Turkish Combat Aircraft Over Agathonisi

696E6A54AC507DA5E7AE4F06D1F8D756The news for the May 23 flight of Turkish combat aircraft over Agathonisi does not mainly focus on the fact that the aircraft possibly recorded and photographed the establishments on the island, but on the fact that for some reason the two Turkish RF-4 and the two F-16 that accompanied them stayed in the FIR (Flight Information Region) of Athens and in Greece’s national airspace for 40 minutes.

Agathonisi is a small Greek island and municipality located at the northernmost point of the Dodecanese in Greece.

According to the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, “ A formation of four Turkish fighter aircraft, consisting of two 2 RF-4 and two F-16, entered Athens FIR south of Samos and at 08:43 the two RF-4 of the formation realized an overflight above Agathonisi at an 8,000 ft altitude.”

The Hellenic National Defense General Staff announced that “The formation left Athens FIR at 09:23 from the east of Rhodes.” Therefore, the Turks were 40 minutes over Greek territory.

However, according to the NDGS announcement, all Turkish aircraft was intercepted and identified, in accordance with the international regulation and the established practice.


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  2. Every day more and more Greeks join the ever expanding ranks of those who support Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn will take power in the 2016 national elections. From that point on, any Turkish warplane or naval vessel entering Greek territory will be shot down or sunk. The Turks will know that the games are over. As for the Albanians and Skopians, one wrong move and they will feel the full firepower of the Greek military.

  3. In the unlikely event that the Greek people experience a sudden and catastophic drop in their mental faculties GD may come to power. If they attack Turkey, instead of strengthening Greece, they will set off a war that will probably result in Greece becoming the New Turkish Province of Greece as the Greek Army will be severely weakened by the defection of generals who hate GD and widespread homosexuality within its ranks brought in by GD members.

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  5. Greece and Turkey are both NATO allies no one is violating anything NATO members can pass through each other space, photographing? Google Earth? there are many other ways like satellites to do it as Turkey has more than 5 causing unnecessary alarm for something like that is irresponsible for media -_-

  6. Are you living in a dreamland of some sort? NATO allies do not attack each other only paranoiac idiots think that way also a reminder Turkey has the 2nd largest and advanced military in NATO after USA and 1st in Europe 4th in the World attacking Turkey for anyone would be the end for them

  7. I thought u were not a GD supporter lol. You seem so smart with international relations, so tell me, if a war broke out between the two countries, who would come out victorious? Does the outcome signal the reality that Greece should not pose a threat and instead, should seek international support? I don’t agree with what Turks are doing, violating a autonomous territory, but shooting down their plane is not going to help Greece. And this is why ExposeHypocrisy/Alex people like you who is uneducated, unrealistic, over nationalist idiots and your parties would never win in Greece.

  8. Just more proof the US needs to wipe out Turkey and let Greece have it. Turkey has never, nor will ever contribute to the good of Earth. Would anyone even notice they were gone? Leave Greece alone you worthless turds! Without Greece, this planet would be about 1000 years in the past due to their many incredible contributions to the world. Without Turkey, nothing would change for the worse, thats for sure! Now piss off!

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  10. Turkey has an advantage in manpower, but modern wars are not fought or won by human wave attacks. It’s technology, modern equipment, & firepower that counts most.
    In these areas of technology, modern equipment, & firepower the Greek and Turkish militaries are roughly evenly matched.
    Below is a brief comparison of firepower between the Greek and Turkish army.

    The total number of (all types of) fighter jets possessed by the two countries is roughly equivalent. Greece owns 318 and Turkey, 357 aircraft. These can be divided into advanced and older/used aircraft. Greece owns 205 modern jets and Turkey, 213 (both include older types as well as the latest models). Regarding other, older types of aircraft, Greece has 113 and Turkey, 144. 

    Advanced typesGreece: F-16′s (Block 50 and Block 52+) and Mirage 2000-5 Mk2: 113 jets

    Turkey: F-16′s Block 50: 30 jets on order (an estimated 10 have already arrived)

    Older modern jetsGreece: F-16′s (Block 30/40/50) and Mirage 2000 EGM/BGM: 92 jets

    Turkey: F-16′s (Block 30/40/50): 203 jets

    Older types Greece: F-4 PI2000, F-4E/2020, F-4 RF and A-7E/H: 113 jets

    Turkey: F-4 2020, F-4E, RF-4E and F-5: 144 jets

    Transport planesGreece: C-130 and C-27J Spartan: 27 planes

    Turkey: C-130 and C-235: 80 planes

    Training planes Greece: T-2E, T-6A, T-41D: 103 planes
    Turkey: T-38A/B/C, T-41D, SF.260D: 189 planes
    General-purposes planes Greece: Canadair 215, Gulfstream V, EMB-135, PZL, G-16: 58 planes
    Turkey: Gulfstream IV, C650 Citation: 7 planes
    Helicopters Greece: AS332C1 Super Puma, AB 205, AB 212, A-109: 23

    helicopters Turkey: AS532 Cougar, UH-1H: 79 helicopters.

    American-made MLRS is state-of-the art missile artillery system.
    Greece has 36 MLRS systems, Turkey has only 12. The best weapon that the MLRS can launch is the lethal ATACMS missile.Greece has 152 ATACMS missiles, Turkey has 72.
    With the purchase of 90 SCALP missiles, fired from the Mirage 2000-5 type fighter aircraft, Greece has acquired an advantageous position, whereby Greek pilots can remain out of range of Turkish anti-aircraft systems and be able to hit larger targets.
    When launched from Greece’s Maritsa region Scalp missiles have a range that can hit Istanbul. When launched from Lesbos and Rhodes islands in the Aegean, the range covers all of the Aegean region as well as parts of mid-Anatolia.
    Turkey and the United States tried to prevent the purchase claiming that it violated the range limits in the protocol over the control of nuclear energy.
    The Turks know that their planned Nuclear
    Power Plants at Sinop and Akkuyu are now within range of the HAF using SCALP missiles.

    Greece: Patriot PAC-3: 6 units (with 1,400 missiles)S-300 PMU: 2 units (with 96 missiles)
    Turkey: None
    Air defense systems (short range)Greece: Tor M1: 4 unitsCrotale NG :9 units
    Turkey: Rapier: 83 units
    Mid-range Greece: Skyguard/Sparrow: 12 units
    Turkey: HAWK PIP III: 8 units

    Attack helicopters Greece: AH-64D Apache Longbow: 31 helicopters
    Turkey: AW Super Cobra: 31 helicopters
    Transport helicopters Greece: CH-47 Chinook, NH-90, UH-1H, AB205, AB 212, NH-300: 155 helicopters
    Turkey: AS532 Cougar, S-70 Blackhawk, UH-1D, Mi-17. AB205: 392 helicopters

    Modern State of the Art Main Battle Tanks Greece:
    170 Leopard 2A6 HEL
    183 Leopard 2A4

    Modern State of the Art Main Battle Tanks Turkey:
    339 Leopard 2A4
    4 Altay

    …and just a couple of months ago Greece signed a deal with France for 2 FREMM Frigates. These FREMMS are far better than anything in the Turkish navy, and provide simply awesome airdefense and firepower.

  11. The Turkish military is an overrated joke. It has plenty of manpower “canon fodder”, but thats about it.
    I’m not impressed.
    The Greek military will wipe the floor with the Turks.

  12. wow my friend should greece be afraid we have beaten the 4th world military too many times that you cant imagine 1987 turkish ship Sismik enterded aegean and when greeks respond with their army turks immidiatly runed away so dont talk that turkey can beat anyone


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