Anti-Racism Bill Splits Greek Government

Panayiotis Baltakos
Panayiotis Baltakos

An anti-racism bill aimed at the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party by imposing tougher penalties for assaults has caused a rift in the coalition government led by Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, the New Democracy Conservative party leader, and his partners, the PASOK Socialists and tiny Democratic Left (DIMAR).

Shortly after Justice Ministry sources told the newspaper Kathimerini that that the bill had been submitted to Parliament for debate, the government’s General Secretary, Panayiotis Baltakos, said it wasn’t so and that the bill would be examined by his office “to check for legal or other imperfections” first.

In an apparent bid to smooth over any suggestions of an internal rift in the government, the ministry issued another statement immediately after that by Baltakos, noting that the “outline” of the bill had been sent to the latter’s office “as procedure demands” and that a version would be uploaded onto the Internet for public discussion before being submitted to the State Audit Council and then Parliament.

Aides close to Samaras maintained reservations about the content of the bill, reportedly fearing that it could fuel reactions from across the political spectrum and from the Orthodox Church and could end up boosting Golden Dawn by making the party appear to be persecuted rather rather than reining it in.

The bill foresees tougher penalties for those who “incite or provoke violence or hatred against an individual or group of individuals” and fines of up 200,000 euros for media companies deemed to have incited hatred or violence. Golden Dawn, which wants all foreigners out of the country, has been accused of assaulting immigrants, which it denies.



  1. Racism is morally and intellectually wrong (as a person is stereotyped rather than treated as an individual). However, for the most part it should not be a punishable offense to have racist views.

    In the US there is a perfectly legal Nazi and communist parties that say all sorts of outrageous things. Those that believe in freedom of speech, defend the freedom of expression of those they disagree with. The ones that don’t really believe in freedom of expression….like to pass laws to forcibly silence the views of their opponents (see communists and nazis).Laws designed to oppress the free speech of others only encourage hostility towards those support those laws.

    Where its morally appropriate to treat racism legally differently is if someone violates the freedoms of others. (e.g. engage in terrorism, murders someone, or violates the law applicable to all in some other fashion). In those instances, courts should take into account racist motives (i.e. if racism it should be handled more
    strictly) Beyond that, most laws that deal with “hate speech” is just
    Orwellian code words by pretentious oppressors that are effectively stymieing free speech through the use of state force.

    We don’t have to agree with one another but citizens shouldn’t have to depend on the state to allow them to verbally express their own beliefs. Its called freedom of expression.

  2. This is not a real racism bill. These are just bills to get EU countries to remove any party that may take out the central banker fiat based system that bankers enjoy. None of the hate bills in the rest of Europe have ever prosecuted Turks for hate speech against Armenians for Jews for hate speeches against Palestinians or Persians. These just use these a political tools to stifle speech and parties to overthrow the status quo. For a century everyone has denied the Armenian genocide and other genocides of Asia Minor with little or no consequence but if you deny the ww2 holocaust they want hard time in prison.

  3. “incite or provoke violence or hatred against an individual or group of individuals”

    Anybody want to bet that this is going to be used as law warfare against groups and individuals by self described “human rights” organizations? “Human rights tribunals” in some Western countries have become the weapon of choice for anyone who is offended by what someone else said. Hurt feelings is now going to be “hatred” speech.

    Liberal fascist are pushing minorities to believe themselves as victims and only they speak for them……and legally attack anyone who dares to voice an opinion. it has reached a point where minorities have a heriarchical level of “rights”. Are you Muslim? Then you have more “rights” then whites but take a second seat to gays and lesbians. If you are a Muslim, black, gay woman with one arm, then you have it made. You are on top of the food chain when it comes to fake “human right” of hurt feelings for perceived “hatreds”.

    Greece is marching down a very dangerous road. It will open the floodgates to liberal fascist control of free speech of individuals and organizations.

  4. The morality that you speak of definitely is nonexistent in the United States. We are losing our rights and freedoms just as the the people in Europe including the beautiful country of Greece. I am deeply saddened that the world has bowed down to the financial terrorists that have plagued our world.

  5. “Racism” is a nothing more than a dirty word for innate Human tribalism. It’s perfectly normal.

  6. “The bill foresees tougher penalties for those who “incite or provoke
    violence or hatred against an individual or group of individuals” and
    fines of up 200,000 euros for media companies deemed to have incited
    hatred or violence”

    Are they going fine all the media outlets that begin a story about Golden Dawn with the epitets: neo-nazi hate-group anti-Semitic Holocaust denying extremists?