Immigrant Shooting Shakes Greek Blogosphere

manolada-1A recent shooting of 29 immigrant strawberry farm workers in Manolada led to quick calls on Twitter for a boycott of the product and spread so fast that producers in the area said their season might be ruined.

“We’re all from Manolada!” posted Stranger In Society. “We supposedly express our abhorrence for the … Greeks who shot those miserable workers from Bangladesh because they had the nerve to ask for what they worked for.”

The government moved quickly, arresting three foremen and the business owner and offered state protection to the wounded, but that did little to assuage the outrage.

In Manolada, the immigrants worked for 14 hours or more a day and lived in squalid conditions in tents, without toilets and without being paid. Their demand for back wages led to the shootings, authorities said.

“Whatever happened was wrong,” Effi Lambropoulou, a professor of criminology at Panteion University in Athens told Southeast European Times. “The workers should have been paid and the supervisors should not use the guns. It is against our ethos and mores, at least until recently. I hope it will never happen again,” she said.

The incident was borne from a sense of impunity for violence against immigrants, not unlike what African-Americans endured during the Civil Rights era, said Alex Afexounidis, a sociologist with the National Centre of Research in Athens. “They think they can do whatever they like. Deep American south revisited!” he told SETimes.

Some said that the incident revealed a lot going on under the surface in Greece during a time when the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which has 18 seats in the parliament, has been accused of attacking immigrants. The party denied the allegation.

“The latest incident showed how an agricultural sector lives on the exploitation of migrant workers. How about the Greeks? The young jobless Greeks who according to statistics are jobless at 59.3 percent?” keeptalkinggreece said.

The blogger also criticized media coverage of the event. “Of course the media reported the subject, there were statements that denounced the event but the story doesn’t sell as much as, for example, when a Pakistani attacks a girl. And, of course, Golden Dawn, to keep it in the forefront in any possible way,” keeptalkinggreece said.

But, according to Stranger In Society, unfortunately this type of violence towards immigrants is not new. “Every ‘Manolada’ will remain a problem because it produces cash for those who don’t consider the fall of a society to a jungle a problem.”

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  1. The Greeks who employed, refused to pay, & finally shot and badly wounded those illegal Bangladeshi immigrants at Manolada, were all PASOK supporters. The Marxist dominated media in Greece has tried to play this uncomfortable fact down as much as possible.

    Was the Greek blogosphere shaken by the murder of an elderly Greek couple just 3 days ago by an illegal Albanian immigrant? Clearly not!
    On May 11th, a 72-year-old Greek CITIZEN and his 73-year-old wife, were found murdered inside their home in a village of Ioannina, Ktismata, on the  Greek-Albanian border. The elderly couple according to evidence so far, seem to have been beaten to death. The killer is an ILLEGAL Albanian immigrant!

  2. How do you know they were PASOK supporters? Marxist dominated media? So in Greece there is communism? Clearly you are a golden dawn supporter. You view anything different from your far right ideals to be communism. Guess what, if there was communism in Greece, you nazi scum would be rotting in prisons, just like Stalin did with you. Finally to expose hypocrisy, mr. ExposeHypocrisy you have to be educated and unprejudiced. But you LOVE the easy explanations for everything, because your minds can’t think much. Goodnight

  3. Nazi scum? Golden dawn in and of itself, is a party that looks to help itself, before it can help others. There is nothing wrong with the mentality of fixing greeces major problems, before addressing the problems of the refugees who come in, who greece currently cannot sustain. Open your eyes and look at the problem, then use your brain and think; or else you are no worse than the degenerate scum that allowed greece to get in this position in the first place.

  4. Golden dawn is a party financially backed by Greece’s most rich and influential people, i.e. shipping tycoons. They have gathered a lot of people from shady working places, like loansharks, people who sell security in night clubs and drug traffickers. They do NOT really want to solve Greece’s problems, they mainly support their bosses and therefore, capitalism. The economical crisis is caused by overaccumulation of capital, not by mismanagement and refugees. And there are a lot of people that demonstrate and strike in order to pressure and overthrow the government. Golden dawn on the other hand, places members in these events that try to destroy every sense of democracy.

  5. LOL here comes the Marxist “analysis”. Golden Dawn is with the police, even after the police attack them during the Easter event. Golden Dawn is with the rich, meanwhile the platform is clearly against plutocracy and monopoly capital. What international elite supports Golden Dawn? NAME ONE WHO HAS COME OUT OR FUNDS GOLDEN DAWN. Because I can name quite a few that give money and support to Syriza, not to mention PASOK and New Democracy. Only you pink leftists have the nerve to call Golden Dawn a tool of the elites while your leader Tsipras promises the East Mediterranean to the US state department, speaks at neo-liberal economic forums, promises to comply with Scheuble and actively receives money from George Soros.

    There is still no evidence at all of shipping tycoons or DRUG TRAFFICKERS (are you kidding me) supporting Golden Dawn.

  6. The best way for the Greek government to protect the Bangladeshi’s is to tell them to stay in Bangladesh and not come to Greece. Well, other than as tourists who come to Greece to spend money and create jobs for unemployed Greeks, that is.

  7. Proof of what a bunch of lying pathetic losers you all are.
    The people that did shooting were SYRIZA ex Pasok supporters!!!!!!!!
    The other incident not spoken of much was the socialist human rights employer gave the leader of the illegal immigrant workers the money to pay them and kept the money for himself.
    Just goes to show what a stupid pathetic liar Andy Dabilis is.
    No wonder Golden Dawn is so popular.

  8. I am not a Syriza supporter. I am a true communist. The proof that Golden Dawn is in league with the aristocracy and the police is there for you to see if you live in Greece. Countless times we see Golden Dawn people drinking coffee and having cigarettes with policemen just before they start beating people at demonstrations. The proof about the ties it has with the rich folk is what they do now with the gold in Halkidiki region, they are in league with tycoon Bobolas in exploiting the area in cost of the environment and the people, while maintaining low wages for everyone. The media is always talking about what Golden Dawn does, promoting it and terrorizing the people of what will come if they unite. The platform as you say can be anything. It does not cost anything to be revolutionary in words. I am writing all this in case someone from abroad is reading, trying to reason with nazis is futile.

  9. Name your sources?
    Provide some links?
    Since you mention drug traffickers, it is very important to note that Golden Dawn is the ONLY political party in Greece which has openly stated that it will re-introduce the death penalty for the trafficking of hard drugs such as Heroin, Cocaine, etc.
    On the other hand, corrupt, perverted, immoral leftists like SYRIZA support and sponsor drug festivals in Greece, like the recent

  10. You are trully a Marxist moron.
    Golden Dawn constantly attacks Tycoon Bobolas on their website and on many occasions when they are interviewed by journalists. Most recently Golden Dawn stated it raised the toll barriers on highways all over Greece to stop Bobolas from robbing Greek commuters over the Easter break. What was KKE doing at the same time? Nothing!

  11. “The media is always talking about what Golden Dawn does”.
    If the medias wouldn’t be telling wha the Golden Dawners do, they would be accused by some peoples to dissimulate informations.

    And if you Communists would be acting too at the same scale as the Golden
    Dawners do, the medias would speak about what you would be doing too 😉


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