Tear Gas Stops Golden Dawn Food Handout

Golden Dawn_"racist" foodAthens Mayor George Kaminis made good on his vow to keep the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party from conducting a Greeks-only Easter food giveaway on May 2 when police battled the extremists, blocking their van and then firing tear gas to stop the distribution before it started.

Golden Dawn had set up the handout, Easter Food for Greek Citizens, without getting permission from city authorities but sent a van to Syntagma Square across from the Parliament. Kaminis asked Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias, who has verbally sparred with Golden Dawn, to send in the riot squad.

About 40 members of Golden Dawn tried to push away the police forces. There was tension and limited use of tear gas. Two main streets, Amalias Avenue and Vasilissis Sofias Avenue closed. No one was arrested. The situation was normalized after 8 a.m. and the avenues opened.

Kaminis thanked the police for intervening and noted that: “We must keep the city standing and prevent its image from collapsing.” He said the incident was a “victory of the democratically constructed state,” and said the food giveaway was a theatrical performance and not a movement of philanthropy and solidarity.

Golden Dawn said in a statement that stopping them from giving lamb and eggs and other food products to Greeks only was unlawful and said the police had used tear gas on the elderly and poor. They said they would hold an “action of social solidarity” at their party’s offices. The party said it would give out food only to people who could prove they were Greek as they want all immigrants deported.


  1. The Left shows itself, the Zionist backed state hates all those who stand for Greeks.

  2. Leftists and Zionists of the world, the same who cry “police brutality!” when an Anarchist bank robber breaks a nail, today rejoice at the illegitimate Greek government’s orgy of violence and repression against its own people.
    Athens Mayor George Kaminis, the stool of international usury, ordered a crackdown on a Golden Dawn food distribution scheduled for 10 AM, where Easter related goods would be given to impoverished Greek families.
    Golden Dawn parliament members, always leading from the front, approached Syntagma square in defiance of this flagrant violation of the Greek constitution, to be met with hundreds of riot police.
    Golden Dawners managed to struggle through and get to the top of Syntagma Square with a truck holding tons of meat. Then police back up arrived, shamefully arresting the driver of the truck, and attacking Golden Dawn MPs. The police then chemically sprayed and gassed a whole crowd of needy families. Old people, children, and disabled, all were subjected to violence, working on orders of those who lecture about human rights and democracy. To them, native Greeks are not humans, and they have no rights!  
    Never the less, amidst the chaos, Golden Dawners fought through this and even were able to successfully distribute food to citizens, valiantly defending their post until the sustained attacks made it no longer feasible for citizens to reach them.

  3. After a vicious attack by the usurer’s occupation government at Syntagma Square, thousands of Greeks went to the new location for Easter food handouts in front of the Golden Dawn office in Larissa. 
    The Marxists and “democrats” that have constantly agitated for violent repression of Golden Dawn,  have not and will never give anything to the Greek folk who they have divorced, they only know how to steal.

  4. Blame the leftist mayor for stopping our brothers feeding the poor! I had to stand two hours in line, pushing over a few old people just o get a few cucumbers & eggplants. The police used tear gas on me but luckily I don’t have any tear ducts…nor soul apparently. Heil Golden Dawn & their mission to beat any non Greeks to death.

  5. a Civil War is about to break out in Greece
    from Golden Dawn and PASOK forces who have no began to attack one
    another verbally and now physically.
    Beware what is happening because it looks very evident it will get MUCH WORSE soon!

  6. I love how you people are unable to come up with constructive and intelligent counters for Golden Dawn and their ideology; instead you just throw personal insults.

  7. Humanitarian efforts of any kind, including feeding the hungry should not include hate, segregation, intimidation or violence. Golden Dawn are not heros and dont make them martyrs now their straw-man inspired campaign to “feed the hungry Greeks” have exposed and prevented. Since when did so many Greek people give such a damn about their “Greek brothers” when they are hungry and on the street every day, not just today, not just Easter. If you truly care, you dont need a mob of thugs leading the way, or do you? Reject false heros and embrace what you can do, politics aside.

  8. Politics aside, if you want to donate a thing belonging to you to somebody, you have the right to decide all alone to who you want to donate this thing.

    Same when peoples donate to GD, they donate to this far-right association so they are sure
    that the chrysavgites distribute their donations to the peoples or to the
    group of peoples of their choice (Here, our countrymen)
    It’s up to the owner of a goods to decide if and to who he wants to donate this goods.
    Same for the chrysavgites, the can donate the goods they own or that they have received to the persons of their choice, following the criteriums they decide. As owners, it’s their right.

    Theses rights (= to donate the goods you own and to who you want to donate them) are attached to the right of private property.
    Going against theses rights makes one being against private property (because this person attacks the legitimate rights of the owners).

    Only if somebody proves that GD received goods from
    peoples willing to donate to everybody and not just to Greeks, should you or others
    criticize them and denounce them as having lied about their intentions and deceived their donators.

    For the rest, we can agree or not regarding this kinds of donations but it’s up to each one’s political ideology.
    And thoses who aren’t happy about it can take some money out of their pockets and make some donations of their own, isn’t ? Or are they only able to criticize to hide the fact that they are doing nearly nothing ?
    And in France, illegals have the priority over natives who have difficulties or who end up in the streets. The natives have been abandonned by the anti-natives racist leftist associations and activists, prompting a radical far right group “Génération Identitaire” to begin to do the same thing Golden Dawn is doing = Food Donation to Natives in great difficulty (and theses kinds of action has permitted them to be more known to the public).
    We should never forget that it’s often the heavy racism of the left against natives, against the local religion and traditions, against the base of the society like the family (ex : Gay marriage) which makes the far right growth.
    That’s what can be called a backlash.

  9. Sadly I find myself agreeing with GD supporters on this site on this point. They have absolute the right to decide who they help. Stopping them was wrong and counterproductive. There were better battles to fight GD than this one.

    On the other hand the moron thug MP got caught trying to pull a gun out on the mayor. Hopefully this should be a trigger to ban and disband this party of parasitic closet-homosexual thugs and throw them out of the Greek political scene.

    Those who don’t go to jail can go and distribute food to poor Greeks in a private capacity.

  10. right but one can only receive the food if they submit their information to XA’s list for their election database. it’s not charity when there are so many strings attached it’s blackmail

    Αλήθεια πίστεψες ότι οι νεοναζί θα σου δώσουν έστω και μερικές πατάτες χωρίς να πάρουν τα στοιχεία σου, την αξιοπρέπεια σου και χωρίς να σε υποχρεώσουν να ενταχθείς στη συμμορία τους;
    Και ξέρεις πόσο δύσκολο είναι μετά, να βγεις από μια συμμορία.


  11. A well informed man who knows history and keeps up with current events detected. The world needs more ‘nazis’ and less zionists right now. At least they knew how to stabilize their economy and keep their police from tear gassing their populace for HANDING OUT FOOD!

  12. What does Zionism have to do with Greece’s problems?!? Greece’s problems are caused by the EU and the policies it imposes on Greece, as well as the Greek politicians who threw Greece into the eurozone without regard to the consequences for the country. The Golden Dawn is not nationalist. It is white supremacist. The don’t want to leave the euro. They would kiss the feet of Merkel, who is whiter than they are. They only like to beat up skinny immigrants and little girls.

    Having said that, I do not think there is anything wrong with a group giving food to only Greek citizens. This particular group, Golden Dawn, is vile though.

    I doubt the mayor objected to Golden Dawn’s racism. Rather, he likely did not want images of Greek poverty to be seen by the tourists. That is just my guess about the mayor. I could be wrong about him.

  13. I agree with your post but for the record, I’m not a Golden Dawn supporter but an ANEL (Independants Greeks) supporter (Nationalist but more classical party and we are currently temporally allied with the leftist party Syriza over Cyprus).

  14. While our alleged moderate leftists are obsessing about GD giving out food to Greeks, under the radar communist Syriza are organizatings meetings where they are
    calling for the end of the nation state (i.e. the destruction of Greece)

    “Greek” Reporter is filled with incompetent leftist idiots that have
    no clue what communist Syriza have been up to. I know the leftist nuts
    at the Guardian and New York Times are anti-Greek when they treat our
    communist nuts as “moderates”… when these far leftist fanatics are
    calling for not only the end of Greece, but Great Britain and US as well
    as full blown communism..

    “More than 100 people attended the launch of the Communist Tendency of
    Syriza. Among those present were cadres of SYRIZA and the SYRIZA youth,
    trade unionists and veterans of the Greek workers’ movement.”

    “A socialist Greece would not be isolated. The workers of Spain, Italy and
    Portugal would immediately respond, and would soon be followed by the
    workers of Ireland, France, Britain – yes, and Germany also. The impact
    would be even greater than that of the Russian Revolution of 1917. The
    basis would be made for the overthrow of capitalism and the
    establishment of the Socialist United States of Europe.”

    “The two fundamental barriers that stand in the way of human progress are
    private property of the means of production and that antiquated fossil
    the nation state,” he argued.” (Marxist keynote speaker at communist conference hosted by Syriza)


  15. You’re catching on Adde. They are obsessed with trashing me beacuse I am constantly exposing their little false flag game on Greek Reporter. A quick way to spot these manipulative crypto-Nazi false flags is the ones that obsessively troll me are high probability of being Skopians.

  16. Dude, why are you so obsessed with gd? If you claim to be Greek, defending Greece from Skopian Nazis.. and communist Syriza that not only lobby for Skopians but want to delete the Greek state?

  17. Communist Syriza;s goal is the destruction of the Greek state. I can’t believe these allegedly moderate leftis morons go on and on about GD giving out food and stay dead silent about a party that literally is trying to ethnically delete us.

  18. I don’t support banning parties. That is the action of thugs. However, if some individual in a party breaks the law or engages in terrorism, they should be imprisoned (no matter what party they belong to). Democracy isn’t about getting everyone to agree. Its about letting everyone have a voice. I deeply despise communists (whom I see as oppressive fanatics) but I believe in their right to have a party to be able to express themselves.

    The only time when violence by individuals becomes acceptable is when they can no longer express their views. That is not democracy. That is the tyranny of the mob. (like the communists that banned all other parties and framed it as “democracy”)

  19. Zionist orchestrated wars in Palestine, Iraq, Aghanistan, Libya, & now Syria (as well as Hundreds of US drone strikes in Pakistan) have killed millions of citizens of those nations, starved millions of others to death (1 million Iraqi children died in US sanctions on Iraq to which the Jewess US secretary of state at the time Madeleine Albright cruelly replied “We think it was worth it” when asked about the death of those 1 million Iraqi children).

    Israel, via it’s lobby in the USA, called AIPAC is now pushing relentlessly for the US to bomb Iran. How many millions of Iranians will flee to Greece if this happens?

    The peoples of the nations that have been bombed by the US/UK military on behalf of Israel have fled by the millions to Greece, and have entered Greek land illegaly, & you ask how Zionism has affected Greece? (I should add this is only 1 of the many negative impacts of international Zionism on Greece).

  20. I know that but still, it’s funny that the Syrizan accepted to be allied with us over what i happening in Cyprus.

    For the rest, I disagree with them on most things and especially their attacks againt private property and their support of illegals.

  21. ANEL is unlikely to exist for too much longer. They are fading. I seriously doubt ANEL will be around for the 2016 Greek national elections.
    Who will you support when ANEL ceases to exist?
    ANEL’s current SYRIZA allies maybe?

  22. It’s fine for Golden Dawn to take down the information of people open minded enough to them to accept their charity.

    Unfortunately Gilden Dswn doesn’t have an infinite supply of money to buy food, thanks to the plutocrats who support the other parties refusing to help, and so it makes sense to concentrate their charity on those who don’t mind getting some political pamphlets and the like in the mail.

    Almost all charities take down info on the people they help anyway.