Rocket Easter of Chios Advertised in Turkey

XIOSturkeyLAccording to the Greek daily Dimokratia, the coasts of Turkey have been teeming with posters lately advertising the Greek Easter on the island of Chios. Typical Greek Easter breads (tsourekia), red dyed eggs, white and blue churches as well as snapshots from the rocket war of Vrontados on the island, make up the tourist campaign launched in the neighboring country by Greek and Turkish travel agencies.

This tourist campaign aims to attract hundreds of people from the neighboring country for the Easter weekend on Chios, which is deemed as highly important for the economy of the island that has seen a deep decline in Greek and Cypriot tourists during Easter time in the past few years.

The travel packages promoted are reported to be particularly attractive, since they include overnight accommodation, lunch and a reserved seat overlooking the famous rocket war with a starting price of 60 Euros.

“There is high demand from tourists to visit Chios from the wider region of Izmir. Some 40,000 Turkish tourists visit the island of Chios every year, and now already have bookings for more than 800 people for the days of Easter,” Peter Feggoudakis president of the Chios Hotels Association said. However, he noted that the only drawback is that the bookings are for one to two nights, but everyone is optimistic about the tourist season.

Cooperation between the two countries in terms of the island’s promotion seem to be well established. The Commercial Chamber of Izmir presented on April 26 a guiding presentation of Chios.