Quick Quits Independent Greeks Spokesman

terens kouik
Terence Quick

Former TV presenter Terence Quick has resigned as Parliamentary spokesman for the Independent Greeks, a minor political party that has almost no influence and is an offshoot of the ruling New Democracy Conservatives.

In a letter to party leader Panos Kammenos, Quick said that he would remain as a lawmaker. He did not cite any motives for his decision although the party is lagging far behind in polls and has only 14 seats in the 300-member Parliament.

Quick, who has been involved in Greek television since the 1970’s, joined the party in early 2012, when Kammenos founded the right-wing movement after being ousted from New Democracy. Quick was voted into Parliament after being placed first on Independent Greeks’ state list.

Seven high profile members left the party, which has 18 MPs, in December due to complaints about Kammenos’s leadership.


  1. It is clear. Independent Greeks will collapse completely well before the 2016 national elections. Most people who voted Independent Greeks will transfer their votes to Golden Dawn and perhaps a small fraction will transfer their votes to New Democracy.
    I remember reading a few months back that if Independent Greeks were to collapse, support for Golden Dawn would rise by at least another 4% almost overnight. Whilst 4% is not a huge number, every vote, every percentage point is valuable in Golden Dawns relentless rise to power!