Larisa Fights Poverty With Music

247536_538911462817960_1260557789_nOn May 17, an entertainment event will take place at Larisa central square, aiming to help those in need. Poverty has many faces and more and more people are facing problems. Those people are next to us and need our help. We do not need to do much; by giving something that we do not need, or that is more than what we need, we can actually help our fellowman.

The Voluntary Humanitarian Action, ANTHROPOMANIA and the Research and Development Center, Thesis, are inviting the citizens of Larisa to assist in their work against poverty by offering whatever they can, food, medicine, clothes, books, cds etc. and to enhance the efforts of the Social Structures for the Direct Tackling of Poverty of the Municipality of Larissa.

It will be both a charity and entertainment event, as a collection of essential supplies in special baskets will be placed in the square, and there will also be a concert. This is a musical evening dedicated to humanism and social solidarity, the most important weapons of a society against poverty. The bands participating in the concert are DENOVOBAND, FORSALE and RADIOCHOLIC.

The event is being held in the framework of the celebrations for the Achilles’ Fest, which is held every year in Larisa, under the auspices of the Deputy Mayor for Social Policy of the Municipality of Larisa.