Extension of Tourist Season for Ios

ios1This year, the municipal authorities of Ios are trying to extend the period of receiving and hosting tourists on the island. The Aegean island can accommodate up to 6,000 people with occupancy for June and July already, but the Mayor of Ios, Michalis Petropoulos, shortly before the official start of the season stated,” Life on the island in winter is beautiful, but in summer it is more beautiful.”

“We have addressed through promotion the market of Russia, while we have ambitions for China in an effort to attract more tourists and to extend our tourist season. We are searching and we want to give them something more than the sun and the sea, as those tourists are particularly demanding regarding services and accommodation,”  Petropoulos noted.

Apart from the unique beaches (Milopota, Maganari, Agia Theodoti, Koumbara, Kalamos) where the visitor can do water sports, they can also taste traditional dishes and sweets, such as pasteli, local cheese pies and marzipans. An ingredient which has a special role is the local caper, an aromatic fruit which gives a distinctive flavor to salads and cooked dishes.

According to the local tradition, Ios is associated with the greatest epic poet of all time, Homer, who left his last breath on the island, unable to solve the riddle put forth by fishermen.

In the region Plakotos, there’s an ancient grave “claiming” the burial of the poet of the Iliad and the Odyssey.


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