SYRIZA, New Democracy Clash Over Golden Dawn

SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras
SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras

Greece’s main political parties continue to be befuddled on how to deal with the rising influence of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, with Prime Minister and New Democracy Conservative party leader Antonis Samaras’ government backing off an anti-racism bill and saying that the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) has “many similarities,” with the extremists.

The comment from government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou came in the wake of a Golden Dawn MP being ejected after insulting SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras, breaking the rules of decorum in the Parliament. When that happened, a SYRIZA MP, trying to mock Golden Dawn, yelled “Heil Hitler!” three times, setting off angry exchanges between the parties. The Golden Dawn MP, Panayiotis, was tossed by a SYRIZA MP, Yiannis Dragasakis, who was sitting in as President of the Parliament.

Kedikoglou was responding to a speech by Tsipras to his party’s central committee who said the emboldened Golden Dawn’s power is because Samaras is catering to the far right in a bid to drain votes. Samaras, copying Golden Dawn, also said he is anti-immigrant. Golden Dawn has been blamed for assaults on immigrants, which it denies.

“Even democrats who support New Democracy are stunned by Samaras’s continuous far-right slip-ups,” Tsipras said. He added that his party would take on Golden Dawn as he said Dragasakis had by refusing to let Iliopoulos engage in a rant during the time he was allocated to ask a question.

“From now on, there will be zero tolerance of gangs and those who insult democracy and the history of this country, which paid the Nazis with blood,” he told party members.

Kedikoglou accused him of “incoherence and irresponsibility” and dismissed his attacks on Samaras as an attempt to unite the “scattered groupings” within the leftist party. He also suggested that SYRIZA’s behavior was similar to Golden Dawn’s in some respects. “The extremes are defined by their actions and, unfortunately for SYRIZA, it has many similarities with Golden Dawn,” he said.

The neo-Nazis, meanwhile, put out a statement claiming that it is coming under attack from all sides because it is “the only voice of truth and the only voice of Greeks in Parliament.” PASOK called for the anti-racism bill, which has been held up mainly due to reservations within New Democracy, to be submitted to Parliament as soon as possible.


  1. Golden Dawn was the result of 30 years of rampant corruption by PASOK and New
    Democracy that created Golden Dawn and they are the result of selling
    out their own country to line their own greedy pockets while letting the
    Greek people starve in the streets.
    Until they get rid of these two Criminal Parties it will only get worse and may cause a massive People’s Revolution, where these 2 corrupt Party’s MPs will be dragged
    out of Parliament and thrashed in Syntagma Square as payback, and that
    day is coming soon!

  2. “From now on, there will be zero tolerance of gangs and those who insult democracy and the history of this country, which paid the Nazis with blood,” he told party members.”

    Oh wait…..we should then accept the civil war the Stalin directed commies pursued and tens of thousands murdered in the late 40’s. Setting off brother against brother for garbage communist ideology.

    This is equivalent of pedophiles complaining about porn.

  3. As much as I want to drag the elites out of parliament in every Western nation then tie them to a chariot Achilles style – We know they have mansions up in the Swiss Alps to run away before s*** goes down, so it might take longer than expected haha

  4. Dablis writes “Samaras, copying Golden Dawn, also said he is anti-immigrant.:”

    Samaras is anti-ILLEGAL you slanderous lying POS. Why do you keep pretending you don’t know the difference between illegal immigration and legal? Are you worried it will effect you income from us military funded comrade?

    I have to love how the communist Syriza fanatics are now “human rights activists” and “for democracy”…..while meanwhile these extremists have mass murdering oppressors like Stalin and Mao as their heroes. Far leftists like Tripiras lecturing about freedom, while trying to ban opposing political parties and even free speech, is plain absurd.

  5. “From now on, there will be zero tolerance of gangs and those who insult
    democracy and the history of this country, which paid the Nazis with
    blood,” he told party members.”

    It is communist fanatics like Tsipiras that seem to be the one that has forgotten the history of Greece.

    The communist degenerates in Syriza seemingly can’t remember the communist terrorists they admire so much…. treasonously massacred Greeks for Tito, Stalin and IMRO while trying to set up a single party communist system they framed as “democracy”.

    Tsipiras only has his freedom of expression today to spout his commie gibberish because of the people that fought for democracy. The communists of the warsaw pact on the the other hand oppressed ALL other parties and sent ALL voices of dissent to gulags or to be executed. (totalitarian oppression that they framed as “democracy” – see North Korea)

    Tsipiras, a typical communist, is once again is trying to ban opposing parties.


  6. While treasonous far leftist imbeciles like Andy rants “racism” to those that oppose illegal immigration in Greece (for cheap political points at the expense of our homeland) this is how the modern British handle illegals…..

    UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he “wants everyone in the country” to
    help “reclaim our borders” by reporting suspected ILLEGAL immigrants.”

    “Preventing ILLEGAL working”

    “Cameron unveils immigration crackdown”

    “Deporting ILLEGAL immigrants costs UK £100 million a year”

    UK penalized any employers that hire ILLEGAL workers

    “Britain rules out amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants”

  7. Personally I would ban all political Parties instead what we need to do is …… the Prime Minister should be who ever has more friends on facebook.

    And political speeches should only be allowed on twitter … this way we limit the amount of crap political parties and there supports actually say

    Finally all political comment should be banned from all forms of Print Media and Television and restricted to YouTube in the Comedy section somewhere between Fawlty Towers and Mr Bean

    And if this still fails to find a worthy winner we get all the party leaders in free for all Jelly wrestling match we can play ABBA in the background The Winner Takes it All
    I realise for some of you sarcasm might be a concept you are not familiar with but reading your comments I can not help thinking this site is inhabited by morons

  8. “Even democrats who support New Democracy are stunned by Samaras’s continuous far-right slip ups.”

    What drivel!

    Samaras hasn’t been right wing eat all, unfortunately. That’s a big part of why Gilden Dawn is on the rise.

    Still I give New Democracy some small amount of credit for being less ruthlessly anti-free speech than the true and utter scum of SYRIZA.

  9. Hints of of a future alliance between New Democracy and SYRIZA can be seen by the open expression of ND deputy Varvitsiotis, the traitor who believes people have an “inalienable right” to burn the Greek flag,  who stated that he would prefer to see the youth vote go to SYRIZA rather than Golden Dawn.
    The rise of a third force “Golden Dawn” has brought light to the fake charades of the systematic “left” and “right”, to expose what is really two heads on the same monster.