Golden Dawn Invades Nikaia Hospital

    xr augiMembers of the neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn invaded the General State Hospital of Nikaia in Athens, on the morning of April 24. Two groups, one from the central entrance and the other one from the rear, entered the hospital wearing helmets and carrying clubs.

    The Golden Dawn members were entering the patients’ rooms and taking photos, of themselves included, according to witnesses.

    When asked why they were there, they answered they were making a fundraiser to collect food for Greek homeless people.

    Panos Papanicolaou, a doctor in the hospital, said that according to what his colleagues narrated, the doctors, nurses and patients reacted intensely and asked them to leave.

    The doctors called the police, who arrived when Golden Dawn was leaving but none of the members were led to the police station, as Papanicolaou reported.

    The doctor said that: “The employees of the hospital reacted directly, but this entrance and its characteristics is very worrying. Being outside the hospital and handing out flyers is different from entering the hospital with helmets and clubs.”

    Golden Dawn announced that this was not an invasion, but an act of social solidarity. They wanted to distribute food, water and clothes to homeless Greeks in and out of the hospital.


    1. While our treasonous lawless leftist extremists lobby for illegals that disrespectfully violated our border…

      ,,,, meanwhile in the UK….

      UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he “wants everyone in the country” to
      help “reclaim our borders” by reporting suspected ILLEGAL immigrants.”

      Preventing ILLEGAL working

      “Cameron unveils immigration crackdown”

      “Deporting ILLEGAL immigrants costs UK £100 million a year”

      UK PENIALIZED any employers that hire ILLEGAL workers

      “Britain rules out amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants”

    2. While our treasonous leftist extremists lobby for illegals that disrespectfully violated our border…

      ,,,, meanwhile in the UK….

      UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he “wants everyone in the country” to
      help “reclaim our borders” by reporting suspected ILLEGAL immigrants.”

      Preventing ILLEGAL working

      “Cameron unveils immigration crackdown”

      “Deporting ILLEGAL immigrants costs UK £100 million a year”

      UK PENALIZED any employers that hire ILLEGAL workers

      “Britain rules out amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants”

    3. donation and charity visit with helmets and clubs ? ridiculous. Someone (meaning government and officials) should stop these clowns before too late. This is how Hitlers Allgemeine SS gangs started the motive. Golden Dawn is complete imitation of Nazi party.

    4. Alex, this is Greece and not the UK…Parliamentarians in the UK have brains unlike our Greek parliamentarians who do not have a brain at all only corrupt means…Our Greek politicians are all corrupt one way or another…

    5. “The Golden Dawn members were entering the patients’ rooms and taking photos, of themselves included, according to witnesses”.

      Last time, “witnesses” said that GD members had entered an hospital to attack foreign patients, it ended up being a false flag and the photo where 3 GD men marching in uniform marching in a corridor of the hospital and presented as evidence was proven to have been photoshoped.

      Here is the photo :

    6. Where is the Greek reporter article about the 16 year old Greek girl RAPED last week in broad daylight on a street by an ILLEGAL Pakistani immigrant?
      Why doesn’t the Greek reporter write an article about this?
      Only Golden Dawn reports about the plague of violent crimes commited by illegal immigrants against Greek citizens!

      Or how about the 67 year old Greek female who was murdered by two subhuman illegal georgian immigrants on April 3rd 2013. Where is the article about that?
      Again only Golden Dawn reports about these vile murderous attacks perpetrated against Greek citizens by illegal immigrants.

    7. Below is a short list of links, showing the tip of the iceberg of violent crime committed by illegal immigrants against Greek citizens.

      Illegal Afghan immigrants sentenced for brutally murdering young Greek father Manolis Kantaris in broad daylight as he was taking his pregnant wife to hospital.

      3 ILLEGAL Georgian immigrants arrested, after they broke into the home of two elderly Greek women(aged 71 & 80), who were sisters, tied them up, robbed them, & BEAT THEM BOTH TO DEATH.(Link to scene of this violent crime)

      Illegal Pakistani immigrant robs and RAPES a 15 year old Greek girl on the beach in broad daylight and bashes her skull in with a rock leaving the girl in a coma.

      29 year old Greek man Thanasis Lazanias murdered by three undocumented Afghan illegal immigrants in Patras. Note: The parents of Thanasis Lazanias have no other children. Their son was murdered whilst walking his dog outside his own house, in his own country by 3 subhuman ILLEGAL Afghan immigrants!

      Two very important link showing what a criminal degenerate “Javed Aslam”, the leader of the illegal pakistani immigrant community in Greece is.

      “President of Pakistani Community in Greece Arrested for Human Trafficking”

      President of Pakistani community in Greece, assembles thousands of illegal Pakistani immigrants outside Greek Parliament and threatens Greece with Islamic Holy War.

    8. good example of double standards..david cameron orders the public to report illegal immigrants but at the same time he opens the doors for mass immigration.

    9. @ExposeHypocrisy:disqus, you Greek-Americans really are a funny lot. You live in the best country in the world, getting your fat American salaries, and then grouse about your little Elladastan but why don’t you go over there and live.
      There are crimes against both immigrants and Greeks, as violence doesn’t know any boundaries. Just like America, Greece is not immune to crime.
      Also, genius, with your use of the word “Subhuman” against Georgians, you should also remember that it wasn’t too long ago that the Ku-Klux-Klan said the same things about you Greeks.
      So, would you have supported the Ku-Klux-Klan and their rants against Greeks with the same ferocity you do against Georgians and others? I know you won’t answer as all you do is spout the same old tired racist line.
      Put your money where your mouth is and leave America and come live here in Elladastan.
      Until then, enjoy our US hospitality where immigants like you are welcomed with open arm, you hypocrite.

    10. “The doctors called the police, who arrived when Golden Dawn was leaving
      but none of the members were led to the police station, as Papanicolaou
      reported.” Of course they didnt arrest anyone, they are in on it as well. Worthless, ineffective Greek “police” force.

    11. Greece never seems to miss an oppotunity to let the rest of the world forget what a complete shit-hole this country has turned into.

    12. The majority of the police are themselves supporters of the GD Fascists pigs and thus fascists themselves!

    13. Actually the US DEPORTS ILLEGALS. It also fines employers for hiring illegals.

      Claiminging Greece “Elladastan” also indicates you are just a manipulative extreme nationalist that is RACIST towards Greeks. You are just manipulating words to hide your agenda and racism while lecture. (although this does not excuse language like subhuman either)

    14. There is nothing wrong with deporting ILLEGALS or giving fines to companies. It’s blaming immigrants for crime is what some have a problem with. Our beautiful US state of Arizona is a great example of where we deport illegals with respect. And good grief, Greece is Elladastan due to the backward policies it has, and has nothign to do with race it just is like one of the “stan” countries, not as mondern as it could be. For example, why do you have medieval plumbing in Greece, and have to use that little trashcan instead of just flushing the paper down the toilet like good plumbing like the US? See that’s what I mean silly. But, I’m glad you realize saying subhuman is not right.

    15. Everytime Greek tries to round up and report illegals through legal government channel we are frames as “racist” and “fascist”…. by people in countries that deport illegals.

      As for your claims you are “American, its possible you are an American citizen but here would be no reason for you to be on this website unless you had vested interests in the Balkan region. Your patronizing lectures and offensively framing Greece as “elladastan” suggests your motives are nationalism and racism towards Greeks.

    16. “It’s blaming immigrants for crime is what some have a problem with”.

      Regular Immigrants aren’t blamed for crime but ILLEGALS are.

      Actually, foreigners are responsibles for 71% of all solved crimes in Greece while there are only 15-20% of the population and most of foreigners in Greece have sneaked into the country and are residing there illegally and it’s an official number given by the governement.

      Here is what the medias don’t tell about the situation in the areas where peoples voted for a party like GD in desperation because they have been abandonned by everybody, excepted this party :

      Note : The videos above have been filmed in the center of Athens in 2009-2010.

    17. Some interesting history and recent information concerning the Ku Klux Klan. Thought i’d post it given the previous anti-Hellenic bigot “USA USA USA” tried to bring the KKK into a comment thread dealing with the present day illegal immigrant scourge afflicting Greece.

      The name Ku Klux Klan comes from the Greek word κύκλος, which means circle, suggesting a circle or band of brothers.

      Recently the Ku Klux Klan welcomed Golden Dawn in New York.
      Here is the link.

    18. The KKK was not always so fond of Greeks though. I wonder why they suddenly changed. And I wouldn’t be proud that the KKK welcomes Golden Dawn as they are a hate group and the FBI monitors them like all dangerous groups. Best to be proud of Greece for the heros that fought the Nazis in WWII instead of being proud of current Neo-Nazis.
      KKK views in 1922 on Greeks:
      Also, some of you complain about the Greek reporter’s “leftist views” but you were sure quick to quote them on the KKK article. That is interesting indeed.
      Why not focus on being peaceful and happy with all peoples instead of immigrant bashing. Remember, Greek Easter is coming up and Jesus Christ is for everyone, immigrants included.
      Don’t you agree that Jesus Christ is for everyone?

    19. Many Greeks also call it Elladastan as it wasn’t the previous poster who created it. I heard that from A greek in Samos too.

    20. I only saw pictures of a largely female group carrying bags of items to be handed out yet they send in a bunch of gypsies to intimidate them? I am sick of these lies from the media, and most of all about the left sending in MEN to intimidate females. Of course the police didn’t do anything when they arrived because there was nothing wrong done.

      Come now guys, do you really believe Golden Dawn would storm a hospital at a time like this where just doing one thing wrong could send all of Golden Dawn packing?

      We’ve been over this once before with the poorly Photo-shopped images the last time they apparently ‘invaded’ a hospital.

      Here’s what the group looked like:

      Marxist freaks would send in a whole lot of Gypsy Men to intimidate a group of mostly females that look ‘oh so thuggish and threatening’ the left-wing nuts make me sick, no honor. And the right-wing are just cowards.

    21. Yet they only ever expose and put in the media the crimes against the minorities, never expose what the Minorities do, if the media can portray Illegal Immigrants as such victims then we can expose them as what they truly are, not so innocent. First they illegally enter the country, second they perform more crimes than the Greeks, why not let everyone know? It’s statistical fact is it not? Heck if you illegally immigrated to any of the countries they themselves came from you would either be shot or imprisoned, why can’t we do the same for western nations?

    22. Yes, but Jesus is for everyone and I see you have a Christian Icon as your Icon so what would Jesus say about someone not being kind to people? Remember what Christ did was to hang out with sinners and help all peoples, so shouldn’t you try to be like Christ as that is what he commanded us to do. To preach his word to the sinners of the world.

    23. Apparently every western nation is open to the rest of the 7billion people currently on the planet. Sorry guys, we don’t want to end up like China or India, we like having a high living standard. If Asians can’t keep their numbers low then it is not our problem, we aren’t bringing them all in.

    24. Not everyone is Christian though, there are Pagans and Atheists living in Western nations as well, you don’t even think to consider them, I myself am Atheist and would defend any western person regardless of religion over some Alien invader, our problems and squabbles are ours and ours alone, we have enough problems as it is, just because you’re a fool and think our nations can support 7billion people, doesn’t mean we all are.

      Their nations problems are not our own, in fact if there was no such things as TVs or Radios you wouldn’t even care what happened elsewhere, maybe you might start helping the poor living in your own nations first for once, we do have many of them, the more we bring in, the poorer we get and worse our living standards get. Charity starts at home.

    25. The right wing is just slaves to the left because they are cowards, don’t get it twisted, the right is just as much to blame for this as the left is by not doing anything, we can’t keep saying to ourselves ‘things will get better’ we have to resort to extremes and that is far-right parties, vigilance over negligence. It may seem ‘wrong’ to you or others but remember, right wingers have been and some still are in power right now, has anything changed? Have you noticed any difference? Not a single thing has changed. Far-right is the only way to get things done, we are not obligated to be at the mercy of these Aliens that invade our homes with selfish desires and disrespect of our people and culture, if they want a better life, they can make one in their own nations, just like WE had to.

    26. When you say “royally stupid”, do you mean like the Royal family? You got some issue with British people? Also, I will agree with you on the Alien thing because even Ronald Reagan made a comment that one thing that would get our world to work together was an alien invader. In fact, if you watch the American movie Battleship, this happened. So, have you ever seen an Alien before? I’m curious to know about your UFO experiences if you want to share them. Because I’m also suspicious of Aliens ever since I saw the Roswell Documentary about the Aliens that crashed in 1947 in New Mexico. But, if these aliens were so high and mighty, how come their technology wasn’t good enough to keep them from crashing. But, I think the US Military shot them down, but that’s just my opionion anyway.

    27. Arizona is deporting Indians not illegals, illegal are the Americans. They should give Amerika back to the Indians just like the Osmans had to do with Greece.

    28. Six well-educated Confederateveterans from Pulaski, Tennessee created the original Ku Klux Klan on December 24, 1865, during the Reconstruction of the South after the Civil War.
      The name was formed by combining the Greek kyklos (κύκλος, circle) with clan. Strange that they would deliberately pick a Greek word to name their organization of they were so vehemently anti-Greek.
      Can you imagine the Nazis of the Third Reich picking Hebrew words for their various organizations?

      The first Klan concentrated against stopping the reign of terror being inflicted against the White population of the South by hordes of recently freed negros which had been deputised into government militias by the victorious Union government after the defeat of the confederacy.

      The 2nd Klan was not only anti-black and anti-jewish, they also added Catholics of any race, (e.g. Anglo Saxon Catholics, Germans, Italians etc) to the list of those that they opposed. The 2nd Klan may have not been too fond of Greeks either amongst all the other Europeans, e.g. Irish which they despised.
      The massive immigration of Catholics and Jews from eastern and southern Europe led to fears among Protestants about the new peoples, and especially about job and social competition.
      This is a key reason for the 2nd Klan adding those groups to their list of opponents.

      The 3rd Klan is mainly anti-mestizo immigration, anti-violent black gangs such as the Crips & Bloods gangs, anti affirmative action racial hiring quota policies which favour non-Whites in education and jobs hiring. The modern Klan accepts all people of European descent and all Christian Europeans. There are even some Klansmen that adhere to European pagan beliefs in the modern Klans ranks.

    29. Christianity is persecuted to the point of near eradication in many of the Islamic nations from which most of the illegal muslim immigrants pouring into Greece originate.
      In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Arabic nations of the middle east and North Africa, as well as Sub-Saharan Africa Christians are being violently ethnically cleansed by muslims. Just this week two Orthodox Christian Bishops were kidnapped by Islamists in Syria. There whereabouts are still unknown. If anyone from these majority muslim nations deserves the right of refugee status it’s these persecuted Christians. The truth is that almost all illegal immigrants pouring into Greece are muslims.
      Even in majority non-muslim nations like India, the tiny Christian minority is being persecuted by Hindu extremists.

      A recent report by Human Rights Watch stated that there is a rise of anti-Christian violence due to Hindu nationalism.
      Smita Narula, Researcher, Asia Division of Human Rights Watch stated “Christians are the new scapegoat in India’s political battles.

    30. Whenever muslims are allowed to immigrate in large numbers into Christian and Secular nations they begin to demand that the locals adhere to Islamic culture. For example they demand that Crucifixes that have stood for centuries in classroom and hospitals be removed! Ultimately they demand Sharia law and violently persecute the indigenous inhabitants. The Lord Jesus Christ is for Christians and obviously does not support those who adhere to Anti-Christian “religions” like Islam, Talmudic Judaism(which is vehemently Anti-Christian) and Demonic idol worshipping Hinduism.

    31. I’m Atheist and would gladly help kick out Islamic scum. No use debating religion now, we can do that later, first things first is western culture/tradition and people.

    32. Golden Dawn members entering the Hospital to distribute food and clothing to patients and homeless Greeks who sleep in the hospital.
      The Golden Dawn group is composed mainly of women and a handful of men.
      Where are the helmets and clubs?

      More vile slander against Golden Dawn by the Marxist media.

      Similar to the vile photoshop propaganda that slandered Golden Dawn at another hospital recently. See link.

      The Greek people see the vile deception perpetrated by the Marxist media.

    33. Illegal immigrants have been invading and pillaging Greece for years.
      Why don’t you write an impartial and objective journalistic article
      about this contemporary scourge that threatens the very existence of a nation?

    34. I don’t see any Greeks invading hospitals. The photo is being represented dishonestly!