AP Photojournalist Denounces Illegal Detention

GreeceGIAKOYMIDIS Life_HeraNikolas Giakoumidis, photojournalist for Associated Press, filed a signed complaint against the way he was treated by the police in Thessaloniki on May 21.

Giakoumidis complained that while he was taking photographs of a homeless man sleeping on a bench near Aristotelous Square, a police officer asked if he had permission to take photographs of the specific man. The photojournalist showed his professional ID, but was led to the police station.

In his complaint Giakoumidis reported,”Being an Associated Press photojournalist, I was informed on the phone by a colleague journalist that a homeless man was sleeping on a bench with a guitar next to him at Tsimiski street. By chance, I was very close to the spot and I arrived there within a few minutes.”

“Five minutes later, police officer Themistoklis Papouknas appeared in front of me and started posing questions. He pointed out that I was taking too many photographs and asked me if I had the homeless man’s permission to photograph him.”

He explained that he showed his professional IDs. The policeman said there was an anonymous complaint against him because he was taking photos of the Eurobank clients across the street.

“Within three minutes, I was surrounded by policemen on motorcycles. I asked them what was happening and they answered  they would transfer me to the Police Department,” he added. During his detention, he said the policemen tried to humiliate him as a person and as a professional, and a little after he was set free.

“After 31 years I have been working as a photojournalist, with professional results that are beyond Greek borders, I decided to take legal action in order to protect my personality and my professional entity,” Giakoumidis concluded.


  1. Margarita, give them back the money you took for this article. With interest. If you knew what you were writing about, you would know that taking photographs of people in Greece without consents is ILLEGAL. So would the “professional ” idiot who makes a living out of it…..but can’t help complain to brainless “reporters”.

    Unless they changed the law recently, then Article 57 of the Greek Civil Code (57 ΑΚ, 57 Αστικός Κώδικας) requires consent of the subject.

    Is this site going to hire “reporters” that have a clue?

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  7. Anyone want to bet this “reporter” complaining about police is..

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  9. Replying to myself! LOL!

    Do you guys who make the comments realize that his isn’t about GD or illegal migrants? This is about a “professional” photographer who should know Greek pertaining to his profession…..and a clueless blogger who pretends that she is writing an article.

  10. It is NOT illegal to take pictures of people in the street without permission. This guy is a professional photographer and photojournalist (Associated Press) and KNOWS the law.

  11. PROVE IT.

    By the way, just to educate you, it’s not lying or slander if one makes a statement to what one knows. If one knowingly makes a false statement, it’s a lie.

    At this point, other then gum flapping, you have not shown if they repealed the law.

    No charge for this lesson.

  12. Lies: taking photographs of people in Greece without consents is ILLEGAL” You know it’s not. Therefore, you are lying.

    Slander: You KNOW if you knew anything about this subject. The photographer in question is an certified Associated Press photographers and is one of the top here in Greece.He is a professional in every sense of the word. And not a “professional”. Just because you don’t like anything printed here on this site (and let’s face it… this is like kindergarten) does not mean you can everyone who disgrees with you and not expect a reaction.