Greek Student Winner of NASA Art Competition

αρχείο-λήψης5Seventeen-year-old Angelica Maria Meros from Argos, a city in the Argolis prefecture of the Peloponnese, is the winner of an international animation competition organized by NASA, Humans in Space – Youth Art Competition.

Angelica-Maria created a human-robot which would explore different human-friendly planets, with Mars being the final destination. This was the story that the young Greek student drew and won NASA’s competition. On the official website of the competition, the organizers call young students from around the globe to give their own answers to the questions: What scientific and technological tools will we need to imagine, develop and create to enable us to explore the solar system and beyond? How will we use both robotic and crewed space exploration to answer our questions about space?  What will we discover?

Angelica Maria has shown her artistic inclination to drawing ever since she was a little girl, and was encouraged by her parents to develop it who are somehow artists themselves, as her mother is a musician and her father a civil engineer. It was her mother that saw the announcement of the competition and without a second thought the young student sent an email to participate.

“Before I started to draw, I watched a documentary on space, I read books, I surfed the Internet, but mainly I found help in the sources of NASA itself,” said Angelica-Maria to the newspaper Ta Nea. She added, “Actually, I was inspired by a NASA achievement, a robot with external human features, called R2”.

Angelica Maria does not see drawing stories as a hobby, but wants to become a professional animator if she is lucky enough to work at one of the big companies like Marvel or Disney”.

Finally, we should mention that she was the only Greek to participate in the competition among 2,076 students from 52 countries.