Dendias Says Golden Dawn Could Be Banned

Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias
Greek Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias

After the European Union’s human rights chief said that there’s enough evidence of violence being perpetrated by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party that has 18 seats in Parliament to outlaw the group, Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said the government is looking into whether that could be done.

Speaking to Real News weekly, Dendias suggested that the next Parliament could approve such legislation as part of a constitutional review. “The constitutional review gives us the ability to exclude from the party system outgrowths such as Golden Dawn,” he said.

Golden Dawn, which rose from obscurity and 0.29 percent of the vote in 2009’s elections to entering Parliament and with polls placing it a firm third among major parties, said that Dendias was insulting its voters. The government had earlier said it could not prohibit a group that had legally won seats.

Golden Dawn that Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ ruling New Democracy Conservatives and one of his coalition partners, the PASOK Socialists, should be banned for their involvement in countless scandals.

In April, the Council of Europe’s commissioner for human rights, Nils Muiznieks said that Greece must take tougher measures to combat a surge in racist violence that critics blame on the extremists, but which party leaders have denied.

He said that Greece would be “fully within its rights under international human rights law” to ban the party from public office, although he stopped stopped short of saying it should do so.


  1. “After the European Union’s human rights chief said that there’s enough
    evidence of violence being perpetrated by the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party
    that has 18 seats in Parliament to outlaw the group…”

    What disgusting nonsense. Unlike the unverified slurs deployed by the media against Golden Dawn, it’s been proven that a PASOK supporter in Manolada shot 29 illegal immigrants. Why not ban PASOK for their evidence of involvement in violence?

    The only real reason they want to ban Golden Dawn is because they’re a real threat to the power structure and their both corrupt and overly ultra-liberal way of doing things.

  2. ‘He said that Greece would be “fully within its rights under international human rights law” to ban the party from public office, although he stopped stopped short of saying it should do so.’

    So Greece would be fully within it’s rights under international human rights law to ban a party that people vote for in a democratic society. Isn’t fair democracy a human right? I’m pretty sure freedom of expression and opinion is too. So I’m confused.

    I’m not surprised about all of this. It will take a lot of fighting to rid a country of the cultural Marxist BS that seems to have infested most European nation states. It’s only logical that when the party that doesn’t conform to the views of the cultural Marxist establishment, that they’ll just ban them if they get too strong. What right have they got, taking away peoples choice in a democracy?

    There is a similar situation in Britain although not quite as severe as banning a party. The main political parties want to ban UKIP from televised debates. What a beautiful democratic age we live in.

  3. Only Zionist/globalist-approved parties can offer candidates for government. Note how Dendias draws his authority, not from Greek laws, but from international “laws” agreed upon by international bodies. One world government is their goal. Nationalism is the opposite of globalism, yet at home in Israel the Zionists are extremely nationalistic. Quite the contrast to their subversive activities in other nations.

  4. Let Dendias ban it. Then Golden Dawn will see him on the street, where no Nils Muznieks is going to save this filthy traitor.

  5. I will no longer be a ND supporter, if Mr. Dendias acts to ban any political party. It will show me the party is run by cowardly appeasers. I despise the communists but even they have a right to a party.

    As for Nils Muiznieks, he is a patronizing Greek hating bigot that pretends not to notice the Skopians turning into “ancient Macedonians” and encouraging their citizens to see Greece as “occupied. He has no moral credibility to lecture on racism given he is racist against Greeks.

  6. More ‘tolerant’ left wingers, Marxists and zionists, shut up, shut down and ban everybody and anybody who DARES to have differing views and opinions to them.

    Go ahead and ban GD, it will only make them stronger.

  7. Alex, the first half of your comment is praiseworthy and rational.
    In your second paragraph you again sadly, you bring yourself down, pushing your repetitive agenda with your inherited peasant mindedness.

  8. dendias, instead of banning GD from politics, arrest all corrupt politicians who bankrupt the country and stole our money and wealth leaving us without a future to look for…

  9. It is PASOK and ND that should be banned from Parliament for treason and illegally stealing money thru fraudulent loans of over 250 million Euros from Greek banks.
    Who are the REAL CRIMINALS? — It is Venizelos and Samaras who should be jailed!

  10. It is PASOK and ND that should be banned from Parliament for treason and illegally stealing money thru fraudulent loans they never paid back of over 250 million Euros from Greek banks. Why are they allowed free after such blatant thievery??

    The REAL CRIMINALS are Venizelos, Simitis, Papandreaou, Samaras, Karmanalis who should all be jailed for High Crimes against the Greek State & Peoples!

  11. They have no education and no jobs, only makes sense for them to troll here all day, everyday. Nasty maggots.

  12. May 6th 2013, exactly 1 year to the day when Golden Dawn was elected to the Greek parliament with 7% of the vote.
    Now a mere 12 months later, national support for Golden Dawn lies anywhere between 15% to 20%.
    International Zionism is terrified at the prospect of the European parliamentary elections due to be held 24th May 2014, were Golden Dawn is expected to take over 20% of the vote, meaning that out of the 22 member Greek delegation heading to the EU parliament in Brussels, at least 5 will be Golden Dawn MP’s.
    Similarly the entire corrupt political-media establishment of Greece is trembling as the Greek municipal elections approach (also due to be held 24th May 2014) were Golden Dawn is expected to come first at least in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki.

  13. A new bill to be introduced in the Greek parliament after Easter against “racism and xenophobia” will penalize thought crimes with a fine of 20,000 Euros and up to 6 years imprisonment for anyone who criticizes illegal immigration or asks historical questions about the “Holocaust”.
    Working on direct orders from Ronald Lauder (who the Greek people never elected to make laws for them), the Troika is now intensifying its dirty war on the only real alternative to the system: Golden Dawn.
    After exhausting every propaganda and social method to stop the rise of Greek nationalism, the Greek government is now using its last resort of unconstitutional legislation, to try and silence critics of the globalist kleptocracy.
    The new bill being proposed in parliament will penalize “hate speech”, which actually means prosecuting thought crimes, just like in the Soviet Union. The way the law will be interpreted is obviously specifically to silence the discourse of Golden Dawn, who are bringing up issues important to millions of Greeks but which the ruling neo-Marxists and conservatives don’t want to talk about.
    Most shocking of all, and an exposure of what motivates this bill, pointing out inconsistencies in the “Holocaust” narrative will also be penalized. 
    Will they apply this law to the philo-Turkic politicians in the mainstream Greek establishment and Jewish lobbies that deny the Armenian or Greek genocide? Of course not, and no law is needed, as the facts speak for themselves.  
    A historical event that is so self-evident, as the High Priests/propagandists claim, does not need harsh laws prohibiting its thorough examination, what are they so afraid of people uncovering?
    It’s worth noting that in the past, those who said the earth was round were also severely punished. Most important of all, regarding this “Anti-Racist” (persecuting thought crimes) bill is how misplaced the current governing coalition’s attention is, a sign of panic for sure.
    While foreign nationals are escaping incarceration and go on to commit murders because of the destitute security in Greek prisons, Samaras instead focuses on throwing away Greek sovereignity and doing the bidding of unelected globalist elites, such as the World Jewish Committee and the EU imposers of austerity. “Hate speech” (speech the elites hate) is more important than hate acts like murder and rape, because the former is a threat to their power.

  14. Once again the dreadlocked druggies at Indymedia are doing the dirty work the world’s big speculators can’t do.  Despite problems around the world (including a ban in Greece) for being little more than a network to coordinate terrorism (as in, the use of violence to achieve a political end), the Jewish billionaire Soros-funded Anarchist pawns are now targeting the truckers who committed the evil crime of transporting food to Golden Dawns patriotic Easter food drive.
    The Anarchists of Greece do not use Indy media to organize in order to feed hungry children or provide cancer treatment to a Greek who can’t afford it, that is something only the “Fascists” in Golden Dawn do. Heroin is expensive these days!
    Greek police committing horrific acts of violence against a crowd of hungry people, and then arresting the truck drivers who were simply shipping the food, was not enough for the anti-Greek Anarchists (the sons and daughters of the rich). Now the cyber-cesspool called Indy Media (so much for Dendias’ ban) is publishing the names and addresses of those affiliated to the trucking company.
    The ones who swear up and down that they are against the establishment, why do they focus all their efforts on Golden Dawn instead of Samaras?  Could it have something to do with who is bankrolling these leftist zombies?
    Most of the political violence in Greece is done by the “radical” left, utilizing websites founded by global elites such as Indy Media, but you’d never know this unless you lived in Greece and saw it with your own eyes, the mainstream media only talks about Golden Dawn (most of it fabricated on top of that).


  16. Well, since the mosque projects (and also others stupid less dangerous decisions before that), it was obvious that the actual ND officials couldn’t be trusted.

  17. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: banning political parties? Is that seriously how things are being done nowadays?

  18. He should ban all the illegal immigrants for illegal enrty. The Koran has hateful verses against us non-Muslims. Most illegal immigrants in the centre of Athens are Muslims.
    What about Greek Parliamentarians that have stolen from the Greek people Mr Dendias?