Greek Shipowners Snapping Up Vessels

T__tanker1_317252251In the first three months of 2013, the purchases of ships made by Greek ship-owners increased by 90 percent, according to Golden Destiny data.

Internationally, the ship purchases rose by 46 percent, while by 38 percent were increased the purchases made by Chinese shipping companies. Greeks bought more bulk carriers by 88 percent, more tankers by 18 percent and more containers ships by 533 percent.

Chinese bought more container ships by 167 percent, while they purchased more tankers by 13 percent. Internationally the purchases of bulk carriers rose by 44 percent, the tankers purchases by 68 percent, gar tanker purchases rose by 67 percent, freight liners by 23 percent and container ships by 62 percent. A significant drop occurred in passenger ships and cruise ships purchases, while the purchases of ro-ro ships declined by 13 percent.

In absolute values, the first trimester of 2013, 345 ships changed hands around the world, from 236 in 2012. The Greeks bought 74 ships (from 39 last year) and the Chinese 29 ships from 21 in 2012


  1. At least one sector is doing well. I’ve always felt that since Greece is such a strong player in the shipping field that they should team up with China and build an auto factory near Pireaus in Greece. That will good for using the shipping lanes for importing parts and exporting cars. Also by being built in the EU, China can avoid the protectionist blockades.

  2. The Pireaus area doesn’t have the infrastructure to support such a project, I doubt there is a location in Greece suitable to build cars or even parts, EU funds for improving infrastructure for such projects were wasted by Simitis and crew a long time ago. There’s no need for Greece to team up with anyone in this sector, they clearly dominate it. It’s the prominent reason the EU accepted Greece so early on, Greek nationals control over 25% of shipping freighters and oil tankers, not bad for a country of around 10m.


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