The World Of Cyprus At Leventis Museum

okosmosThe famous Adamantios Diamantis’ painting The World of Cyprus will be exhibited at the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia until October, while at the end of November, after the inauguration of the museum’s Art Gallery, the fabled painting will become part of its permanent collection.

The World of Cyprus depicts a gathering of people of the countryside in a square located in the village of Lysi, or in the village of Ashia, in the center of the Mesaoria valley, which is currently occupied by the Turkish army.

Diamantis wrote in his book The World of Cyprus. The Narration about the people of his homeland he met during his wanderings in the island: “They were the best people I ever knew. Heavy, simple, sure about the good and evil, bearing their long heritage”.

The painter said he felt he had to express all this love about his homeland and the people of Cyprus, to capture and preserve it for the future generations, and preserve the memories for posterity.

The painting derives its name from a work by Nobel laureate poet George Seferis, with whom Diamantis had a friendly relationship. The painter wanted to dedicate his work to the poet, but Seferis died in 1971, before it was completed.