Greece’s Muslims Cite “Slaughter” Threat


The Muslim Association of Greece (MAG) said that it has received a threatening note giving all Muslims, Greeks and foreigners, one month’s time to evacuate the country or be “slaughtered like chickens,” according to a statement released by the association on May 18.

The note, published on the association’s webpage, is written in Greek, English and Arabic and the Golden Dawn emblem is printed on the paper, although there is no claim of responsibility from the neo-Nazi group that has 18 seats in Parliament, wants all immigrants out of Greece and has been accused of assaults on them, which the party has denied.

The note is printed over a symbol of Golden Dawn which has an openly anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-foreigner, ultra-religious jingoistic platform and says it wants a Greece populated only by Greeks with 100 percent Greek blood from both parents.

The anonymous author uses vulgar language against Muslims, threatening that if they do not leave the country that, “There will be blood.” The association stressed that the note, which was posted via a central post office in Athens, is addressed to Muslims and not to immigrants, “and this indicates that the religious hatred against humans is undisguised.”

The board of the Muslim Association calls on the Greek State “to make certain that all citizens are enjoying equal law and that we are not prey in every asymmetric threat.” It comes as the Greek government is proceeding to renovate a building to provide Muslims in Athens with the country’s first official mosque.

The association has asked authorities to investigate the letter sent to its head offices in Neos Cosmos, central Athens, threatening violence against Muslims in Greece if they “don’t shut down their brothels and go to hell” by June 30. It adds that, “from July 1 onwards those who are still here will be slaughtered like chickens on the road.”

MAG called on authorities to “ensure that all citizens can enjoy equality in the eyes of the law and that we are not prey to every asymmetric threat.”


Below is the content of the note, expurgated.

Muslim Murderers

Until June 30 you shut your bordela in Greece and you will go to hell.

From July 1 onwards those who are still here will [be] slaughtered like chickens on the road.

Islam F*** you, f*** you and the Koran f***ing your mothers.

There will be blood.




  1. The fact that before this that there are no comments, just provides a classic example of Greek indifference and apathy. No wonder you have been the bitch of so many foreign invasions in your country’s history.

  2. “No wonder you have been the bitch of so many foreign invasions in your country’s history.”

    Sure buddy. Your concern is “human rights”. This article by a leftist “news” source, and your snide anti-Greek comment, only illustrated how racism TOWARDS Greeks is openly tolerated (including by self-hating leftist Greeks).

    Muslims living in Greece should of course not be lawlessly attacked by freelancers (i.e. terrorism). However, by the same token, most of the most of the Muslims living in Greece (as well as most of what are framed as “immigrants”) lawlessly entered Greece ILLEGALLY.

    And before you break out into some lecture on how ILLEGAL immigration into sovereign countries is a “human rights” (who exactly decided this for us remains unclear), I would point out, your own country, the countries of foreign based NGOs that patronizingly lecture Greeks on illegals, even the countries these illegals come from….ALL… ALL…. deport illegals.

    Unfortunately the voices of those complaining about Greece objecting to absurd numbers of illegals swamping our homeland typically become much more muted when it comes time to condemning the deportations of illegals in their own homelands. Racism apparently exists in other countries as well.

  3. Self-righteous treasonous leftists like Andy are a perfect example of what is wrong with Greece.

    Instead of CONDEMNING ILLEGALS that lawlessly violate our sovereign borders he shamelessly behaves like a front man for foreign interests. Why call this website “Greek” Reporter when virtually every day Andy writes articles lobbying for invaders of our country? Perhaps Che Andy doesn’t know the difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration? Between moderate immigration and 20 percent of our population being in the country ILLEGALLY?

    Andy’s foreign “comrades” at his beloved leftist Guardian and Am-nasty International…BOTH reference the Skopians as “Macedonians” while trying to downplay their identity quick change into “ancient Macedonians” and state sponsored irredentism. I would also note the countries in which they are based… have no qualms with deporting illegals.

    On the other hand, our cowardly leftists seem to be too afraid to criticize their foreign comrades for the RACISM towards Greeks . Instead they slander any Greek that objects to ILLEGAL immigration as “racist” and “fascist” (thus leading to the rise of nationalist groups)

    Our leftist extremists are not only turning Greece into a third world country but are also effectively working towards slow deletion of the Greek people and state. (which will be the natural consequence of their non-existent immigration policies – see native Americans). Greece wake up before these fanatics completely destroy our homeland.

  4. Greek indifference? We, the Hellenes, above all else,are the MASTER RACE. We are the heart of the world and if we were to die, the entire world would die. You are but a NOTHING in this world, born of the BARBARIAN, and thus are not fit enough to speak among us Hellenes.

  5. Omfg. Just listen to yourself. Trust me, you are NOTHING but an indebted moron.

    Andy is a reporter & informs foreigners like myself NEVER to visit Greece.

  6. We are the cradle of Western civilzation. Learn what that means and
    you’ll be on your knees thanking us. I hope you never visit Greece
    because Greece doesn’t need morons like you.

  7. No, Opa. We see what is happening with Islamic Albanian Nationals in your country FYROM and we just don’t want to end with the same situation as you.

  8. You are funny 🙂
    On one hand you say that we Greeks are indifferents and apathiques and on the other you complain about (potential) radical actions done by some of our countrymen XD.

    No, don’t forget that many times Golden Dawners have been accused of doing crimes and many times it was false flag launched by their opponents.

    Here, this story seems to be another false flag and it wouldn’t be surprising if in the end it is revealed that it was a far-leftist who has sent this threat.

    Now for the muslims, they have no rights to be Greece … unless the Muslims (Turks, Egyptians, ect …) let the descendants of all our countrymen that they have expelled from Turkey, Egypt, ect … in the 1900s to come back with COMPENSATION and EXCUSES.

    In case the Muslims don’t do that, we should kick out all the Muslims from Thrace into Turkey, just like the Muslims from Turkey and Egypt did to our countrymen.

    Now for the illegals, all should be kicked out to the Islamic country of their choice. Why should Christian countries welcome Islamic refugees ? It’s up to Islamic countries (some are very riches) to welcome their Brothers.

  9. The fact he posted this ridiculous article shows that this pathetic journalist is beyond help and reason. Any one who believes this letter came from Golden Dawn is an ignorant fool.

    Sometimes I think these morons aren’t even real and just the same idiotic moron that posts the same propaganda over and over again with Andy Dabilis on some, Christine Flora on others etc. etc.
    If Andy Dabilis really exists it sad to know that some as stupid as him is getting his crap posted on this site.

  10. Here’s some real news Andy
    Lets see if you are going to wright an article on this one.
    It alleges that the daugther of the Syriza member Dragasakis who ejected GD’s Iliopoulos for saying “Mr Alexis” is in jail for weapons & drug trafficking and the weapons end up being used for armed hold ups.

  11. “ensure that all citizens can enjoy equality in the eyes of the law and that we are not prey to every asymmetric threat.”

    All citizens MAG? You’re NOT citizens, you’re invading horde$ looking for Euro$ and nothing else.

    These hordes of Illegal migrants are not citizens…..unless Syriza secretly took over the government and made them citizens. Let’s be clear here, Syriza clearly stated policy is to make 1.3 million Muslims currently here and another 10 million of their families members”citizens”. Greek cultural and political genocide writ large.

    As for the letter, it can be written by any one of the hundreds of thousands of Syriza communist who want to create a crises and discredit ND, spread by the mouth gapping compliant media and enablers We already have plenty of proof of that, including their Heil Hitler in Parliament a few days ago,.

    Andy the Blogger, do you remember how you were schooled a few days ago? Remember how you corrected your lies?

  12. Muslims in Europe are an extremely large source of rape and murder. In some Scandinavian countries Muslims account for almost all the crime. I wonder what these pro-Muslim writers have to say about all those European women getting brutally raped or gang raped???!!!

    This is over and above the horrific genocide Muslims have committed on Europeans over the centuries.

  13. For once I agree. Pretty soon we will be as bad as banana republic of FYROM if our leftists keep it up

  14. Pro immigration nutjobs don’t care about the ethnic Europeans. They love seeing blonde haired Nordic women raped and bashed; they love seeing the men turned into passive Leftist wimps; they love it when proud White men wind up in jail for expressing their concerns. What is their goal? A world without White people. Leftists are the most hate filled and racist group of people in the world.

  15. This looks like another rabbi painting a swastika on a synagogue, then screaming about “Nazis” being everywhere. It’s obviously black propaganda. Look it up.

  16. the issue is simple… any city in GLOBAL past history and recent history (last 30
    years of post mid east wars) that has taken in a mozzie population of more that
    10% or more (of the local natives) has began a moral decay. the drugs, crime,
    rapes, assaults, to say but a few.

    the mozzie population grows based on their attitude towards women as we all know
    goes without saying.

    the women are breeders and hence the children of the breeders are merely there for
    the father’s own perennial benefit… namely welfare sucking from the system or
    to bring benefit to themselves in any way possible. (i.e. they fathers who have
    come to the new country hate working, they love doing nothing and having the
    system support them)

    those children (normally multiples thereof) in the western cities of the antiquated
    mozzie culture (i.e. we know that not all mozzies follow that ugly path), will
    fall behind the general population in most standard of living tests… (i.e. health,
    education, employment, wealth, etc etc). as a result, the youth become disgruntled
    and disaffiliated with the parasite society that they have sucked off and live
    in. as a result, that youth has a few options…

    1) copy the fathers model of many wifes with multiple welfare scams

    2) get into gangs, crime, or join the fanatics and do what they do…???

    3) abandon the faith and be stigmatized and alienated from the members parasitic
    society that brought them there – but find a very tough road ahead to join the
    rest of society as they have not been given the tools to “Survive” in a
    progressive western society.

    We have the same “massive” problem in Sydney with the mozzies that have been here
    for “ONE GENERATION” only…

    I would really love for any critic of the above to list and show just “ONE”
    western city where the mozzies (Muslims) have contributed to the parasite society
    they are sucking off, a few examples would be good…

    We can then send back the mozzie unemployment, crime – prison rates with is typically 10 times the local or any other minority population that has migrated to the
    host city…

    In many western countries, there are often over 100 different nations with multiple
    religions living peacefully in them… No one seems to ask the question, why
    the mozzie are the ONLY ONES getting picked on…

    I have NEVER heard of people complaining in western countries of 99 of the 100 other peoples, religions… its always the same group…WHY IS IT SO???

    And despite that many know the answers from above, they still allow them to come
    into new counties, give them the benefit of the doubt whilst at the same time
    they continue to act and work against the city that they suck off (time and time

  17. Unemployment among Muslims is two to four times the rates among other Australians. Twice as many Muslims have no income. Only 15 per cent own their own homes, compared with one-third of other Australians. Twenty-six per cent of Muslim teenagers are unemployed, against 14 per cent of non-Muslims. And, shockingly, 40 per cent of Muslim children live in poverty, almost three times the national average.

    The report found Australian Muslims are more vulnerable to multigenerational endemic poverty, “thus making poverty a way of life”. This in turn creates alienation from mainstream society, leading to higher rates of delinquency, crime, imprisonment and potentially resort to religious extremism.

  18. Where did you get you facts from, sir? I am from Sweden and what you are ‘saying’ is far from true. When you say Muslims you are labelling a extreamely large Group of people, they are not all like that. Many are honest, Family-orintated and hardworking people. That some people are criminal is because of different factors and background histories. Not one is the same. BTW that neo-nazi letter was pretty…. unintelligiant, seriously it sounds like what a 7 year old racist child would say :p grow up…

  19. As a Christian I have always been a very open-minded person but the media and deeply racist people from my community have always had an influence on me and thus corrupted my ‘mindset’. A few years ago I met a Muslim woman and in short I was surprised because she was so Humble and loving even though the she had experienced horrible hate-crimes and even assult! Get to know people before you judge them, get their history, and there lifestyle before you say you hate them… WHO the hell can call himself a man when he hits women.. Only sick bastards do!

  20. Anyone who knows muslims, knows how muslims speak. Once they get angry, they begin by saying f**k your mother, then f**k your sister. I am sure that the person who wrote that note is a muslim and its design is to paint muslims as victims. The truth is muslims are a backwards, fanatic, parasitic people who have only one goal and that’s to impose sharia law upon the world.

  21. I think we are looking at this all wrong
    we really need to do something about the church it needs to update lets bring religion to the 21st century and get with the times…. Old guys in beards wearing black … come on now they look like extras from a Harry Potter movie and to boot they don’t want to pay tax lets get a tender out if Muslims and Buddhists are prepared to pay tax bring them in get rid of the Church we need the cash after all

  22. What you said about islam is hard to disagree with. GD is no different though. This is the irony, they abhor and kill muslims but their own belief system is very similar. Hatred of Jews, gays, women, violence at the first opportunity, belief without critical thinking. Europe has far too many muslims who don’t integrate and it now has to deal with European Taliban like GD.

  23. True of course about muslims but GD style racists are also parasites and form a disgruntled minority. They have low IQs, don’t have proper jobs, because of their stupidity are the first to be fired from their jobs and then start blaming foreigners for all thier problems. The big difference is that GD are homos or men that women don’t find desirable so the breeding problem is more under control.

  24. Stop lying … The medias hide the truth to not make the peoples furious and even change the names of the criminals to avoid creating “racism”.

    In Greece 71% of all crimes are committed by theses “honest, Family-orintated and hardworking peoples” that you are talking about and who for more than 80% of them enter the EU by passing through Greece.

    Then, living in France, 2/3 crimes are committed by theses peoples even if the treasonous medias and politicians try to hide it.

    Here they are, your “honest, Family-orintated and hardworking peoples”, you liar :

    Athens crime (Athens center)

    As for your neighbor country Norway (in which the situation is still better than yours) :
    Muslim Rape Epidemic in Oslo, Norway / Muslimske Voldtekt Epidemien i Oslo

  25. I feel sorry for the majority of the local population that has been sucked into trusting the majority of these Mozzie parasites, but as you say there are a small percentage of locals in the host cities who are out of control too (as opposed to the majority from the Mozzie population). that’s the difference…

    here we go again… the Mozzies want to be “special”, the local laws don’t apply to them… they hate and wont respect 1000’s of years of western tradition!!!


    during that riot in Sydney, which has nothing to do with the 1 person (from 6 billion globally) that made the youtube video, the Muslims decided to smash the city of Sydney, they fought policemen, the mothers gave their children posters saying “kill the infidels”…

    can you believe, that 1000s of miles away, 1 person does a video in the USA (which no one in Australia cares about), and the Mozzie community takes a fight to the city of Sydney!!!!!






  26. So only people who are like you have the right to exist….. brain dead morons ……..bring on euthanasia with an added bonus you would all qualify for the Darwin awards

  27. don’t get me started to what they did in lebanon from rappery to christian women& terrrising our leaders and head priests, i am a christian orthodox, all these wars ,they took our lands terrorise our people, from our ancestors to this day(financially&physically) from the ottomans to the salafis,greek people you are stronger then us that should taken as an example and i’m very honnored of the person who stood up couragealy and wrote this thread, it’s about time, in my counrty if such letter has been shown, he’ll be looked up or threatened, the majority of islams kills me evrywhere they are a thread to us

  28. you are so right,Honestly this is nothing compared to what they are doing to lebanon,me as a christian orthodox,we feel threatened the past wars they caused us,the terrorism of today our people targeted, i honestly feel paralysed,if we our goverment doesnt care, who knows what could happen to us,the majority of the chrisitians catholic or orthodox.

  29. It is not bias, it is survival. It is like a man eating tiger (islam) and the hunter (white europeans). If the hunter fails to hunt the tiger and destroy it, the tiger will eat him and his family.