May 19, Pontian Greek Genocide Remembrance Day

Pontian Greeks Genocide

In 1994, May 19 was selected by the Greek parliament as the day to commemorate the Pontian Greek Genocide by the Turks. The Pontic Genocide is one of the darkest moments in history not only for Greeks, but also for mankind. The Genocide vanished from its ancestral and historic homeland in Pontus a culturally vibrant and unique part of the Greek population that had been fighting for its survival for about 3,000 years.

Records show a minimum 350,000 Pontian Greeks exterminated through systematic slaughter by Turkish troops, deportations involving death marches, starvation in labor and concentration camps, rapes and individual killings. Entire villages and cities were devastated, while thousands were forced to flee to neighboring countries. The Ottoman government’s plan to annihilate the Christian populations living within Turkey, including Greeks, Syrians and Armenians, during World War I was set into force in 1914 with the decree that all Pontian men aged between 18 to 50 would have to report to the military. Those who refused to do so, were ordered to be shot immediately.

Among the causes for the Turkish campaign against the Greek population was a fear that the population would aid the Ottoman Empire’s enemies, and a belief among nationalist Turks that in order to form a modern nation state it was necessary to purge from the territories of the state those national groups who could threaten the integrity of a modern Turkish nation. With the guidance of German advisers the Turkish regime created the so called amele taburu (labor battalions) were the Pontian Greeks who did not enter the Ottoman army would have to work under inhuman conditions in mines, construction works and quarries.

The Ottoman regime feared the Pontiac population not only because of their rapidly growing numbers that had reached 700,000 by the early 20th century, but also because of the cultural and economic growth of the minority. Cities like Samsous, Trapezous and Kerasous displayed a remarkable growth with dozens of schools, newspapers, theaters and other amenities. The rise of the Young Turks movement, however, would put a brutal end to the thriving Greek community of the area. While the Greek state was busy solving out the Crete problem and in no position to open new fronts with Turkey, the Pontians and many other Greeks across Asia Minor were dislocated and systematically exterminated.

The Pontians tried to fight back and resist the new politics, so they fled high to the mountains and organized themselves in small guerrilla groups. By 1921 historical records show that Pontian fighters numbered some 12,000, a force that was unwisely never deployed by the Greek army. The Greek politics of the time that failed to focus on the issue and the lost hopes of the establishment of a joint Ponto-Armenian country allowed Kemal Ataturk to proceed with the final phase of his plan.

The rise of the Bolsheviks in neighboring Russia deprived the Greek Pontians of the help they received against the Ottomans. The new Russian regime and Germany helped Turkey in all ways possible. While the Greek army was marching in the wilderness of Anatolia, Kemal kept the Greeks busy with guerrilla attacks and simultaneously carried on the massacres in Pontus. By the time of the Asia Minor catastrophe more than 300,000 Pontian Greeks had already lost their lives.

The survivors of the extended slaughters migrated to nearby Russian grounds or were included in the population exchanges that followed the end of the Greco-Turkish war (1919- 22). The Pontians that moved into Greece brought with them their surviving culture, language, customs and traditions, and enriched the social structures of the country by adding their own characteristic features.


  1. Thank you for this article Stella….I just today attended a Pontian commemoration event here in New York City at the Greek Press Office – it’s heartening to see that this distinct people and their ancient culture will not be swept away into the dustbin of history – succeeding generations care enough to keep their culture vibrant and current.
    The day will come when Turkey will have to admit to being the perpetrators of a targeted ethnic cleansing – a Pontian Holocaust.
    Linda Maria Tritsi

  2. The new “anti-racist” legislation currently being debated in the Greek parliament will fine and imprison any one who points out inconsistencies in the “Holocaust” narrative (which the Zionist controlled Marxist media deceptively calls Holocaust denial – It’s worth noting that in the past, those who said the earth was round were also severely punished). 

    Will they apply this anti-racist law to the philo-Turkic politicians in the mainstream Greek establishment and Jewish lobbies that deny the Armenian or Greek genocide, such as the genocide of Pontian Greeks? Ofcourse not.

  3. Jewish lobbies in New York and elsewhere across the USA have opposed and succeeded in preventing the recognition by the US government of the extermination of the Indigenous Greek people of Asia Minor by the barbaric Turks.

    Closely guarded Ottoman documents that were recently opened, as well as documentation from other nations (including German overseers who at the time were militarily advising the Turks, but returned to their embassy to complain of Turkish genocide, as well as the League of Nations), have without a shadow of a doubt proven that millions of Greeks, Armenians, and other Christians were systematically murdered by the Turks.
    Proof lies in census records, mass graves, eyewitness accounts (not just from those who suffered, but even from non-participants) and orders given by the Ottoman interior ministry to brutally exterminate Christians, who they saw as a potential threat for espionage. 
    This damning evidence contrasts starkly with the evidence given about the “Holocaust”, where NOT A SINGLE ORDER in the very detailed German documents from Adolf Hitler ordering the extermination of millions of Jews has ever been found.

  4. Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos created ripples in the Zionist controlled international media for saying that Jews did not die in World War II from gas chambers. This assertion was proven correct during the Ernst Zundel “holocaust denial” trial in Canada in 1988.

    In a Canadian prosecution against Ernst Zundel questioning the number and nature of Jewish deaths in World War II,  and the role of gas chambers, North America’s leading gas chamber expert Fred A. Leuchter  was commissioned by the Canadian court as an expert witness. Leuchter was the leading gas chamber specialist in the United States, where gas chamber executions were allowed in some states, and prior to the trial he was entirely convinced that the Jews of Auschwitz perished in homicidal gas chambers (partially why he was chosen by the court).

    When Leuchter conducted an extensive set of tests and inspection of the gas chamber “showers” of Auschwitz, Leuchter concluded that it was scientifically impossible that the rooms were used to kill people with any known deadly gasses.
    These findings by leading gas chamber expert Fred A. Leuchter unexpectedly shook the foundations of the show-trial.
    (see the videos and  ).

    When the judge presiding over the Zundel case saw this expert testimony, he was infuriated at this blasphemy, and simply stated “The Holocaust happened…because it happened!”.

  5. What’s wrong nazi? Upset that your idol hitler lost the war and killed himself? Rot in hell and get your dirty American nazi propaganda regarding the holocaust out of here. Xaameriki what a joke. WordPress will be shutting you down shortly just like anonymous took down your pathetic little website. We know who you are nazi 😉

  6. This is what your nazis did to Greece you scumbag nazi

    During the Battle for Greece almost 20,000 enlisted Greek men were killed, and more than a 100,000 were wounded or frostbitten, one fifth of them ending up amputees. About 4,000 civilians were killed in air raids, which also destroyed hundreds of buildings, including churches, hospitals and schools. But those numbers pale by comparison to the loss of human life experienced during the occupation. According to conservative estimates the deaths resulting directly from the war before the war ended, adds up to about 578,000. That number comprises the deaths resulting from the persistent famine caused by the economic policies of the Axis, and the violent deaths resulting from the resistance and the reprisals; but it does not include the deaths resulting from diseases such as TB and malaria, persistent malnutrition, wounds and exposure, which are a direct result of war conditions, but which occurred shortly after the end of the war. Doxiadis estimates the overall loss of life due to the war to be 13% of the Greek population.

    This note discusses how the loss of human life and of a significant portion of the Greek wealth took place in occupied Greece during the course of WWII as a direct result of actions taken by the occupying forces, primarily the German forces. To figure out the total material cost of the war on Greece, we would have to add the total loss of infrastructure, of industry, and of the economy in general, and the looting of treasure, both national and private, a loss that has been estimated at several gross domestic annual products. That material loss is also entirely attributable to the policies of the occupation forces, most particularly of the German forces.

    Two executive orders issued at the highest levels of the Third Reich played an important role in the Greek Holocaust. The first, issued by Hitler himself, was the torching directive according to which, if there was a suspicion that a residence was used by the resistance, that building was a legitimate target for burning, regardless of the possibility that the majority of the inhabitants might be non-combatants. The second order, signed by Marshal Wilhelm Keitel on 16 September 1941, specified that for every German killed, a minimum of 100 hostages would be executed, and for every wounded one, 50 would die.

    The first mass executions took place in Crete even before the island fell to the Germans. In 1945, under the auspices of the United Nations, a 4-member committee headed by Nikos Kazantzakis was given the task to investigate Axis atrocities in Crete. The Kazantzakis report enumerates the destruction of more than 106 Cretan villages and many massacres. The area around the Agias Prison in the Hania area was found hiding several mass graves. The first mass murder was recorded in the village Galatas, near Hania, where the villagers had dared defend their birthplace from the invading Germans. On 26 May 1941, while the battle was still raging, the Germans murdered old men and women in their homes, and looted and burned the village. One of the massacres the Kazantzakis committee did not report was the murder of all men in Kontomari. That massacre was immortalized for posterity by Peter Weixler, a German officer whose photographs graphically describe the execution(see video on Kontomari massacre).

    An even worse fate befell the village Kandanos, whose men and women had fought the Germans in order to allow hundreds of Allied troops to escape the paratroopers by reaching safely the south shore of Crete. In Kandanos all men and women were murdered. Among those executed was Kostas Archakis, aged 103 and two 80-year old women who were thrown into their burning homes to endure horrible deaths.

    These massacres were only the beginning. On 20 October 1941 in Ano and Kato Kerdyllia in Macedonia, the Germans gathered 222 men ages 15 to 60, ordered them to excavate a mass tomb, executed them under the gaze of their families, and then burned the villages. On 24 October, in Mesovouno of Ptolemais, they executed 165 men and then burned the village. On 25 October, in the area of Kilkis, they executed 96 men and then burned the villages Kleisto, Kydonia and Ampelofyto. Those massacres were carried out solely in order to intimidate the population. The massacres continued through 1942 and intensified in 1943, when the Greek Resistance, obeying orders from the Middle East Allied Headquarters, intensified their activities against the occupation forces. That was part of the Allied strategy, aimed to convince the Germans that a landing on the Greek shores was forthcoming, whereas their plan was to land on Sicily. On 26 July 1943 the Germans massacred 154 people in Mousiotitsa of Epirus and burned the village.

    On August 16, the day after one of the greatest holy days of the Eastern Orthodox church, the Dormition of the Mother of Jesus, the Germans, also in Epirus, destroyed the village Kommeno. There had been no incident to incite that massacre. Only a suspicion that there were guerrillas in its vicinity. This particular massacre has been studied by historians in some detail, because there were survivors who managed to escape by swimming the fast waters of Arahthos river, or by hiding in the forested area bordering the village. In Kommeno, the Germans murdered 145 men, 174 women and 97 children, 414 in all. Twenty families were wiped out completely and 17 people drowned trying to cross Arahthos.

    Kurt Waldheim, who reported that massacre to Berlin from his position in Thessaloniki, reported only the 145 men who were killed, neglecting to mention women and children, and falsified facts by citing explosions of large quantities of munitions, which never took place. Eventually Kurt Waldheim became Secretary General of the United Nations and President of Austria.

    More than 90 holocausts have taken place in Greece, in which the majority of the inhabitants were murdered. In addition, 1,700 to 1,800 villages were burned, many of them totally. The Germans developed the act of destruction to the level of a fine art: they spread the condemned structures with incendiary powders, which under fire from a gun or a pistol exploded into flames. They also developed the military vocabulary to match their unparalleled ingenuity of destruction: the elimination of a population, as in Kommeno, was a Clean-Up Operation Undertaking: Waldheim talks about Sauberungsunternrhmen (Purging Operation) Kommeno , for example. The troops charged to carry out the systematic looting of Greek households and farms were the Aufraumtruppen(Clean-Up Troops). The stealing of Greek property was carried out under orders by the highest command of the Wehrmacht.

    The story of the Greek Holocaust would not be complete without mentioning Kalavryta, Distomo, Hortiati and Agios Georgios.

    In Kalavryta, 1,100 men 12 to 90 years old were executed on a gently sloping corn field outside the town, while the women and young children of the village were held in the school house, which was set afire. The women broke the doors and escaped death, but the male population was killed in the largest one-day atrocity in a non-Slavic land. The date was 13 December 1943. That massacre took place as a revenge for the killing of German prisoners of war by the ELAS andartes (guerillas). But the Kalavrytans were not responsible for that act, and in fact they had tried hard to safeguard the German prisoners that the guerillas kept in their city. All the villages in the vicinity of Kalavryta were destroyed, and their inhabitants were murdered. The monks at the nearby Mega Spilaio historic monastery, as well as the monks in Agia Lavra, where the Greek revolution of 1821 was first declared, were also murdered. The Germans killed everyone they run across as they moved from one village to the other.

    The historical Archives at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens are replete with accounts of massacres perpetrated throughout Greece. Atrocities in which the eager German troops exceeded the directive of 100 Greeks killed per German death abound. On 2 September 1944, at the village Hortiati, 20 kilometers east of Thessaloniki, the Germans executed 149 civilians of both sexes and all ages for the death of one German who was killed in a skirmish with ELAS. On 15 June, 1944, two German soldiers were wounded in a battle with ELAS near the village Ayios Georgios on the road from Levadia to Thebes. After the andartes (guerillas) left, the Germans rounded up 26 men women and children from that village, ushered the men into a small house and killed them with machine gun fire while the women, older men and children watched. Then they executed the rest of the group, threw their corpses in the same small house, doused them all with gasoline and set them afire. An infant who had survived was thrown into the pyre alive.

    The massacre that took place on 10 June 1944 in Distomo surpasses in sadism virtually all massacres. On that day, the Germans gathered the residents of Distomo in the school building and slaughtered them in the most horrific ways. Two hundred and thirty two men women and children were tortured and killed in ways which we shall not detail here, out of respect for the reader (see massacre at Distomo).

    The Greek Jews participated in WWII in all its aspects: in battle, the highest ranking officer of the Greek army to die in battle was the heroic Cavalry Colonel Mardocheus Frizis, who was killed on December 5, 1940, shortly after the battle of Premeti. During the occupation about 61,000 Jews were deported to the concentration camps, the largest number of them from Thessaloniki and Ioannina.

    The Greek resistance helped in keeping many Greek Jews safe after the Germans managed to transfer the Jews of Thessaloniki and Ioannina to Germany and Poland. The resistance did that by removing the Grand Rabbis from Athens and other cities to the mountains, sometimes without their consent, thus signaling the rest of the Jewish population that the time for a new exodus had come. Many Jewish men and women joined the resistance and fought alongside their Christian compatriots against the Germans.

    The Chief of the Police, Miltiades Evert issued new identity cards to many Jews, concealing their religion. Archbishop Damaskinos, the Metropolitan of Zakynthos and many other clerics protected the Jewish population, and many Jewish children were taken in and protected by Christian families. The punishment for concealing Jewish people was severe: a one-way trip to Auschwitz, Treblinka or Mauthausen. That did not prevent the Christian Greeks from helping their compatriots in their time of terrible need.

  7. I have friends whose parents and grandparents were lost due to this genocide by Turkey. Today some governments are recognising it and the Turks are refusing to accept any blame, claiming, as do the Japanese re WW2, that they never did anything wrong.

  8. Yes, 578000 Greek citizens died during the 2nd world war, nearly all of them civilians. Now lets take a closer look at where the greatest portion of those deaths occured and who was the chief culprit?
    The overwhelming majority of Greeks who died during the German occupation of Greece, perished from starvation. Athens in particular experienced the worst famine, with 300000 civilians starving to death in the space of a few months.
    The British naval blockade on Greece, orchestrated by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill (who was half-Jewish) prevented food or medicine or anything else from entering Greece. The British aim was to create logistics problems for the German occupiers. i.e. The British hoped the Germans would respond by diverting food stores intended for the German military to the starving Greek populace. Basically the British cruelly gambled with the lives of Greek civilians.
    Needless to say, the Germans responded to this British tactic with indifference, & thus this British strategy cost 300000 Greek men, women and children their lives in Athens. 
    Winston Churchill ofcourse had plenty of practice starving civilian populations to death, just look at his merciless record in South Africa during the Boer war, & in India during the Bengali famine which claimed the lives of 3 million Indian civilians.
    Ofcourse Winston Churchill never stood trial for War Crimes, not because he was innocent but because the Allied forces won the 2nd World War. It doesn’t make this Jew any less of a mass murderer however. He has been judged by God.
    Winston Churchill’s mother Jenny Jacobson was Jewish. Here is what Moshe Kohn wrote in the Jerusalem Post.
    ‘Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill , née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.’ Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post

  9. The rise of the Bolsheviks in neighboring Russia deprived the Greek Pontians of the help they received against the Ottomans. 
    While the Greek army was marching in the wilderness of Anatolia, Kemal kept the Greeks busy with guerrilla attacks and simultaneously carried on the massacres in Pontus. 
    Whats common here? Kemal Ataturk was Jewish and the Bolsheviks were a Jewish created, Jewish funded and Jewish led movement. The genocide of the Pontian Greeks was orchestrated by Jewish extremists. Don’t believe me? See my next comment verifying that Bolshevism was a Jewish controlled movement.

  10. A key 20th Century goal of Russian and World Jewry was the overthrow of the Czarist government of Imperial Russia.

    Jewish communities around the world supported the establishment of a proto-Jewish Communist regime in Russia. They provided most of the leadership and financing for the “Russian Revolution,” a revolution that was actually more Jewish led than Russian led. Its chief financier was in fact the New York Jewish Capitalist, and extreme Jewish supremacist Jacob Schiff. 

    The National Archives of the United States reveal that in the first government of Communist Russia there were only 13 ethnic Russians and MORE THAN 300 JEWS out of a total of 384 Commissars. Let that startling fact sink in: there were only 13 ethnic Russians in the first Bolshevik government of the “Russian Revolution.” 

    Even Winston Churchill described the Russian Revolution as a takeover by Bolshevik Jews that had “…seized the Russian people by the hair of their heads and become the masters of this enormous empire.”

    A table made up in 1918, by Robert Wilton, correspondent of the London Times in Russia, shows at that time there were 384 commissars including 2 Negroes, 13 Russians, 15 Chinamen, 22 Armenians and more than 300 Jews. Of the latter number 264 had come from the United States since the downfall of the Russian Imperial Government.

    Trotsky’s book, “Stalin”, written in exile, attempted to show that Stalin had played only an insignificant role in the early days of the Communist takeover of Russia. Trotsky attempted to illustrate this point by re- producing a postcard widely circulated in the months following the revolution. 
    The postcard depicted the six leaders of the revolution. 
    Shown are Lenin (who was at least one-quarter Jewish, spoke Yiddish in his home, and was married to a Jewess); 
    Trotsky (real Jewish name: Lev Bronstein); 
    Zinoviev (real Jewish name: Hirsch Apfelbaum);
    Lunacharsky (a Gentile); 
    Kamenov (real Jewish name: Rosenfeld); 
    and Sverdlov (Jewish). 
    Not only does the postcard show the Jewish domination of the revolution; it also illustrates the fact that the Jewish Communist leaders shown had changed their names, presumably to disguise the fact that they were Jews.

    “It is probably unwise to say this loudly in the United States, but the Bolshevik movement is and has been since its beginning, guided and controlled by Russian Jews of the greasiest type…” Captain Schuyler, American army intelligence officer in Russia during the revolution, (in his official report).

    The directorate of British Intelligence sent a lengthy report on bolshevism to the United States of America on July 16th 1919. The report states. “There is now definite evidence that Bolshevism is an international movement controlled by Jews.” — The Director of British Intelligence to the U.S. Secretary of State

    I can go on and on, but i’m sure you’ve detected the overall pattern here.

  11. Pontian Greeks were not the only Christians to fall victim to the insane genocidal hatred of the Jewish Bolsheviks and the Jew Kemal Ataturk.

    Nobel Prizewinner Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in his opus, The Gulag Archipelago, using the research of a Soviet statistician who had access to secret government files, I. A. Kurganov, estimated that between 1918 and 1959, at least 66 million people died at the hands of the Communist rulers of Russia.

    Although that number may be far too high, in Gulag Archipelago II, Solzhenitsyn affirms that Jews created and administered the organized Soviet concentration camp system in which tens of millions of Christians died. Pictured on page 79 of the Gulag Archipelago II are the leading administrators of the greatest killing machine in the history of the world. They are Aron Solts, Yakov Rappoport, Lazar Kogan, Matvei Berman, Genrikh Yagoda, and Naftaly Frenkel. ALL SIX ARE JEWS.

    For a great documentary summarizing the genocidal crimes carried out by the Jewish dominated Bolshevik “Red” Army, search on You Tube for the video titled:”The Zionist Red Army by David Duke”

  12. I second your thoughts except those ‘American’ references. Your ‘American’ issues have no place here

  13. why you see only ths genocide ? your grandparents kills thousands of people at smyra and inner anatolia and after that a monkey kills your prime minister and other ministers has been hanged


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