Vlachou, Pashos Win Polidouri Poetry Awards

polidouriThe Maria Polydouri poetry awards have been awarded for a fifth year, in Kalamata, under the auspices of the city, the charitable company Pharis and the Scholars Association of Messinia.

This year’s awards were dedicated to poet Melissanthi, while the speaker of the ceremony was Persa Apostoli who spoke of Melissanthi as “The voice of existential poetry.”

Award winners for 2013 were two young poet-scholars working in secondary education, Chrysa Vlachou from Thessaloniki and Thanos Pashos from Athens.

Vlahou was awarded for her poetic collection Tropi, which stood out for use of language, the existential and philosophical reflection that characterizes the poems, as well as for the dense style of writing. The collection was published by Thermaikos.

Pashos won for his poetry collection Eros Dreaming, published by Gavriilides, which stood out due to its poetic sensibility, the highly lyrical and erotic atmosphere, but also the simple and comprehensive style.