SYRIZA Takes Lead Again Over ND

vprc_pollThe roller-coaster surveys that show the ruling New Democracy (ND) Conservatives and major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) taking turns in first place have switched again to the Leftists.

A VPRC opinion poll gives SYRIZA a 2.5 percent lead, 29.5-27.5 percent, with both parties having more than double the support of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party which is third at 13 percent.

The once-dominant PASOK Socialists, who won the 2009 elections with 44 percent, have fallen to fourth under new leader Evangelos Venizelos, with a mere 7 percent standing – tied with the KKE Communists – followed by the Independent Greeks at 6%, the Democratic Left (DIMAR) at 4.5% and other parties totaling 6%.

PASOK and DIMAR are coalition partners in the coalition government headed by ND chief, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, and paying a price for supporting more of the austerity measures he’s imposing on the orders of international lenders putting up a second bailout of $173 billion through a series of rolling loans tied to reforms.

The poll, however, was done for a Leftist radio station, Sto Kokkino, and showed the KKE Communists gaining ground under new leader Dimitris Koutsoumpas, who replaced long-time head Aleka Papariga, who resigned after the party fell rapidly in the last few years.

Samaras is still a clear choice to be Premier, however, with 16.6 percent support to only 9.1 percent for SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, although both may need to be concerned that 60 percent of respondents said neither was a suitable choice to lead the country during a crushing economic crisis.

A Metron Analysis poll published on April 21 in Eleftherotypia indicated that parties opposed to the loan agreements with the Troika of the European Union-International Monetary Fund-European Central Bank (EU-IMF-ECB) would take 51.9% of the popular vote, compared to the 45.8% they won in June. That poll gave New Democracy and SYRIZA 27% and 26.2% of the vote respectively.

The Troika has insisted on pay cuts, tax hikes, slashed pensions, a lower minimum wage, reduced unemployment benefits and the firing of 150,000 workers in return for loans.


  1. Golden Dawn has much to be proud of! They are helping to awaken the long led astray Greek populace! They are pulling the Greek people out of their slumber, which was leading then headlong down the path of racial and national suicide!
    The Leftist Marxists who are merely the tools of Zionist controlled Capitalist Globalism thought that they could proceed down the path of creating an unrecognizable rootless multiCULTural Greece, filled with hippy athiests & muslim rabble, i.e. cheap dumb labour for their Zionist Globalist masters.

    In 2009 Golden Dawn polled a mere 0.29% of the vote nationwide.
    In May and June 2012 Golden Dawn suddenly scored approximately 7% of the national vote.
    A mere 12 months later, and support for Golden Dawn nationwide has nearly doubled to 13%, despite the entire political & media establishment being arraigned against them, and even powerful foreign Zionist Jewish organizations like the World Jewish Congress, European Jewish Congress and the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith leading the chorus of slander & condemnation of Golden Dawn, & even demands to ban Golden Dawn.

    If we also take into account that during both the May and June 2012 Greek National elections, all pollsters underestimated the popularity of Golden Dawn by between 2 to 4 percent then we can safely assume that present day support for Golden Dawn is not 13%, but more likely hovering around the region 15% to 17%.
    This is trully an amazing testament to what street level grassroots activism can achieve as Golden Dawn has risen this far with no media support. The media in Greece has totally boycotted Golden Dawn. They only mention Golden Dawn in a negative way and constantly lie and slander Golden Dawn.

  2. Golden Dawn has much to be proud of! They are helping to awaken the long led astray Greek populace! They are pulling the Greek people out of their slumber, which was leading then headlong down the path of racial and national suicide!
    The Leftist Marxists who are merely the tools of Zionist controlled Capitalist Globalism thought that they could proceed down the path of creating an unrecognizable rootless multiCULTural Greece, filled with hippy athiests & muslim rabble, i.e. cheap dumb labour for their Zionist Globalist masters.

  3. Syriza is far worse than either. Oppressive communist thugs that try to hide they are communists.

  4. Golden Dawn has ruined Greece? Golden Dawn entered parliament in May 2012 & has the whole political-media establishment arraigned against them.

    Greece was ruined by those that have ruled Greece for the last 39 years – the corrupt criminals of PASOK & New Democracy!
    Also lets not forget the rotten Marxists who have controlled the Greek media and education system since 1974 & have brainwashed the youth of Greece with their cultural marxist ideology which inevitably leads to racial and national suicide.

  5. Expose appears to be racist (which is wrong) but nothing everything he says is wrong.

    For instance, zionists do control much of western media. Many of the major NGO’s were either created by Jews, run by them, or heavily funded by them (including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Helsinki, and Open Society).

    Not all Jews are part of a conspiracy but there is certainly an attempt to flood countries with illegals promoted by some of zionists under the guise of word play like “human rights” and “undocumented immigrants”.

    Meanwhile in Israel, many of the same Zionists are trying to erase a Palestinian presence in Israel. Most Zionists support deporting illegals. Most zionists Jews claim Israel has a right to be defined as Jewish state (i.e. a state mostly populated by Jews with a Jews state character). In Israel even marriages between non-Jews and Jews aren’t recognizing. (which in any other country would defined as fascism and )

    While Jewish related NGOs and media do sometimes criticize Zionists they don’t typically compare them to a Nazis as they do any Greeks that want a mostly Greek state like most Jews want a mostly Jewish state. This is clearly a logically and ethically contradictory position.

    If anyone points this out hypocrisy they are automatically smeared as “anti-semetic”. IMO even the fact there is a special word for racism for Jews is nationalist manipulations. Most Jewish people are a fair chunk of them are also manipulative racist extreme nationalists that for years have gotten away with because of pity over the Holocaust.

    The short of it is, if someone doesn’t argue morally and intellectually consistent polices for every ethnic group they are effectively bigots. (even if they claim to be against racism)

  6. For more information on the hypocrisy of these Jewish supremacists search on You Tube for the following two videos titled:

    “Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism!”

    “The Outrageous Racist Hypocrisy of Israel and World Zionism!”

  7. Two of the most senior rabbis in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Europe have said that “getting close to Gentiles is a sore evil” for Jews and that God has ordered them to be apart to prevent mixed marriages.The astonishing remarks were contained in a letter sent by rabbis Shteinman and Kanievsky to the participants of the Conference of European Rabbis, who are meeting in Belgrade this week, were described as a “highlight” of the event by the Israeli news service Ynet News.The two rabbis wrote that “getting close to gentiles is a sore evil, as we learn from their acts and – God forbid – eventually assimilate between them. When they get close, God separates between them by increasing the nations’ hatred.”The rabbis said that polarization between the Jewish people and other nations is created by God in order to prevent mixed marriages, the Ynet News service said.,The two haredi leaders called on the other rabbis attending the conference to “Stress these issues in order to distinguish between the Jewish people and the world’s nations.”These remarks were one of the “highlights” of the conference, according to the Israeli news service, which described it this way: “The letter was read to the conference participants by its president, Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt, in one of the highlights of the Conference of European Rabbis, who view it as a personal guidance for dealing with Jews’ situation in the continent in light of the restrictions imposed on ritual slaughter and circumcision by the authorities and the increasing acts of anti-Semitism among the local population.”,7340,L-4371295,00.html

  8. The media lock out against Golden Dawn in almost a year of getting elected to parliament has not been able to stem the Golden Dawn movement’s inevitable road towards victory.   Syriza’s puppet pollsters VPRC announced on the party’s “Red radio” the incredible rise of Golden Dawn.  The famous quote “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” can be flawlessly applied to the epic of Golden Dawn, which we are confident poets in the future will sing to .
    It is apparent that, despite undereporting Golden Dawn and inflating Syriza, the cultural Marxist enemies of Golden Dawn will begin to move to plan C or D in desperation to save world usury’s economy and culture-retarding tentacle in Greece.

    The relationship of the media with Golden Dawn is one of pathetic propagandists who are being vaporized by the facts Greeks see with their own eyes on the street. While Golden Dawners give everything- from blood, to money, to even their lives if so fated, in order to save the Greek people, all of the other parties without exception twist the knife in the back of the Western civilization we embody. 

    Many international media monopolies have contacted Golden Dawn for interviews, but Golden Dawn will refuse. If journalists can only write good things about Golden Dawns opposition, yet only bad things about Golden Dawn, then the media is not objective. Surely, there has to be at least one thing the mainstream media can say that is good about Golden Dawn, but you will never see anything like that in mainstream propaganda outlets.The Marxist left and conservative right will simply reply that there is nothing good about Golden Dawn, but if that is true why are all of their parties dropping while Golden Dawn’s support has doubled? Are 13% (real figure is much higher) of Greeks the beasts the media makes them out to be? Or are they simply normal people who are sick of corruption and want Greece to reclaim it’s rightful place on the stage of history? Only Golden Dawn can provide this:

  9. What appears to be the only political party for Greece and the Greek people is Golden Dawn. I have been following their message for the past 12 months and I can’t believe the corruption from current and past leaders that has been taking place in the country.
    Greece needs to clean house,reform immigration,send illegal immigrants back to their homes , utilize their natural resources and stop corruption. And much more!!!!

  10. Golden Dawn and KKE will never rule in there own right at best
    They are both simply a distraction .No one in their right minds wants either of these parties running a coffee shop let alone the country. The small group of deluded followers that support these so called political parties will eventually disappear just like the Dodo.