Austerity In Chios Rocket War

rocket warVice Mayor of the Municipality of Homeroupolis, Nikos Nyktas, announced a 40 percent reduction in the number of rockets to be fired at the traditional Rocket War (Rouketopolemos) in relation to 2012.

The announcement was made during a press conference in the Vrontados Town Hall, shortly after the opening of an exhibition about the rocket war by his Eminence Bishop Markos, Metropolitan of Chios, Psara and Oinousses and Exarchate of All Ionia.

The Metropolitan, born in the parish of Saint Mark, talked about the local tradition, gave his blessing and announced that in 2013 he will conduct the Resurrection Divine Liturgy at the Church of Saint Makarios, which is located on the hill above the two parishes that participate in the rocket war.

During the press conference, the representatives of the municipality referred to the security measures that will be taken and to the measures for the visitors’ service. The residents and the “rocket warriors” pointed out the need to drastically reduce the number of rockets which  in 2012 reached 120,000.

The exhibition on the history of the rocket war will be open to the public in the Vrontados Town Hall.

Rocket War is an annual tradition and spectacle that takes place on the island of Chios, Greece on the evening just before Orthodox Easter Sunday. During this event, two opposing parishes of the town fire tens of thousands of homemade rockets at each others’ church. The rival churches are the parishes of Saint Mark and Virgin Mary Erethianis.


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