Premiere of Tribute to Mikis Theodorakis

theodorakisThe premier of the theatrical performance Who Is Hunting My Life (Pios Ti Zoi Mou) will be held at the Badminton Theater in Athens, on May 10. The performance is a tribute to the great Greek songwriter and composer, world famous Mikis Theodorakis.

Through Theodorakis’ music and songs, the audience will travel through the most important historic events of Modern Greece; from the Asia Minor Catastrophe (1922) and Metaxas’ dictatorship until the Greek military junta and the Metapolitefsi (regime change) after the fall of the junta to the legislative elections of 1974 and the democratic period that followed immediately after.

More than 50 important songs of the Greek composer are included in the performance, which combines theater, dance, music, poetry and cinema.

Themis Moumoulidis, who directed the play Mauthausen in November 2012, wrote the script and directs the musical-theatrical performance. Greek actors Gregoris Valtinos, Filareti Komninou and Alexandra Sakellaropoulou, Aris Lempessopoulos and Elisavet Moutafi play the roles of Theodorakis’ father, mother, Theodorakis himself and his wife respectively.

An additional 24 actors, actresses, dancers and singers participate in Who Is Hunting My Life. Among them are the Greek singers Kostas Makedonas, Giota Nega and Kostas Thomaidis.

A performance will be given in June on the island of Makronisos, where Theodorakis was exiled. The play will be presented in places the great composer lived, such as Chios, Mytilene, Ioannina, Preveza, Syros, Argostoli, Pyrgos, Tripoli and Chania. During 2013-2014, a big international tour in European countries will follow.

Theodorakis was born on 29 July, 1925 on the Greek island of Chios. During his whole life, he has engaged in both music and politics. He is viewed as Greece’s best-known living composer.


  1. Why has Mikis not said a word about the corrupt Coalition Gov’t in a long time?
    Could it be he is being blackmailed to keep silence or face hefty tax fines?
    Very curious indeed why he is not talking anymore and it’s not because he loves Samaras or Venizelos, that’s for sure!

    His bravery helped bring down the fascists junta in the early 70s!
    He represents freedom from racist bigots like the goldendawen fascist pigs whose red neck agendas are stigmatising our people!
    All the fascist diasporic pigs like Alex and his US greek-american fascists can go to hell!

  3. Mikis Theodorakis’ quotes :
    “Jews Are ‘The Root Of Evil”

    And “I’m antisemite and antizionist”.

    You praise a guy like Theodorakis who talk like that about a whole ethnic group (the semitic group) and in the same paragraphe you denounce racism …

    You seem really to be confused in your head, dude.

  4. Having a fascist background Adde, one expects these types of quotes from you!

    It is only natural that you demonise those you fear!

    Yet, your fascist demigods in the goldendawn would ‘make soap out of the skins of immigrants’ doesn’t sound to denounce racism but rather breed it!

    Theodorakis epitomises the Greek struggle against Greek fascism and ultimate downfall of the fascist thugs who ran the junta and the bigoted fascist Metaxa who stood for imperialism and oppression of the Greek working class.

  5. Like I though, you didn’t condemn Mikis’ racist comments about the Semitic peoples. Well, that makes you a fashist, Salim.

    I guess that for a far-leftist it is acceptable to be racist against certain populations (for example here the Jews but is is often the Germans, the Americans, ect …) and not acceptable to be racist against some others populations.

    Also I support ANEL, not GD.

    You know, ANEL is this nationalist party which is temporally allied with the radical leftist party Syriza 🙂
    If me and aothers ANEL voters are fashists, then all thoses who vote for Syriza are fashists too because the Syriza leftists work with the members of my party 🙂

    And to hear you call your opponents fashists while many times you had racist comments towards Greeks makes you an hypocrite.
    Try to not be racist yourself towards Greeks, Jews and others populations before denouncing “fashism” because you have no credibility, you hypocrite.

  6. If you quote, then be sure that you have all the needed information to make the quote a real quote. You did NOT. You, and some others, accuse him for things he did not say. I recommend you my post about this item: Mikis Theodorakis’ name removed from Wiesenthal’s list

    or: Palestine, Israel, Estelle and Mikis Theodorakis

    and take back your words, they are slander. Lies. Read before you answer here, IF you dare to answer.

  7. To answer you, about the quotes I gave in my first post, here is an interview of Theodorakis in 2004 :

    Theodorakis said theses words and after the big fuse it created, he tried to calm the things down with excuses like :

    Quotes from the article :
    “No, but it’s important for me to emphasize that I never said that the
    Jews are the root of evil. I said they are at the root of evil.”

    Most peoples can make excuses like that and rephrases what they said after having done a mistake to calm the things down, especially for an artist like Theodorakis because if an artist is considered antisemitic, he could “lost” many opportunities because of some peoples who have a great influence on some domains.

    Here is another excuses in the article below : “Mikis Theodorakis’ letter to the central board of Jewish communities in Greece” :

    Quotes :
    “So what exactly did I say in that television interview? [I said] ‘I must point out that I AM AN ANTI-SEMITE. I really love the Jewish nation. I love Jewish people and have lived with them. BUT MUCH AS I HATE ANTI-SEMITISM, so I also hate Zionism”.

    That’s just excuses, that’s why he is contradicting himself in the same paragraph, saying he is an antisemite and that he hates antisemism.

    Nonetheless, I have nothing against Theodorakis and he is my countryman and this post is only to answer your claims and especially your last sentence.
    Now you just intervened into a childish dispute with Savas.

    Finally for the Wiesenthal’s list … sorry but this list shouldn’t even exist to begin with so I don’t care if Theodorakis or another persons are included or not in this list.

  8. First: Tell me with your own words what Zionism is. Read those words yourself many times. Understand them. What they mean to other people. Try to understand them. Feel the discriminating effect of Zionism. I am discrimininated by it. It is a discriminating word.

    It is bad to find excuses to eliminate people because they are Semites. It is bad to find reasons/search for reasons to hail or praise a people, because they are Jews, to make them more than any other people. that is also discriminating. With doing that you put them on a higher place than any other people. And that is also a point that I have tried to explain ( in my blog ) as bad also. God does not have preferences!!

    Who lived there (what they name Israel) before Zionism was created as a word, an ism? What was the name of that piece of land before any Jew put a foot on it?

    God does not have preferences for not for any people. Not for any belief system or religion. IF you are God’s people: behave like God’s people and don’t kill God’s other creations.

    What the Jews have done (1947), with the support of the world ( I wrote about it) is burglary (in fact it is a strange coincidence that Israel is strategic battle field for USA) and the beginning of a war with Palestine, making the world believe that Palestine is a criminal country, that God had promised them, the Jews, this land. O yeah…. what kind of a God promises that. It must have been a spirit from the astral worlds, the one that also stimulated wars where the bible writes about. (Old Testament).

    Anyhow, it seems to be impossible to explain to you where Theodorakis spoke about. I do understand him, and you don’t have the right to spread lies about him. As the Jews did also with the one who lived among them and had other ideas about their bible. We still speak about that Jew. He has been killed by the Jews 2000 years ago. Why? For what? Is there already an answer, a better one than in that time?
    By the way: did you read the book written by the Dutch Jewish woman, who was 29 years young when she died in Dachau: Etty Hillesum?

    Start reading her book. Title: An Interrupted Life and Letters from Westerbork.

    We talk after that again.