Guardian: Most Greeks Dislike Golden Dawn

x.a.660The British national daily newspaper, The Guardian, in an article on May 6 entitled Greece’s People Show The Politicians How To Fight Golden Dawn, written by Daniel Trilling, claimed that more Greeks are disgusted at the presence of fascists in the country, although the party has strong support too.

“The Easter was for the neo-Nazis in Golden Dawn an opportunity for propaganda,” said the the article referring to the party’s food distribution at Syntagma square in Athens on May 2 that was “only for Greeks” as well as to fact that on Good Friday, members of Golden Down held open the motorway toll booths so that cars could pass for free. The Guardian characterized such actions as “cheap populist tricks”.

The article mentions the Council of Europe’s recent report on Golden Dawn, which concluded that the party could be banned under existing laws against racist violence but that the government seems unwilling to act.

The commentary also said that while Golden Dawn has support, it’s far from a majority. “Its activist base remains small; it cannot mobilise supporters in large numbers; and its rallies often take place unannounced, so that anti-fascist activists do not have time to gather and chase its members off the streets. The food handouts, staged mainly for the benefit of the media, pale in comparison with the network of solidarity initiatives like the “potato movement” – markets that allow farmers to sell their produce directly to customers, at around 30% less than supermarket prices – or volunteer-run medical clinics, or free after-school tuition for children, that are helping Greek people cope with the impact of mass unemployment and falling salaries.

“By contrast, as a member of Solidarity4All, a national network that co-ordinates such initiatives, described it to me, Golden Dawn’s handouts are a grim affair: “They buy the food, they make everyone listen to 30 minutes of political speeches, then they make everyone wait in line. There’s no co-operation,” the piece said.



  1. Most Greeks DISPISE Syriza.

    Most Greeks dislike every other party they don’t support.

    Last but not least, the Guardian is a lefty, liberal fascist paper. Who cares what they say other then to their own, liberal fascist kind.

  2. Is this supposed to be breaking news or something? It’s not exactly a surprise given that XA hasn’t got more than 50% of the vote from the population, hence isn’t like by the majority…

  3. The guardian is nothing but an obvious Marxist propaganda outlet which spews it’s lies without any shame.
    Golden Dawn MP’ give over half their monthly salaries to help fund these charity drives for needy Greeks. On the other hand no politicians from any of the other political parties in Greece given even a tiny portion of their salaries to help fund charity.
    Thats all that needs be said.

  4. I am a Chrysi Avi supporter, make no mistake. They can do a better job than those do gooder lefties.

  5. Who cares what the modern British anti-Greek trolls at the Guardian think? Most Greeks dislike Communist Syriza too but you never see the leftist Guardian mention that. They treat our communist buffoons as “human rights activists” while meanwhile in their own country they consider communists extremists.

    I would also point out that the Guardian editorial board:

    1. Constantly selectively quote mines any leftist Greek they can find that reference FYROM as Macedonia. No Greek with an opposing view has every been given a voice to speak.

    2 They hide the fact even the UK itself claimed there is no such ethnic group as “Macedonian”.

    3. They inch-by-inch have started to deny our identity as “real” Greeks while simultaneously trying to whitewash the former Yugoslavians sudden transformation from slavs into “ancient macedonians”.

    4. They pretend not to notice the Skopians constantly abusing the name to insinuate Macedonia Greece is “occupied”.

    5. They frame our illegals as “immigrants”… meanwhile the UK deports illegals.

    In short, the modern British that work at the Guardian are RACIST towards Greeks. They expect us to commit ethnic suicide for them.

  6. The modern British Guardian staff are RACIST towards Greeks. This is witnessed by the fact the only Greeks they aren’t against are the tiny minority of leftist anti-nationalist extremists willing to call FYROM “Macedonia” (i.e. the ones willing to commit ethnic suicide for the modern British to cover up their shame for betraying us)

    This is like Greeks expecting the modern British in the UK to recognize western France as “ethnic English” and French as “English” as they encourage their citizens to see the UK as “Modern British occupied England”.

  7. The fact you constantly lie about my views Skopian (I am not a GD supporter) only illustrates you are a crypto-FASCIST manipulator yourself.

    Skopian false flags like you that pretend to care about Greek leftists on Greek Reporter, overwhelming vote far rightwing Gruevski in your own country. You only support our leftists because you realize they are easily manipulated morons.

  8. Get back to us when the anti-Greek modern British at the Guardian mention “minor’ details like this about the Skopians whom they now reference as “Macedonians”.

    “It is no wonder that, in matters of politics in the Balkans, Greece feels misunderstood. It cannot understand why, after it stood alone with the United Kingdom against the forces of fascism between 28 October 1940–Ohi day, as it is still called–and 27 April 1941, when Athens finally fell, its former allies now
    appear to be taking the part of forces against which it stood, especially when,
    after the second world war, it endured those further four years of civil war to
    hold the line against the communist advance to the Aegean.”

    “That was done for the United States and for the United Kingdom especially–the world powers of the time–and those Governments objected, in 1944, to Tito’s change of the name of Vardar Banovina.” (House of Commons Hansard Debates for 9 May 1995)

    “This (US) government considers talk of Macedonian “nation”, Macedonian
    “Fatherlan d”, or Macedonia “national consciousness” to be
    unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic nor political reality, and sees
    in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against
    Greece” – US government Dec, 1944

  9. What the antihellenic Guardian editorial board is trying to do is manipulatively make Greeks fight with one another. While they lecture us about “fascism” and “racism” the modern British that work at the Guardian, are literally trying to ethnically delete us to cover up their shame for supporting the Skopians.

    This would also include thealleged “human rights” activists… that after pretentiouisly mocking us to objecting to the name…. now ALL pretend not to notice FYROM;s little change into ancient Macedonians and attempts to frame our country as ‘occupied”

    These patronizing bigots care more about protecting their images than the human rights of Greeks. It is not hard to find evidence of irredentism and massive historical fraud in FYROM.

  10. Self-interest that they pawn off as altruistically motivated. (as some in GD would shoot these anti-Greek bigots for trying to ethnically erase us)

    Nevertheless GD do not help our situation. The Nazi-like symbolism and supremist language of some of GD;s supporters only gives any Greek hating bigots a method to deflect attention away from their racism towards Greeks (including the Skopians who try to lump themselves in as “victims” while they simultaneously attempt to insinuate our country is “occupied” and strip us of our very identity)

    Instead of salutes, they should be resorting to the same methods as these manipulative Greek hating pricks. Criticize them as RACIST and human rights violators for colluding with those literally trying to commit a subtle form of genocide against the Greek people.

  11. These are the fascist pigs who use violence, intimidation, and hysterical propaganda to keep a purely racist red neck agenda alive!
    Goldendawn fascist pigs like Alex and his other diasporic fascist friend would have you believe otherwise.
    In the end we do not need racist fascist pigs who think they are spawn white supremacist views and advocate open Hitlerism.

  12. Fantastic news!!!!!! More international publicity for the Golden Dawn. Thanks Guardian.

  13. They were voted for by approximately 500,000 Greeks and now have the support of 1,000,000. I think it’s safe to say that Golden Dawn are liked by Greeks because they’re the only party that supports the Greek people!

    What Greek wants to live under the Government of ND and PASOK who sold them out or SYRIZA and KKE who put immigrants and non-Greeks before GREEKS?!


    Thus, Golden Dawn will continue to rise until every single traitor is dealt with.

  14. Firstly Mr Trilling if you asked the question what do most Greeks think of ND/PASOK who got Greece into this economic mess what do you think most Greeks would say?
    Secondly on their website they describe themselves as a Nationalist Greek Party for Greeks only. Their ideology is based on Metaxasism based on the theories of Ioannis Metaxas who was Greek dictator from 1936-1941 (see Google) To suggest banning a democratic Politically elected party is nothing more than Dictatorship. Many people are probably not aware of this must most criminal activities in the heart of Athens are conducted by illegal immigrants ask the Interior Ministry for statistics. ND/Pasok created XA by allowing 20 years of uncontrolled illegal immigration into Greece. I didnt hear or see the radcal Greek Left (anarchists and communists) do the same in feeding the illegal immigrants they dearly care for?

  15. Lol, Golden Dawn can’t mobilize supporters in large numbers? Then wth do you call the 30,000 man march for IMIA 2013? Ya’know that’s all Golden Dawn right there. These leftist wankers are complaining over a discrimination that DOES NOT exist normally, illegal immigrants cause far more hate crimes than the native European populations do wherever they go and just crimes in general, Period! We have the statistics to back it. Greeks and Golden Dawn are fighting back against the Economic Prison they’re forced into by the EU and fighting the cultural and ethnic self-destruction of the Hellenic peoples of Europe, of course there is going to be more attacks(COUNTER-attacks) against illegal immigrants, but to say Golden Dawn is ordering it is ridiculous! They know they can’t do that or else they’ll be removed. How can you blame a people for fighting back against the establishment that wants to destroy them, and for any other European country for that matter fighting against it? Everyone has that right!

  16. But Illegal Immigrants use more violence and intimidation and have been for decades, it is only now that Greeks and the Golden Dawn are fighting back that they bother to now report this violence and all one-sided faked stuff like the hospital ‘raids’ and mysterious situation about the supposed punch that hit a 12 year old girl(Which no footage of the situation has shown this to happen), it’s the same thing with what the media did with Apartheid in South Africa, they demonized it so much yet now after it’s gone Murder and Rape has skyrocketed and the so-called Rainbow nation the liberals thought existed isn’t so ‘colorful and bright’ as they had thought, it’s the same damn thing happening. We’re only allowed to help people if they’re non-white lest we be deemed ‘racist'(As if it has any real impact anymore, no one cares to be called anything anymore, it’s just word-play) well screw them and you, we’ll help whoever we like and you can call people names all you want, it won’t change anything. This establishment of the destruction of the European people is coming to an end and all these little money-hoarding traitors will be swimming themselves to Africa so they can enjoy all their ‘wonderful’ diversity alone to themselves, they can be the real test and see how it works out for them.

  17. Breaking News: Most Greeks LIKE Golden Dawn. They are set to become the 2nd or even 1st most popular party by the time the next Greek elections occur. What does that tell you? Lying Leftists.

  18. Please do us a factor & move back there. There you can beat immigrants to your hearts content. Do it in packs, it makes you feel more manly, just like the Lebs in Oz. nobody can tell you apart anyway.

  19. all you gd supporters should be living in Greece, since you dislike anyone else. they are lead by fat chain smoker bad hear loser. the only thing missing is the hitler stache

  20. Top government officials are concerned that the coalition is not going to be able to stop the steady rise of far-right Golden Dawn ahead of next year’s European Parliament elections.
    “Greece is going to give the watching world a nasty surprise in the upcoming Euro elections,” a close aide of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said recently with regard to Golden Dawn’s showing at the polls, which are due to be held next May.

  21. Anyone who calls the ancient Greek symbol the Meander a Nazi like symbol is a traitor like Samaras.

  22. What the hell does do us a factor mean??? In future could you spell check your dribble so it can make sense.

  23. Indeed! The international Judeo-Bolshevik newspapers have all been repeating this lie since the first Greek election in 2012. Does anyone actually believe it? I see the meander every time I visit my city; it is a common symbolic from the classical world, and it can easily be found in any historical European city with neoclassical buildings.

    The truth is irrelevant to these communists and social democrats, of course. “Modern democracies must be led with lies”. I look forward to the day when patriotic men regain control of Greece and stamp out the communists.

  24. ahahahaha ;-O
    Do NOT try to comment there people!
    They will SENSOR you out if you don’t agree with their WISHFUL THINKING articles! 😉

  25. I assume it was you who gave me that one vote down. Vote me down all you want Pedo… err, Pedro; it doesn’t change reality.

  26. I put far more time and effort than you into defending Greece so please don’t lecture me about treason. Treason are those that slander patriots as treasonous.

    Are black shirts an “ancient Greek symbol:” too? I am pointing out the bloody obvious that its irrational to use symbolism that can be interpreted as fascist. Its obvious it would be exploited by leftists and anti-Greek foreigners. Then of course why does GD have a leader that once admired Hitler.. who was responsible for the deaths of countless Greeks. This is like the communists that admire the communist thugs that massacred Greeks trying to detach Macedonia for IMRO, Tito and Stalin.

    Are you capable of criticizing anything about your party? Or are you going to turn into one of the Skopians that prays to VMRO?

    Aristotle would be first to admit that mistakes happen and that we should constantly observe to correct them. If we always are yes men, we only repeat the same mistakes. Learning requires constant adjustments in beliefs to try and match narrative to observation.

  27. oh shut up you slanderous communist “pig” . You call everyone “fascist” that disagrees with you idiot. You have ZERO moral credibility constantly defending communist thugs.

  28. A lying ultra nationalist like that hides his ethnic Bulgarian past is in no position to lecture others either about lying or fascism. You are a crypto-fascist yourself.


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