Koran Lessons In Greek Ires Muslims

Koran Lessons In GreekThe Greek government has appointed 90 chaplains to teach the Koran in Greek to minority children at mosques and state schools in the northwestern province of Western Thrace, annoying Muslims who said it is a violation of the freedom of religion in the country.

“The children of minority families studying in government schools in Western Thrace will be taught the Koran in the Greek language,” an addition to the legal regulation 240 Imams law prepared in the Parliament was quoted by The World Bulletin and reported by OnIslam. The law states that the chaplains will be Greek citizen and members of the minority in Western Thrace.

The law, which was drafted unilaterally without consulting the minority population, was adopted despite strong opposition from members of the Turkish minority and criticized by the Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN.)

Giving the state the authority to elect mosque imams and chaplains, the new law also states that the officials serving in Western Thracian mosques will be appointed by a board of five persons including Christian Greek citizens. Muslims account for nearly 1.3 percent of Greece’s 10.7 million population.

Anti-Muslim tide has been on the rise in debt-hit Greece, which is battling a growing recession that has brought thousands of job layoffs and as the Greek government plans to renovate a building in Athens to create the country’s first official mosque, with the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party promising to mobilize a 100,000-person march in opposition.

In 2011, Muslims holding an open-air prayer near the city center in Athens to celebrate `Eid Al-Adha, were harassed by local residents who threw eggs at them and blared loud music from windows. Tension has been rising between Greek Orthodox nationalists and with deep memories of the 400-year Ottoman occupation which ended 200 years ago.

Critics also point out that Turkey and other Muslim countries, which want a mosque in Athens, won’t allow Christian churches there and that Turkey is making moves to turn Agia Sophia, the former Orthodox Patriarchal basilica in Istanbul, and now a museum, into a mosque. Turkey wants to join the European Union but has been criticized for lack of religious tolerance.


  1. There is no place for mosques anywhere in Greece.
    When Golden Dawn comes to power every single mosque (I believe they only currently exist in the province of Thrace) will be dynamited in a controlled demolition, the rubble cleared away, a car park put over this place, or some other structure, & a Greek Orthodox Christian priest will come to pray and sprinkle holy water over these locations to purge them of the toxic Islam sin. The Koran will be made illegal and all copies of the Koran burned. The penalty for possessing a Koran will be a mandatory 10 years hard labour.

  2. Yesterdays news in this newspaper “Golden Dawn Vows Mosque Protest March” clearly states that muslim population in Greece 500.000. This makes almost 5% of greek population of 10.7 million. Now here in this news muslim population is 1.3% of whole greek population. How you are going to reconcile news posted here within two days with complete out of calculation.

  3. Half truths on part of Greek “Reporter” is normal.

    Whatever the figure is, the fact is the vast majority of Muslims in Greece are in the country after ILLEGALLY violating our borders. This is rarely mentioned by the leftists on Greek “Reporter” (who instead bizarrely sacrifice their own country for cheap political points by slandering anyone that opposes massive illegal immigration as “racist”)

    Unlike GD, I have no issue with any moderate Muslims that are patriotic Greek citizens. I don’t even mind moderate legal immigration by those looking for a new homeland rather than to set up a colony for another state (i.e. ones that first ask to come to Greece and are examined by the state for suitability). Heck I don’t even mind Mosque’s in Greece — with the caveat Greeks are allowed to open a church in Mecca under the same set of rules than any Muslim expects in Greece.

    Any issue I have with any Muslim in Greece (or anyone citizen of non-Greek descendent living in Greece)….

    a.. Don’t be lobbyists for people that entered our homeland illegally. Every country in the world deports illegals, We expect our borders respected like everyone else. Do not manipulate Greek far leftist extremists and foreign based NGOs by abusing the words “racism” to silence objections to illegals because that will only result in hostility. Protect Greece against illegal immigration. Full stop.

    b. There are some racist greeks but those that slander any Greek that opposes illegally immigration as “racist”, purely because they are strongly opposed to something every nation on earth objects to, are in fact themselves racist towards Greeks. Where are the voices of those that claim to be “against racism” and “for human rights” when it comes time to condemning their constant blood rhetoric against Greeks?

    c. Show moral consistency. Many of those complaining about no Mosques in Greece, are expending zero effort complaining about no Churches and Synogogues in Mecca? This comes off as disingenuous manipulation of “human rights’.

    d. Legal immigrants and minorities are expected to both integrate into Greek society and to protect their new homeland from external threats (including FYROM).

    Any legal minority that does the above, will be highly respected by Greeks. As for any that don’t, both they and any illegals they lawlessly support, will continue to be encouraged to GTFO indefinitely. Your disrespectful attitudes towards your adopted homeland shows you have no business being in Greece.

  4. Our objective when it comes to minorities shouldn’t be to behave like some Islamo-fascist extremists that try to silence freedom of expression. That is not the Greek way. Our goal should be an expectation of moral consistency and allegiance to their new homeland.

    Any patriotic legal minority (i.e. one that didn’t sneak into our country) that denounces illegals, denouces any Greek far leftist extremist that supports illegals, and is patriotic in other respects (like defending us against FYROM) is good in my book. It is against the interests of our homeland to attack those that defend Greece.

    Only the minorites that are unpatriotic or that those that violate our borders illegally should we be hostile towards.

  5. ****thousands of job layoffs****

    How about this Andy…….***has brought over 1.3 million unemployed Greeks and some jobs filled by illegal migrant workers from Muslim countries***

    Too much reality for you?

  6. Actually, there is an indigenous Muslim population that goes back to the 20’s. They are about 1% to 1.2 % of the Greek population. They may practice their religion but they consider themselves Greek.

    The illegal migrating Muslim hordes are a different matter. They hold no legal status in Greece and can and will be deported.

  7. The Quran refers the war to defend your home and land (i.e, from Greek hordes that kill women and children inspired from the Bible that clearly makes it holy ti kill all OTHERS women, children and the sick if they are not Orthodox Grexit.
    Greece is just a conglomerate of religious filth from Anatolia and Syria that is disgracing EU. Shame on Greek PIGS!
    Grexit will be held accountable for Genocide it committed against ethnic Albanians of Chameria and others.

  8. LOL! Now I have a copycat using my handle.

    You can copy my name, but you can’t string 30 words together and make sense. And please do yourself a favor and learn how to write. You sound like a 12 year old….or most probably, you are 12 years old. .

  9. In your own former Bulgarian dialect you now call “Macedonian” is that pronounced Allah AkbarSki?

  10. Greeks are pigs? A racist lecturing others on racism isn’t exactly believable Einstein. Perhaps you should move on to your fascist brethren to give your advice.

  11. The only point that I agree with you is that regarding the Crimes that were committed by us Greeks towards the innocent women and children in Epirus. It indeed shames us all.

  12. What about the Muslims in Epirus/ that remained from the bloody massacre of Zerva and Greek authorities!?
    The remained was forced to change their names and their religion. I have a cousin that lives in Preveza. We Greeks should be ashamed of ourselves!

  13. THE Greek government is plan stupid! Teaching the koran in Greek?
    Greece stop complaining about your stupidities you creating!


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