Police Riot Officer Shot at Skouries

    tromaktiko4205Three women from Halkidiki, northern Greece, who were arrested following more skirmishes between protesters and police at the Skouries gold mine faced a local prosecutor on May 13.

    The women, aged 25, 39, and 40, allegedly tried to obstruct one of the mining firm’s vehicles from approaching the work site. Supporters were planning to gather outside the court building where the women were to face the prosecutor.

    Police continued their search for an unidentified assailant who started firing at officers during the demonstration on May 12 with what appeared to be a hunting rifle.

    One protester remained in a Thessaloniki hospital after suffering serious injuries during the clashes which left a female demonstrator and eight police officers with minor injuries.

    The police officer was injured was rushed into surgery for treatment of a throat wound from a blow that seemed not to be from a shotgun but from a self-improvised hand grenade that a protester allegedly threw.




    1. This is just the tip of what is coming when the People have had enough of bullying by the Gov’t that is brutally attacking its own citizens. The EU will also fall soon when all EU Citizens have had enough of the disgraceful Dictatorship in Brussels and the IMF.

    2. Hey look, More anarchist and communist violence. What a surprise.

      The fact is it is typically leftists and anarchists that are engaged in the vast majoriity of violence in Greece (including the socialist that attacked those strawberry pickers that Dablis keeps trying to pawn off on the right). but to listen to the “reporting” of Greek Reporter one would never know this, Makes you wonder if the leftist staff condone such behavior.

    3. Eco fascist using shotguns? So now what? Police can use machine guns?

      No wonder NOBODY wants to invest in Greece.