Facebook’s Centenerian Grandpa Passed Away

    PAPPP_520_355At the age of 105, “hi – tech” grandpa left his last breath. Social media users have been touched by the death of the eldest Facebook user, Leonidas Panoutsopoulos from Kalavryta.

    The news of his death spread sorrow in his thousands of Facebook friends. Leonidas Panoutsopoulos from Sopoto Aroanias, was born in 1908. The shoemaker who fought in Albania, lived the occupation and the Kalavryta Holocaust, was not only the oldest user of Facebook, but one of the most loved ones as well.

    He is survived by two daughters, three granddaughters, one grandson and nine great-grandchildren, the oldest being over 30.

    “I have witnessed two world wars, a civil war, lived under dictatorships, but I have never felt betrayed by my own country, as this last one has now been betrayed by its politicians,” he stressed a year ago in Best magazine.

    The funeral will take place on May 2, at 17:00 at the Greek Orthodox Church of Evangelistria of Aroanias, Kalavryta.