International Energy Saving Award For Crete

images112The International Conference MEDEEA-Mediterranean Energy Cities European Energy Awards that took place in Cyprus’ capital Nicosia on May 15-16 awarded the municipality of Malevizi in the Greek island Crete for its energy-saving policies.

During the conference, projects were awarded, among which the actions of Malevizi municipality, with the leading integration of the village Keramoutsi in Green Villages project.

Aim of the conference was to reward environmentally friendly politics of 320 municipalities of seven countries (Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Cyprus and Greece), as well as to define the new strategic plan in the energy policy domain until 2020, in the framework of the European network for the climate change Covenant of Mayors.

According to the Mayor of Malevizi Kostas Mamoulakis, the municipality of Malevizi was the first in Greece to request license for energy production from hybrid power station. Clear and “green” electricity will be produced by the Cretan air and Cretan sea in order to meet the residents’ needs.

Mamoulakis pointed out that, in the domain of water resources’ conservation and protection, a pioneering system for Crete is under construction in Malevizi municipality. This is a system of automatically remote controlling and remote monitoring the water supply and irrigation, which will allow the municipality to reduce to minimum the leaks and the pointless waste of water, which is the most precious commodity.

The International Conference on Mediterranean Energy Cities encourages people to join their forces against climate change. It is an important event where politicians, experts, professionals, policy makers, EU officials and other key groups, share experiences and prove that they can work together towards sustainable energy future for 2020 and beyond, as reported in MEDEEA’s website.