Golden Dawn MP With Gun In Parliament

Golden Dawn MP Panagiotis Iliopoulos ejected from Parliament
Golden Dawn MP Panagiotis Iliopoulos ejected from Parliament last week

A Member of Parliament from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party who drove into the underground parking lot there with a gun on his passenger’s seat was asked by a police guard to put it away but drove on after telling him, “I prefer to get someone first, before they get me,” the newspaper Eleftherotypia reported.

The MP was not identified but the incident came after other lawmakers said they believe that Golden Dawn lawmakers are bringing guns into the chamber instead of checking them at a secure location as required.

MP’s can carry guns anywhere they want and have immunity from all crimes unless the protection is lifted by their colleagues.

Only MP’s personal police body guards are allowed to carry guns inside the Parliament building. There was no information on whether MP’s are checked before they enter the chamber.

A member of the major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) Petros Tsatsopoulos and PASOK Socialist Paris Koukoulopoulos have in the past warned that Golden Dawn MPs have been entering Parliament armed.

Last week, Golden Dawn MP Panayiotis Iliopoulos was ejected from the Parliament after breaking rules of decorum by insulting major opposition party Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) leader Alexis Tsipras.

Iliopoulos continued to scream angry insults as a guard was escorting him out of the chamber, and while a SYRIZA MP mocked him by yelling “Heil Hitler!” three times.

New Democracy MP Fotini Pipili said she feared that Iliopoulos brings his gun into the body and said she feared one of the party’s members would open fire in the chamber.

Earlier this month, Golden Dawn MP Giorgos Germenis reportedly reached for his gun while being restrained by Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis’ bodyguards and after throwing a punch at the mayor for barring the neo-Nazis from conducting a Greeks-only free Easter food handout. MP’s have immunity from all crimes unless the protection is lifted by a majority of their colleagues.


  1. I would love to see them killing each other in the chamber instead of killing innocent people by their policies…

  2. ***Iliopoulos continued to scream angry insults as a guard was escorting him out of the chamber, and while a SYRIZA MP mocked him by yelling “Heil Hitler!” three times.***

    That was four days ago and you are writing as if it happened two minutes ago. Gee, do you have an agenda Andy?

    Without a doubt Andy, you are the worse writer on the net. The WORST. By a country kilometer. You are worse then clueless then yammering 16 year olds. At least they have an excuse, what’s yours?

  3. Man would I love to see GD go at it with KKE and Syriza … a mini civil war … both sides wiping each other out.

  4. This article sucks it is just a stupid attack on the Golden Dawn. It was like a time line of black propaganda used against the Golden Dawn to the point where the might as well just consider this an Anti-Golden Dawn presentation.

  5. At some point, GD is right but I do not agree on the attacks that take place on illegal and legal immigrants…The best way is for GD to press very hard for all illegal to be deported from the country and to not allow more to enter the country…

  6. The Golden Dawn want a Greek Greece and say that they are seeking the immediate deportation of all illegal immigrants. However, legal immigrants are not threatened, nor even spoke about by the Golden Dawn so it is unknown if they are planning to deport all immigrants legal and illegal. If their main goal is a Greek Greece then there are only a few options and they could take the risky path and wait for the legal non-Greek population within Greece to die-out naturally, or become such a minority while the Golden Dawn make tax cuts to Greek mothers just to increase Greece’s fertility rate for a larger Greek population that they just become part of the backround. However, these tactics of a very passive and innocent genocide are still putting a Greek Greece at risk.

  7. “There are no legal migrants in Greece, not even one.” – Golden Dawn MP Ilias Panagiotaros. They want to deport all immigrants, both legal and illegal, and they have every right to. Just because a few traitorous, EU-loving politicians give some Pakistani a Greek passport doesn’t mean he’s Greek.

  8. Insanity! When we see a Fascist MP abusing the Speaker of Parliament with their subsequent ejection from the Chamber, when we hear “Heil Hitler” being uttered in an elected legislature, or we read of MP’s carrying concealed weapons into Parliament —we should all be afraid. These events are not representative of any rational discourse or reflection of a cathartic democratic process. These events should be seen for what they are– the product of a dysfunctional political, social and economic system that is in danger of imploding. Rational discourse has been replaced by intolerant, self indulgent hooligans inflicting their dogma on a complacent…. and the complicit. Those that rationalize or support Χρυσή Αυγή need to be wary because contrary to our perceived right to defend a narrow and shallow understanding of ‘democracy, others see the present situation in Greece as an opportunity to destroy the very inviolable rights we espouse in that very guise. As Greeks, we should not only be careful, we should be fearful. As a student, I survived Papadopoulos. My parents survived Metaxa and Hitler. In their time, my grand-parents outlived the Ottoman occupation. I pray that all Greek will have the fortitude to destroy this present evil before it destroys us. The writers of the comments below need to be ashamed of their lack of historical understanding and for their perverse naivety.

    “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.” ― Thomas Jefferson

  9. PASOK and New Democracy are so arrogant they don’t even see what is coming with a big “showdown” out in Parliament. But their “day of due” is fast approaching when Golden Dawn MPs have had enough of PASOK and ND’s bullying, and of course the “poodle dog” traitor Kouvelis’ own greed & stupidity!

  10. These criminal block-heads – Golden Dawn – think to solve the
    Greek economic problems by butchering Muslims and other immigrants? I am
    sure that there is plenty of intelligence circulating in Greece: IT
    which is just a tool used by those who want a total destabilisation of
    this country. First of all who is financing Golden Dawn? No doubt
    Israel ‘s Mossad and the CIA must be showering them with money as these
    criminal entities are financing far-right parties and destabilising
    groups all over the world. Greek people mut mobilise their
    intelligentia, their pride, their fighting spirit against injustice and
    don’t fall for the lurid propaganda of the Golden Dawn as their ideology
    is against the human beings and therefore utterly anti-Greek.

  11. At least we have some non-goldendawn fascist pigs commenting for a change!
    These comments Kosta below and above are the usual diasporic fascists who have grown in societies of privilege and naively believe that a fascist party like XA is the saviour of our people.
    There are so many diasporic Goldendawn fascists pigs on this site like Alex/Homer, Adde, Exposehipocrisy, Aussiegreek, etc., and they all have one thing in common hatred for all non-fascists.

  12. Savas

    Interesting response? It seems that I have become a ‘diasporic fascist’ and come from a society of ‘privilege’ I was born in Lamia. I live in Athens since 1971. I received my engineering diploma at Ε.Μ.Π. I live Zougrafou. I work for a multinational company. I write in English for the non Greeks who read this blog. By your comments, you possibly can not understand English or possibly lack the moral or social construct to make a rational statement. In response to your comments and your beliefs about XA, ignorance is not a gift my friend. I have lived Fascism — I have a reason to fear because your comments are a perfect example of what we should all fear..


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