Greek Anti Skin Cancer Week

prevent_skincancer_bannerDue to environmental and lifestyle changes, the incidence of melanoma has been steadily increasing over the past 50 years in countries throughout Europe. Skin cancer is now one of the 10 types of cancers, which mostly affects European populations. Approximately 130,000 melanomas occur worldwide and about 37,000 people die each year because of them. The annual increase in the number of new cases diagnosed in Europe varies between 0% and 8%. However, 90% of melanomas, if diagnosed early, can be cured.

In Greece, on the initiative of the Hellenic Society Of Dermatology And Venereology (EDAE), this day is the starting point for a whole week dedicated to prevention, Greek Week Against Skin Cancer, which this year is to be held from May 27 to 31, with the support of the Dermatological Laboratories of La Roche-Posay.

During this week, EDAE dermatologists across the country, provide the public with free medical examinations of potential melanoma or other skin cancer, in clinics and hospitals. Those wishing to be examined can visit the website and look at the list of the participant dermatologists to make an appointment.
Every year in Greece during this week, the impact of the world seems to be increasing, and more and more people are examined. In 2013, 6,103 people have been examined. The results highlight the urgent need for prevention and early diagnosis, as only in 2012, 30 cases of possible melanoma and 81 cases of other types of skin cancer (ACC & BCC) were diagnosed.

Moreover, the website, is the ultimate dermatological consultant. It offers useful tips from experienced dermatologists, information on when a mole is considered suspicious, ways of protection against the sun, how to use right sunscreen and truths and myths around melanomas, a section where the public can send questions / queries and is given the possibility to find a dermatologist (not only for the Greek Week against skin cancer, but for all year long).


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