Golden Dawn Vows Mosque Protest March

GD PrideAngry that the Greek government is paying to renovate a building that will become the country’s first official mosque, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party is reportedly planning to mobilize 100,000 protesters to try to stop it.

The Macedonian International News Agency (MINA), which is located in FYROM, said the party’s spokesman, Ilias Kasidiaris, told supporters at a rally that there will be massive turnout if the government proceeds with its plans.

Golden Dawn opposes the presence of all foreigners in Greece and has a particular animus against Muslims. Even 200 years after Greece gained its freedom from 400 years of Ottoman occupation, some Greeks retain animosity against Turkey and there is a growing anti-Islam tide.

The promise of a Golden Dawn protest march came after the Muslim Association of Greece claimed it had received a crude note littered with profanities, warning its members to leave the country or face “slaughter like chickens.”

Police said they were examining the note, which happen to have the symbol of Golden Dawn on the backdrop of the note, proper. Golden Dawn denies involvement with sending the threatening note.

The reported that the Gatestone Institute reported that, as of 2011 Greece has a legal Greek citizenry Muslim population of roughly half a million, mostly of Turkish origin and scores of thousands more Muslims try to enter illegally from Central and North Africa, the Middle East and Southern Asia.

Many of the estimated 200,000 Muslims living in the Greek capital city of Athens alone are illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan.

Golden Dawn has been blamed by some NGO’s and activists with being behind assaults on immigrants, which is has denied, and the coalition government led by Prime Minister and New Democracy Conservative leader Antonis Samaras is struggling to get behind an anti-racism bill aimed at the extremists.

Greece currently offers sanctioned Muslim religious sites near its northeastern border with Turkey and there are many unofficial mosques in basements and other buildings.


  1. Yes, a massive protest to stop the building of a mosque in Athens is what we need…We don’t won’t any mosques in a Christian country…The government must examine the consequences of building a mosque…Greece has enough problems on its own, we wish to live in peace… Islam is a religion of killing and not of peace…

  2. ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS attacked New York and Washington in the 911 Attacks!
    ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS Bombed Madrid Trains!
    ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS Bombed London trains and buses!
    ISLQMIC EXTREMISTS perpetrated the Mumbai Terror attacks!
    ISLAMIC TERRORIST Mohammed Merah massacres civilians in French city Toulouse!
    On Wednesday British Soldier Lee Rigby was HACKED TO DEATH on a London street by ISLAMIC EXTREMISTS!
    MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS are burning Swedens Capital Stockholm as I type these words!
    ISLAMIC TURKS & their ISLAMIC ARAB EGYPTIAN ALLIES put the Christian Greek people through 400 years of Islamic Tyranny!
    ISLAM has NO PLACE in Greece!
    ISLAM has NO PLACE ANYWHERE in Europe!

  3. A poll released this week by shows Golden Dawn as the 2nd most popular political party in Greece! This is the first time that any poll has placed Golden Dawn in 2nd place. The relentless rise of Golden Dawn continues!!!
    Golden Dawn will purge the last traces of Islam out of Greece!
    Greece is an Orthodox Christian country! Islam has no place in Greece and never will!!!

  4. We are suppose to forget symbols of 400 years of Islamic oppression? 400 years of tyranny? Because the invading Muslim hordes and their leftist collaborators demand it? Our forefathers gave their blood to free us from them and now we’re suppose to assume to the bend over position?




  5. FYI Egypt is not an Arab country. You all need to move on and be friends with our neighbours. No one telling you to forget what happened with Turkey, but every country has gone through trials and tribulations. The past is the past. It is not Christian-like to be angry and treat people badly because of their beliefs. Not all Islamists are bad people…those that are, are extremists. You know, there are Christian extremists as well who murder and rape people (i.e KKK). Wouldn’t it be great if we were all friends and learned from each other?

  6. You need a more refined view then that. Differentiate and isolate political and social control of Islam from it’s personal religious aspects. Nobody can argue with you if you point to Islam’s political and social control without looking like it’s collaborator.

    ***Spiritual Islam is always welcomed BUT political and social control demands of Islam are not and never will be welcome in a secular society.***

    Define, Separate. Isolate. Then attack,.

  7. Egypt isn’t an Arab country, funny that those in power there are. You must mean the true Egyptians, the Copt minority aren’t arabs, which is terrorized daily in Egypt by the Arab Muslims in power. Thanks for bringing up Egypt as an example of how to turn the other cheek with Islam, and you end up like the poor Copts.

  8. Sweden has been burning literally for 7 days (as of today) and they want to pressure Greece to take in more muslims.

  9. Not just in Sweden…They beheaded a soldier in London in day light in front of people and they still want to build a mosque and bring in more muslims to the country…

  10. I agree with “ExposeHypocris”. Islam has no place in Europe…They can kill and bomb themselves in their own countries…It will be the biggest mistake of the Greek government to allow muslims to build a mosque…Islam is a cancer, it need to be eliminated…Let us live in peace…

  11. Build the mosques in FYRO”m’. They have open alliance with Turkey, the Skopians former occupier. FYRO”m” has the fastest growing Albanian population. The muslims in FYRO”m” can rewrite the history there as it is customary to do.

  12. The Greek state, as all Eurpean states, has been captured by a hostile elite. The Greek state is trying to replace the Greeks in their own land.

    Golden Dawn are defending their own people, which is morally unimpeachable.

  13. Just now “French soldier stabbed in throat outside Paris”…A French soldier was stabbed in the throat in a busy commercial district outside Paris on Saturday, and the government said it was trying to determine if there were any links to the brutal killing of a British soldier by suspected Islamic extremists…Any comments???

  14. Exactly!
    The corrupt treasonous Greek coalition government is under pressure from the World Jewish Congress, the (Jewish American organization) Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, & the American Jewish Committee (AJC), to build mosques in Athens and throughout Greece because a key goal – (which is also applied by international Jewry in all European and European founded nations) – is to transform homogenous European and European founded nations into multiCULTural, rootless, ethnically divided nations with no identity.
    Jewish supremacist bankers & Jewish supremacist media barons who are very united, very pro-their own Jewish ethnic group, can then easily work as a team to control these strife torn multiCULTural nations.
    As a side note. These Jewish organizations pushing the corrupt Greek government to erect symbols of Islam in Greece, is the equivalent of some organization pushing for symbols of the Third Reich to be erected in Tel Aviv & throughout Israel. Clearly such an organization would have to be anti-semitic. Therefore, any logical person should be able to see how anti-Christian, anti-Hellenic and indeed anti-gentile these Jewish supremacists are. They want to create divided nations were their close knit extremely racist Jewish tribe can rise to the top – as they have done in MultiCULTural USA, Canada, Britain, France, & Germany.


    It was written by Steven Steinlight when he was serving as head of the American Jewish Committe. Some excerpts below.

    “For perhaps another generation, an optimistic forecast, the Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into selective coalitions that support our agenda.”

    “Our present privilege, success, and power”

    “Will Jewish sensitivities continue to enjoy extraordinarily high levels of deference and will Jewish interests continue to receive special protection?”

    “I’ll confess it, at least: like thousands of other typical Jewish kids of my generation, I was reared as a Jewish nationalist, even a quasi-separatist. Every summer for two months for 10 formative years during my childhood and adolescence I attended Jewish summer camp. There, each morning, I saluted a foreign flag, dressed in a uniform reflecting its colors, sang a foreign national anthem, learned a foreign language, learned foreign folk songs and dances, and was taught that Israel was the true homeland. Emigration to Israel was considered the highest virtue, and, like many other Jewish teens of my generation, I spent two summers working in Israel on a collective farm while I contemplated that possibility. More tacitly and subconsciously, I WAS TAUGHT THE SUPERIORITY OF MY PEOPLE TO THE GENTILES who had oppressed us. We were taught to view non-Jews as untrustworthy outsiders, people from whom sudden gusts of hatred might be anticipated, people less sensitive, intelligent, and moral than ourselves. We were also taught that the lesson of our dark history is that we could rely on no one.”

  16. Replying to myself again! LOL!

    I’m not going to reply to anyone directly but please, PELASE leave me out of your Jewish and Muslim hatred. I don’t hate Muslims, I simply don’t want to be invaded by them through illegal migration.

    What I do hate is our own leftist/communist collaborators like SYRIZA who give political and legal cover to the invading hordes for political gain. THEY are the enemy.

  17. You goldendawn fascist pigs will mobilise as always some few thousand at most!
    The diasporic fascists are under the impression that these goldendawn fascist imbeciles and their ugly fat hobbit fascist leader have real sway here!

  18. And your post does what? Bask in it’s brilliant arguments? Your choice of words show remarkably deep thinking. It only leaves me to wonder? Do you drool when you write them?


  19. Greeks always have their hate for all other religions. Greeks hate all even those that dare to believe differently other than Greek Orthodox, even those that are just Orthodox and not Greeks. Killing others that are different, even women and children is part of Greek life-style….

  20. Correction Mr Dabilis. MINA is located in the ‘Republic of Macedonia’.

    It’s good to see that you are keeping tabs on Macedonia. What’s the bet that you type in the google news search engine, ‘Macedonia’. & yet you type ‘FYROM’. Remember where you are located, your cuntry recognises Macedonia by its constitutional name. You don’t like it, then fk off back to Greece & hang out with normal people like Alex. I’m sure you to will get along fine………….not

  21. I am married to Copt and I know all about the Coptic situation. Regardless, I grew up in a Greek household which taught me respect and tolerance as did my Orthodox faith.
    People, be nice to others! Love is a beautiful thing….

  22. I totally agree. islam is complete and total filth and absolutely should not be tolerated in any Western nation.

  23. muslims have no place in Europe or any other Western nation. Death to those who promote multiculturalism. End of story.

  24. Alithia, just answer my question please…Did you lived with muslims or do you live with muslims??? Nothing wrong of replying to this question…

  25. This has nothing to do with Jews, who also hate Muslims.
    It has everything to do with Muslims, who try to dominate everything.
    Muslims are the enemy, not Jews!

  26. Jews are not the problem.
    Muslims are the problem.
    We must be united and fight Islam, and stop trying to deface other religions that never had a problem with us nor force their way of life onto us!
    Otherwise, we won’t win any fights!

  27. No.
    It’s very simple.
    Muslims right now in 2013 are evil.
    When they stop bombing and eating the hearts of other human beings can they then ask to rejoin society.
    Until that happens, I say: “Kill all Muslims!”

  28. Who do think opened the borders all throughout the Western World and allowed these Muslims in? Do your research, the Zionist Jew is the number 1 enemy, Muslims, as frustrating as they are, are merely a symptom. The Jew wants you distracted with Muslims, so to remove the attention from them.

  29. Globalist Jews are the ones who have opened the borders through their corrupt political ties. They are also the ones creating havoc in the Middle East which encourages Muslims and Arabs to leave and claim asylum in our nations. The Jew is the enemy.

  30. Your are obviously just another diasporic goldendawn fascist pig with a redneck white supremacist title at that!


  31. You diasporic goldendawn fascist pig should go out the back and let hard working people do their job VRE MOUNOPANO THS GIS_VRE PALIO FASISTA!!!

  32. Be real. During Otoman times we had our Greek Church set up , indeed we so called Greek Orthodox never paid any taxes to Otoman. In way we ruled as a soft power within such Empire. You need to read more and enlighten yourself.

  33. Another name for yourself VRE Alex MOUNPANO!
    You diasporic goldendawn fascist pigs just don’t get it your type of attitude and utter racism is not wanted anywhere near us!


  35. I love how the rest of Europe accuses the Greeks of being lazy yet the Greeks are the only ones apparently who can be bothered to confront Islam (the religion of the oppression of women). What exactly does the average Swede do while his country is being destroyed by Muslim rioters?

  36. 400 years? What about right now?
    Glad you aren’t a world leader, considering that you obviously think there should be no change. I suppose you also would like to start up the crusades again? You know, since those lasted centuries. And it’s not a bend over- it’s handshake. Equality.
    But I suppose you don’t understand the meaning of that either.

  37. Nobody’s the enemy. Not yet, anyways.
    I have the deep suspicion that the only enemy Greece will have in coming years are those the create themselves.