The Funniest Greek Easter Story Ever

    images.watchit.grEverything happened a year ago in a village near Preveza. The protagonist of the story decided to put aside the traditional way of roasting a lamb on the spit (Arni Sti Souvla),  and instead of taking turns at the spit, he decided to use a motor.

    Financially, he couldn’t afford to buy something new, so he got from his friends some handy information and “constructed” something all by himself.

    The only thing he had to look for was the motor, given that he had all the rest. In his  basement he had a broken washing machine, the motor of which he adjusted to the spit along with an automated system to program the time.

    On Easter Sunday, the lamb was roasting on the spit and all of his friends gathered drinking wine waiting to taste the delicious roast lamb.

    However, our friend had set the motor at the maximum time program, which was approximately 2.5 hours, and in the last half hour he decided to restart the switch.

    After a few hours the lamb was of course ready, spinning slowly based on the timer motor of the washing machine. And then the incredible happened…

    While everyone was sitting at the table, the motor automatically entered the spin program. At an incredible speed the Easter lamb began spinning faster and faster. It kept going round and round at such a speed that the Greek man could barely react and before too long, the lamb had scattered everywhere in the yard and on the people gathered.

    So, the above story proves that a washing machine motor is never a wise choice for spinning the Easter lamb, otherwise you’ll probably end up starving yourselves. Happy Easter!


    1. That’s a great story. Thanks for my laugh of the day. Creativity gone wrong.


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