Land Registry Calls on Greek Immigrants

9F8C2E2A6F65B46762053809756F317DA special appeal has been sent to the Diaspora by the head of the Land Registry, Dimitris Kaloudiotis, who invites all Greek immigrants from around the world to take care of their property so as to guarantee the best use of it.

If the property isn’t registered, it could be seized by the Greek State within a few years. To avoid such incidents and risk losing their property, Greek citizens living overseas should visit the Land Registry (ktimatologio) website, where they will find attached the relevant information and instructions of the procedure (available in both Greek and English), according to the newspaper Vima.

The process is simple: in the first stage the Land Registry announces the areas it will survey and requests land owners to submit their details. In the second stage, within four years and after the Registry has processed the information, it requests owners to re-examine their data in case of mistakes.

At present, the Land Registry is processing about 22 million proprietary rights, namely about one third of land in Greece. About 16 million further proprietary rights remain to be processed, which is expected to take place between 2014 and 2017.