Kaminis Says He’ll Stop Golden Dawn Handout

    GD foodAthens Mayor Giorgis Kaminis said that he will not allow the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party to conduct a Greeks-only free food distribution in the city’s main center of Syntagma Square on May 2, an event the party said was aimed at people who can’t afford to have an Easter with the government eliminating annual two-months holiday bonuses for workers and with a record unemployment rate of 27.5 percent putting more than a million people out of work.

    Golden Dawn had conducted a similar drive last year but recipients have to prove they are Greek or won’t be given any foodstuffs. Party officials said in a statement that they planned to give out traditional Easter products such as lamb and eggs to help “thousands of Greek families who are being blighted by the genocidal policies of the memorandum,” referring to Greece’s deal with international lenders putting up $325 billion in two bailouts but at the cost of pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions.

    Kaminis, however, said the party’s intentions were “provocative” and that he would attempt to stop the event taking place. “We are making it absolutely clear that the City of Athens believes that tomorrow’s gathering is illegal and it will do what is needed so that it does not take place,” the mayor said in a statement.


    1. What is the Athens municipality going to do to feed those thousands of Greeks instead? So sick of rich leftists doing the bidding of wall street ruling Greeks. Time for Greeks to rise and spit in their faces.

    2. what ties does Xa have with Hitler? Did Golden Dawn get money from Hitler? The group does not supports Hitler, only sees him as an important historical figure, who did good and bad. Not everyone is bound by the same fake Jewish political correctness censorship of objective history you are. Greece was dragged into WWII against its will by the British murdering Metaxas, Hitler offered a peace agreement between Greece and Italy that would’ve given Greece North Epirus and other occupied lands in Albania back and Greece would’ve gone back to neutrality.

      Compare that to parties within Syriza and KKE that were taking money from the USSR and had ties to Romania and Communist Albania until 1989.

    3. Metaxas admired HItler and Mussolini, yet when Italy invaded Greece he fought them superbly. Meanwhile, the Leftists in Greece, because of the Molotov-ribbentrop pact, REFUSED TO FIGHT THE ITALIANS BECAUSE OF ORDERS FROM MOSCOW.

      It’s the Leftists who are the real traitors. Metaxas was a “fascist” and a “Nazi” by your definition, I hope you don’t celebrate OXI day.

    4. I am a smarts Greek. I forged my Greek birth Certificate which is a Licence to lie anyway. Golden Dawn did not accept the fact that I was born in Istanbul.

    5. This proves nothing. ANYONE (most likely a Marxist trying to setup Golden Dawn) can make up a facebook account in 5 minutes and then post a picture of Adolf Hitler. The people commenting on that picture aren’t even signed into a facebook account that uses their real names! Is this the best you Marxist scum can do? Your hero Stalin will be rolling in his grave at how useless his present day followers are.

    6. Lousy Photoshops. You might ‘fool’ the average person, but for someone like me who studies digital photography and photo editing, I can see right through it.

    7. “so that makes the nazi atrocities ok then, right?”

      Now who’s the one making strawman arguments?

    8. Did I hit a nerve? Sorry to burst your photoshop sham; but I am a truth bearer; I will not let obvious and blatant lies about Golden Dawn go unchallenged. Your idols in the Soviet Union were also known to edit photos in order to push certain ideas and agendas — so it doesn’t surprise me that you’d employ their same tactics. As a photo editor, I can confidently say: the above photos are a terrible photoshop — especially the one in the top right. It’s so bad it’s bloody embarrassing.

      Children, these days…

    9. So golden dawn is posting photoshopped pics of its own nazi members on its own website? LOLLL you nazis are hilarious. Go back to Northern Europe you lying skinhead nazi. Please continue to show your nazi ignorance and bullying tactics though by equating one being anti-xa/nazi as being a commie. You realize it is quite possible to be anti-nazi/xa and anti-commie like many true Greeks, of which neither you nor xa German nazis are, who fought both between 1940-1949. It’s quite hilarious and pathetic.

    10. No one believes you are me Skopian. Everyone here knows I support ND you manipulative lying moron.

      Remind us against why you vote for ultra rightwing Gruevski in your own country if you like leftist so much trollski?

    11. dude, you spend hour upon hour obsessing over GD and put essentially zero time into defending our country against Skopian Nazis. I don’t know if you are Greek or Skopians but if Greek your behavior is irrational. Do you grasp the Skopians and their apoloigsts are literally trying to ethnically delete us?

    12. Strawman; I never said Golden Dawn Photoshopped their own pictures — I said the Left were, in a vain attempt to smear Golden Dawn.

      As for the rest of your post, I can’t be bothered acknowledging it. All I have to do is skim over it and see “nazi”, “nazi”, “nazi”, to know you’re not worth it.

      The Left poorly Photoshopped National Socialist imagery onto the t-shirts of Golden Dawn members; I’ve pointed this out and cited my own credentials. You, one the other hand, have restored to name-calling.

    13. ” never said Golden Dawn Photoshopped their own pictures” these are directly from the golden dawn website so yes actually you did you Nordic skin head. Oooo wow telling us about your “credentials” over the Internet not even using your real name – how believable

    14. Piss off puppet. You are very paranoid and irrational about this skopian issue. Those commie poustides skopians will never ethnically cleanse Greece. It’s all you obsess about meanwhile you support German pawns like Nd and xa, fascists from within and fascists from outside (ecb wall st Germany etc) the real invaders of Greece and those trying to wipe out Greece cause suffering upon its citizens and stripping it of her assets.

    15. Just for you information: voting my comments down doesn’t make them any less true. Continue name-calling though, It’s quite entertaining seeing you frustrated that your photoshop sham was exposed for the outright lie that it is. Have a lovely day, dearie.

    16. You seem to be the one having having trouble understanding that being anti-communist does not equate to being a Nazi.

    17. You “piss off”. You don’t show any rational consistency in your positions. You troll me for weeks for speaking out against communists now all of a sudden you call the communists “pustides”?

      if you don’t think 2 million people in FYROM trying to delete our identity and annex Greek territory, being supported by foreign powers much large than Greece, while our communists are engaged in treason.. is not a very very real threat to our ethnic extinction… then you are one of the following.

      a. a non-Greek foreigner that speak Greeks and is using that to try and manipulate ethnic Greek posters here (also see Atons of other Skopians false flag handles being generated.. that you pretend not to notice and never tell off)

      b. a MORON like our communists

      So which is it?