Kardashians Fight with Hotel Owner in Santorini over Breaking Plates

Kardashians in Santorini,Greece

After taking over Mykonos, Kim, Kourtney and the rest of the Kardashians visited Santorini where they also had a fight with a Greek hotel owner.

Local media reported that the first day the Kardashians arrived on the island they wanted to break plates during a party they held at their hotel but the management did not allow them. This resulted in a small fight with the owner, but their wish was finally granted the next day when they finally were allowed to break plates.

Most people use boats to hop between the Greek islands but the rich and famous family did not. Kim and Kourtney had leased a private plane to take them, their mother Kris and step-brother Brody Jenner from Mykonos to Santorini on Sunday morning.

The famous family shot scenes for their show Keeping Up With the Kardashians while they enjoyed the late spring sun and the breathtaking views of Santorini. The sisters also tweeted a lot of pictures from the island.

Their journey to Greece has put the Greek and foreign media on high celebrity alert for their stay. Hordes of reporters and photographers are following their every move like they were a Presidential visit, hoping to catch a photograph of them in a bikini.


The DailyMail wrote that “Kardashians wealth and their love for shopping will give the island a breath amid the economic crisis in Greece.”

The grand plan of the visit of Kardashians in Mykonos was organized by Giorgos Trivizas, President of the Greek-American Chamber of Tourism, with Costas Skagias coordinating their stay there as well as on Santorini as they island-hop. In luxury, of course.


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  2. I am a Turkish guy, one of them Kim hate them : ). I thing her knowledge about large culture of Greece is just breaking plates : )

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  4. Yeah, send them to turkey..fool!! is it all you can say? you don’t know Greece needs such people to grow your economy?very poor thinking!! most of you here have to grow up and face the reality of life.Time to stop pointing fingers and start to help to build your country and you can’t do so by hating on everyone.

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  6. Oh please Nikos. They bring their own private chefs from the States with their own food & the luxury yacht they hired is most likely owned by a Russian, as is the hotel. No taxes paid hence no money to help repay the welfare you stole under many aliases.

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  7. Robert Kardashian, their father, the faniys O.J. trial lawyer that many of you may have forgotten started all this. Even O.J. is their God Father which they don’t advertise now I’m sure (LOL). At any rate, guys, don’t be too hard on them, as this is just typical Hollywood reality show fare. The producers want them to be as annoying and “media grabbing” as possible to get higher ratings. So, although they are being obnoxious, all of us in some way or another do what it takes to do our job to the best of our ability.
    So, if some Ellinikoures crap happens in Santorini because some Hotel owner won’t let them break plates when all over the world, Greeks are renowned for breaking plates, (just not in Greece anymore I guess), then so be it.