Gangsters Take Over Greek Neighborhood

nightlifeThe once-quiet neighborhood of Ano Petralona in Athens has been seized by gangsters who are running liquor joints until all hours, thumbing their nose at the police and threatening violence against residents who dare to complain, the newspaper Eleftherotypia reported. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has promised law and order, but resident said violators are doing what they want.

Ano Petralona is known for its few picturesque taverns, but lately the number of food and drink hangouts has increased dramatically, with tavern tables and bar stools taking up the pavements, and loud noise keeping locals awake at night.

Residents who voice their complaints often receive threats, while some of them have been victims of violent attacks. Three houses have been attacked with petrol bombs and a few residents have been beaten up by unknown hooded men in recent months, the newspaper said.

Many of the newly opened shops have been granted a cafe or confectionery licence, but in reality they serve food, play loud music and stay open until late at night, the locals say. Those who break the law often have their shops closed down by the municipality but an appeal to the prosecutor is enough to have the decision suspended and return to business.

The locals have set up a residents’ committee and are determined to take the matter to the city’s highest authority. According to the Chairman of the Athens municipality’s quality of life committee, Andreas Varelas, a meeting between the residents and Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis will soon take place to talk about the problem. There was no word on whether police are assisting residents.


  1. “Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis will soon take place to talk about the problem.”

    Sure. Leftists like Kaminis are going to fix a problem caused by illegal immigration… by lobbying for illegals that engage in criminal behavior. (rather than combating illegal immigration) Just yell “racism” or say the words “human rights”. All the lawless criminals that violated our borders will leave the country. Makes perfect sense.

    With delusional incompetent leadership like this we wonder why Greece is a mess?

  2. I find it more fun to think of how this problem is “caused by illegal immigration”. Obviously those bloody foreigners are after bringing with them some horrible characteristics like staying out late and enjoying themselves, this was never the Greek way..

  3. Next year Kaminis will be gone and the mayor of Athens will be a member of the Golden Dawn and the scum Samaras and Dendias that sent in the riot police to gas and pepper spray hungry Greeks at a food handout at Kaminis’s request will enter the dust bin of history at a later date.

  4. And who is eating and drinking in these place until the small hours of the morning? Ana Petralona is a very Greek area, with a few Albanians. So the answer is: Greeks. Some Greeks are clearly partying despite the economic hardships of the moment. And who are the people who running these tavernas? Just because they are reportedly retaliating against residents who have objected, that’s no reason to claim they are gangsters.

    I wonder if this article has been written by someone who lives on the main street in Ano Petralona and doesn’t like the late-night atmosphere on the streets below.