Greek Clerics Fight Organ Donor Law

    organ donations Senior clerics and church organizations are leading a campaign in opposition to a law, due to come into force on June 1, that will ease restrictions on organ donations.

    The chief focus of objections has been a legal provision regarding so-called “presumed consent” that would allow the donation of organs without the consent of a potential donor’s relatives or co-habitors.

    A group of church groups and clerics are reportedly considering appealing to the Council of State to revoke the law despite the watering down of the “presumed consent” provision, which now requires the approval of the next of kin.

    Several Bishoprics have joined the campaign, including that of Piraeus, the seat of the Bishop Serapheim, which had issued a statement in January claiming that the new law puts Greeks at risk of having their organs plundered against their will. “We are all at risk of being killed before we die,” the statement had read.

    Church organizations have held seminars warning Orthodox believers that the bill constitutes “organ theft.” The Orthodox Church has not been as outspoken about the bill in public though several clerics have challenged the concept of “brain death,” with some describing it as an “ideological construct for the promotion of organ transplants,” media reports said.


    1. I donated my only testicle to my dog, Carlito. I was sick & tired of him being a soft kok & licking immigrants testes

    2. Of course you Skopians are pro-illegal immigration into other people’s countries. You invaded the region nearly 1000 years after the death of Alexander.

      “Extreme Macedonian nationalists, who are concerned with demonstrating the continuity between ancient and modern Macedonians, deny that they are Slavs and claim to be the direct descendants of Alexander the Great and the ancient Macedonians. The more moderate Macedonian position, generally adopted by better educated Macedonians and publicly endorsed by Kiro Gligorov, the first president of the newly independent Republic of Macedonia, is that modern Macedonians have no
      relation to Alexander the Great, but are a Slavic people whose ancestors
      arrived in Macedonia in the sixth century AD” – US Anthropologist Loring Danforth

    3. It is absurd to presume individuals by default wish to donate their organs to the state. The proper way to go about this is with easily accessible government issued consent forms. (e.g. back of drivers licences, income tax forms, birth certificates, etc.)

      While I myself have signed consent to take my organs, no one should have their organs harvested be default from the state. Only leftist fanatics support such extreme intrusion by the state.

    4. Why is this the Church’s business? They should go and spend all the time they have on helping the poor in this awful economic situation. That would be in the true spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord.

      They won’t do that because most of them are lazy faggots who are not even true Christians and are only concerned with protecting their office.

    5. Thousands of people will have their suffering alleviated because of this bill. Children will feel safe knowing that their fathers have strong hearts and will be able to support the samily. Their dad’s will no longer be at risk of dying at any moment. Mothers will be able to rest easier knowing that their previously sick children are now happy and healthy again. This is what real compassion looks like that Jesus was talking about. But of course the Orthodox Church is not interested in this, they prefer to keep Greece in the stone ages and to hell with the children and ther families.

    6. I have seen you make disparaging comments towards Greeks on this website.
      You are not Greek. You are a filthy Skopian.
      Your attack against the Greek Orthodox Christian Church is just another attempt to sow division amongst the Greek people, because you are filled with envy at Greek history, & feel inferior being a mere Bulgar-Slav.
      Your pseudo Skopian nation won’t even exist in 20 years.
      Already the ethnic Albanians make up one third of the population of Skopia, or should I say Vardar Banovina and have nearly double the birthrate of the Slavic populace.
      The Albanians already launched an armed uprising against Skopje in 2001.
      Wait till 2021, or 2031. You will see your pseudo state crumble.

      “We are not related to the northern Greeks who produced leaders like Philip and Alexander the Great. We are a Slav people and our language is closely related to Bulgarian. There is some confusion about the identity of the people of this country.”
      — [FYROM’s Ambassador to Canada, Gyordan Veselinov in an interview with the Ottawa Citizen, 24 February 1999]

      “We do not claim to be descendants of Alexander the Great. We are Slavs and we speak a Slav language.”
      — [FYROM’S Ambassador in Washington, Mrs. Ljubica Acevshka, 22 January 1999]

      “We are Slavs who came to this area in the sixth century AD… we are not descendants of the ancient Macedonians.”
      — [FYROM’S President Mr. Kiro Gligorov, Foreign Information Service Daily Report, Eastern Europe, February 26, 1992, p. 35.]

    7. In France, the UK, ect … I would support this law But Greece being a Balkanic country … and the Balkans being well known to be a place were human trafficking and organs trafficking are widespread (see what happened and what is happening in Kosovo), I support a strong regulation when it comes to organ donors or some aspects of worker’s rights (to avoid human slavery) and so I’m very worried about the consequences of this kind of law in the Balkans.

      What could be good for countries like USA, UK, France, ect … isn’t necessery good for Balkanic countries, Middle Eastern countries, Asian countries, African countries, ect …


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