny your blaze link calls them “illegal immigrants” keep putting words into my mouth you low life liar.

    I attack you because you are a German nazi whose allegiance is to that prodoti samaras, Germany, and Wall Street. That makes you a fascist and a prodoti

  36. My allegiance is to Hellensim. I believe a no-nonsense focus on technology and production is our only chance of taking our country and name back., You prefer empty narratives. Words of one’s morality do not feed people or protect nations.

    Your loyalties and priorities are clearly your leftist ideology This is evidenced by the fact you irrationally spend far far more time attacking those that criticize border violators and Skopians. What you should be doing is criticizing Skopians and illegals flooding our homeland.

    You also spend far far more time defending the handout mentality (which is what far leftist ideology is about). What you should be doing is encouraging business and the technology hich creates productivity gains (which will allow us to compete againt what you call “wall street” and “German Nazis”)

    It is the beliefs of far leftists that are exactly what are destroying Greece. If you attack businesses that create wealth and don’t fight illegals immigration, the net result will be a third world nation formally known as Greece.