Greek Offshore Companies Audited

offshoreThe Inter-regional Audit Center in Athens (DEK Athens) is closely inspecting 218 offshore companies, resulting from a document forwarded to the Parliament by Deputy Finance Minister George Mavraganis, after questions from SYRIZA MP’s.

The MP’s invoked the ICIJ (International Consortium Investigative Journalists) research and stressed out that only four out of the 107 Greek companies detected are entered in the tax registers, while many of those companies are connected to powerful individuals of politics and finance.

The Ministry answered that as part of the conducting of tax auditing for all the years that inspection had not been done, the 24 offshore companies of the Tax Office (DOY) in Kymi, as well as the 161 companies of the Tax Office (DOY) in Kranidi, has been assigned to DEK Athens since November 2012.

Some 33 cases have been sent to auditors who are using the Integrated System ELENXIX to cross reference data in the hunt for possible tax cheats.

The Deputy Finance Minister pointed out that in accordance with the law, a special decentralized tax audit service (KEFOMEP) is going to be used, subject to the Directorate General for Tax Audits and Public Revenue Collection.

Among KEFOMEP’s responsibilities is auditing foreign operating companies with Real Estate, for which no natural person is apparent, or Greek operating companies with Real Estate, in which a foreign company participates without the appearance of the natural person.

Mavraganis said that the audits’ results will be forwarded to the Parliament, subject to the provisions about tax secrecy, and informed that data concerning offshore companies that seem to be connected with Greek citizens are being investigated by the Attorney’s Office of Economic Crime, after his order to the Regional Directorate in Attica of Financial and Economic Crime Unit (SDOE).

This is about the new list recently published after research by ICIJ, in collaboration with 160 journalists from 60 countries in the world.


  1. In the words of my accountant and tax lawyer….NEVER stay in Greece more then 180 days.

    Anyone who has business and income from outside Greece and stays in Greece is a 45% fool. Including pension plans or retirement incomes.

  2. I would like it to be Greece but not under the current rules. The idea that government owns you and can tax you on monies made half a planet away, a decade or two earlier is too much. You pay for your own health care, don’t use their education system,. get no pension or ANY government help, bring money from foreign country to live on, pay all the local taxes……and that’s not enough. They want 45% of ALL income, from wherever on the planet for the “privilege” of living in Greece more then 183 days.

    And they wonder why people who can really help Greece prosper don’t want to call Greece home anymore.

  3. Alithia, Greece will never change for as long as these corrupt politicians are still in power…They’ve looted the country’s wealth and left nothing to the people so how can we call it home??? I’ve witnessed the Junta and witnessed democracy and I can tell you that during the “Junta” the country was better than what it is now…It was corruption free…Now, you have to be corrupt to be able to survive otherwise you will die…Greece is finished and the only way to bring it back to life is another “Junta”…

  4. You’re showing your age! LOL!

    I rather not discuss too much details but I was there when it came in, left the country and several years later went back, right in the middle of it. I had to take an flight within 24 hours before I was arrested in ’73. Yeah, I was there. I blame my parent for impeccably bad timing. LOL!

    The junta garbage tortured my uncle and I saw the results, up close and personal. I also saw the tanks, up close and personal. They also went to my house looking for me. Please don’t fool yourself into thinking it was a better time. For some, it was hell on earth for nothing more then exercising their free speech.


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