Ilias Kozas: We went to Eurovision with only €5

Koza_Mostra_officialIlias Kozas made a guest appearance on the Greek TV show Proino mou, on May 21 and talked about his participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The lead singer of the band Koza Mostra, which has become one of the most famous Balkan ska bands in Greece, stressed how good the experience was and that everyone gave it their best shot. He also said that he did not like Denmark’s song as much as he liked Azerbaijan’s.

The singer did not hesitate to say that it was because of European alliances that Greece did not get a better place than sixth.

He also stated that they did not receive any money from the song contest. “We only had five euros in our pockets during Eurovision,” adding that, “We returned to Thessaloniki by bus.”

The singer revealed that he had been unemployed for a year, but fortunately things are going well for him now.



  1. Because Cyprus giving Greece 12 points & Greece giving Cyprus 12 points all these years is based on talent? Looool

    Why don’t you ever give Macedonia points (all the years then)?

    You are getting a taste of your own medicine so stop sulking.

  2. Ilias is right. Denmark won only thanks to northern alliance….it wasn’t a nice song!!! Greece was much much much better and original, but who cared about them?? Nobody!! Their rhythm was miles away from DK!! Congratulations Koza Mostra!!!


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