EU Court: Greece Violated Immigrants Rights

ECHRIn yet another blow to Greece’s record of dealing with immigrants, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled that the country violated the human rights of two immigrants, one of them a minor and the other a woman, in two separate rulings.

The ECHR found against Greece in the case of an Albanian national, Albano Barjamaj, who was arrested in April 2011 for entering the country illegally and not possessing a valid residence permit. Barjamaj, a minor at the time, was remanded in custody for three days pending a decision on his deportation.

He complained that he was never notified of the decision to place him in detention and was only notified of the second decision three days after it had been taken, depriving him of the possibility of challenging its lawfulness, even though he had no right to be in the country.  The court found that Greece had violated the plaintiff’s right to freedom and security and ordered the government to pay him 2,000 euros ($2,612) in damages.

In the case of Georgian national Ketevan Chkhartishvili, the court held that Greece had violated Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights that prohibits “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment” and ordered the Greek government to pay 8,000 euros ($10,450) for material and non-material damage.

After entering Greece with a three-month residence permit, Chkhartishvili was taken into custody pending a decision on her deportation. She f repeatedly challenged her detention and applied to have the decision to expel her overturned, but Greek courts rejected her requests. She was finally released in April 2010 and given 10 days to leave the country. The court found that the conditions of Chkhartishvili’s detention were in breach of European law.


  1. “Albano Barjamaj, who was arrested in April 2011 for entering the country illegally and not possessing a valid residence permit.”
    So does this Zionist controlled “European Court of Human Rights”, understand that the national sovereignty of Greece was violated by this ILLEGAL Albanian immigrant?
    Greece gets condemned for placing an ILLEGAL immigrant in detention? Do you need to notify an ILLEGAL immigrant as to why you are putting them in detention for a few days? Are they retarded? Don’t they realise they are being detained because they crossed the border of a nation ILLEGALLY!
    Greece is bankrupt and her population is suffering at 27% unemployment and massive poverty and the European Court of “Human Rights” fines Greece for detaining an ILLEGAL Georgian immigrant?
    Look. Over 75% of Israels trade is with the EU. At the same time the Jewish supremacist government of Israel has made it ILLEGAL for a Jew and a Non-Jew to marry! Let that sink in! In Israel it is illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew!
    Why doesn’t the European Court of Human Rights call for the EU to boycott racist apartheid Israel?….nothing but silence from this pseudo court of human rights!

  2. Why doesn’t the European Court of Human Rights speak up about the massive wave of violent crime perpetrated by illegal immigrants against Greek citizens?
    Below is a short list of links, showing the tip of the iceberg of violent crime committed by illegal immigrants against Greek citizens.

    Illegal Afghan immigrants sentenced for brutally murdering young Greek father Manolis Kantaris in broad daylight as he was taking his pregnant wife to hospital.

    3 ILLEGAL Georgian immigrants arrested, after they broke into the home of two elderly Greek women(aged 71 & 80), who were sisters, tied them up, robbed them, & BEAT THEM BOTH TO DEATH.(Link to scene of this violent crime)

    Illegal Pakistani immigrant robs and RAPES a 15 year old Greek girl on the beach in broad daylight and bashes her skull in with a rock leaving the girl in a coma.

    29 year old Greek man Thanasis Lazanias murdered by three undocumented Afghan illegal immigrants in Patras. Note: The parents of Thanasis Lazanias have no other children. Their son was murdered whilst walking his dog outside his own house, in his own country by 3 subhuman ILLEGAL Afghan immigrants!

    Two very important link showing what a criminal degenerate “Javed Aslam”, the leader of the illegal pakistani immigrant community in Greece is.

    “President of Pakistani Community in Greece Arrested for Human Trafficking”

    President of Pakistani community in Greece, assembles thousands of illegal Pakistani immigrants outside Greek Parliament and threatens Greece with Islamic Holy War.

  3. Our leftists are morons that just parrot what foreign media said.

    Earth to your brains, putting “human rights’ in ones sentences does not put someone above racism and prejudices.

    The pretentious d-cks on European Court of “Human Rights” is RACIST against Greeks.They haven’t said a single peep about FYROM nationalists trying to usurp our very identity by turning into “ancient macedonians” right before their eyes. (while they constantly encourage their citizens to see our homeland as “occupied”)

  4. Another proof of the whole illegality of this fake “Grease” construction with no rights, no democracy, no religion freedom, no money,…

  5. Let’s be blunt. Illegal migrants? Migrants, really? Over 100,000 per year enter Hellas. Why, when they know the country is so poor. They bother tourists incessantly. They steal. They have killed. And the rest of Europe does NOTHING to help. NOTHING at all. And when Hellas spoke about a fence, a wall to stop them from the Turkish side, they were attacked verbally by a Europe that never sais a thing about the Jewish wall…