Turkish Warship Passed Eight Greek Islands

turkThe Turkish warship Atak circumnavigated eight Greek islands from 7 a.m. to 2:25 p.m. on May 26,  violating Greek territorial waters, which is a common occurrence and draws no retaliation, only monitoring.

The Turkish warship, coming from the port of Smyrna, entered national territorial waters of Greece between the Greek islands Mykonos and Naxos, officials said. It next moved in a westerly course between the islands Sifnos and Serifos, in north, northeastern course between Kea and Kythnos and exited the territorial waters at 2:25 pm from Cavo D’Oro, between Euboea and Andros island.

According to the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, “a ship of the Hellenic Navy, as well as aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force were watching the said warship closely during the whole duration of its course.”


  1. There is nothing to see here. The Turks just wanted to check up on the Muslim hordes swimming towards Greece.

    The Turkey leader visited Greece last year and in a friendly warning, ordered us to build mosques. Of course, our beloved leaders stood up from their bend over position and are trying to comply.

  2. It is not all our politicians. The problem is we are divided politically as a nation which makes it difficult for the ones that do care to mount a defence of our homeland. Any attempt to defend our country is immediately framed as “racist” and “fascist” by our idiotic far leftist extremists. (in particular communists like Syriza but even some alleged moderate leftists)

    Leftist like to claim to be “against racism” but IMO many of them take their anti-nationalist extremism to the point they are absurdly racist towards Greeks.

    The illegal situation is a perfect example. Any Greek that is against illegal immigration is slandered as “fascist” and/or “racist” meanwhile EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD — without exception — has an immigration policy that includes deportation of illegals. This double standard is RACISM towards Greeks by those that claim to be against it. (including some of the illegals complaining… while their own homelands deport illegals, including some of the NGOs that disrespectful support their violation of our sovereign borders.. while their own homelands deport illegals, including.. quite bizarrely… some leftist Greeks. (see Che Dablis that resorts to this sort of “racism” drivel to silence any criticism of the non-existent immigration policies of many leftists)

    The Greek state will eventually cease if it does not take command of its borders. This is not a theory. This is an absolute certainty with changing demographics with no prospect of integration (rather than legal immigrants that were first carefully reviewed for suitability)

  3. Rather than wasting our time with conventional forces that do not have the ability to respond, perhaps some tactical nuclear weapons in our arsenal would make the modern Turks realize that Greece is no longer under Ottoman occupation and that they should respect our sovereignty.

    The non-proliferation treaty was based on two main principles.

    a. that our NATO allies defend us. Seeing as they have betrayed us to FYROM they have failed in their NATO obligations.

    b. that the US, modern British, and other nuclear powers also eventually completely disarm. 20 years post cold war they still have thousands of nukes. Since they think it is their right to have nukes, so should we.

    Of course our treasonous cowards (i.e leftists) would oppose such a move. Much like hot air speeches they foolishly think lead to an economy, they foolishly believe we can defend ourselves from being massacred again with words alone.

  4. Sorry, I was looking at my map and I wasn’t able to locate “Smyrna”, where exactly is this city?

  5. “According to the Hellenic National Defense General Staff, “a ship of the Hellenic Navy, as well as aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force were watching the said warship closely during the whole duration of its course.”

    Keep watching. That’s about all you piss weak Greeks do, just watch with a frappe in your hand.

  6. Unfortunately, your argument is flawed. When considering the cost of nuclear weapons, Greece is better off developing its conventional military with that money than acquiring a tactical nuclear arsenal. The increased conventional military might would pose a significantly greater deterrence to the threats that Turkey poses. Nuclear weapons are only a deterrence to other nuclear weapons, or to total conventional occupation. The threats that turkey poses to Greece are neither nuclear, nor total occupation. The threats that turkey poses are those to small islands, and more topically, territorial waters and natural gas or oil facilities in the Aegean if Greece were to expand its EEZ. Under such threats, a nuclear attack on Turkey would not only receive widespread international condemnation against Greece, but also a NATO response against Greece itself… despite Greece being in NATO! Under such threats, Greece would be far better off with superior air and naval power. Upgrade fighter jets, increase fighter jet numbers, increase anti-aircraft missile systems, and increase submarine patrols. With the number of strategically located islands that Greece has, Greece has the potential to completely dominate the Aegean arena, even with its considerably smaller military. Greece needs advanced, strategically located and highly integrated and coordinated weapons systems and military communications networks to dominate the Aegean, not a bunch of white-elephant nuclear weapons that are going to sit around rusting and drawing international suspicions that Greece is becoming a threat to peace in the neighborhood.

  7. Ha ha yes, rather than trying to make peace and get through the crisis we should massively increase the amount we spend on the military, who cares if pensioners are starving so long as we can show those blasted Turks that we haven’t forgotten them. What kind of dream world are you people living in. Guns don’t come for free baby..

  8. You evidently did not read the entire post. I said that nuclear weapons are very high cost! More expensive, in fact, than boosting the conventional military. Do you know how much it is costing the United Kingdom to upgrade its trident system? The upgrade is expected to cost between 15 and 20 billion pounds. not euros, pounds. For Greece, a far more cost effective option would be boosting conventional weapons, not a bunch of nuclear weapons that would sit there collecting dust. turkey would be under no illusion that Greece would dare use them for minor skirmishes in the Aegean, but the prospects of Turkish jets being shot down in the Aegean is a very very real scenario to them. My point was that nuclear weapons are a) by far the most expensive option, and b) by far the least effective option for Greece! The scenario I outlined above was if Greece WAS to have the money to afford a nuclear arsenal. Evidently, it doesn’t, and I never, not once, in my post, suggested that it did.

    You are the one living in a dream world, an idealistic dream world of past days of glory. A dream world that certain people in Greece wish to make real, and a dream world that if such people did try to create in Greece, would destroy Greece completely. The greatest losses that Greece has suffered since the first world war were because certain Greeks got excited by the prospect of an all powerful Greece that dominated the region, and either did not think things through, were blinded by idealism, or overstretched the Greek military without anything substantial to back it up. The same thing has happened to the Greek economy over the last few decades. It grew so rapidly, without any solid industry to back up the spending when the credit stopped flowing, and that is why it is in the mess that it is in.

    It is interesting how in your previous comment, you suggested arming Greece with nuclear weapons and pointing them all at Turkey. Now you are suggesting to make peace with Turkey. Make up your mind. I am all for making peace with Turkey, but my comment was that arming Greece with nuclear weapons is not the way to do so!

    I have seen your comments on a large number of articles from the Greek Reporter, have disagreed strongly to 95% of them (I think that there were a few that I have agreed with). I could not be bothered to reply to so many of your comments, but after reading childish comment about arming Greece with nuclear weapons, I decided to speak up. It is such ridiculous notions from idealistic people like yourself that are holding Greece back, and peace in the neighborhood behind.

    I suggest that you grow up and start thinking about what will really improve the situation in Greece. Industry, productivity and cohesion – not rhetoric and hatred.

  9. I’m assuming you’re trying to be ironic? Or does this super patriotic Greek called Alex not know his Greek history about the Ottoman genocide against Greeks that centered around Smyrna, now known as Izmir, in modern day Turkey.

  10. “The problem is we are divided politically as a nation”…Did you know that just now??? We have been divided in all aspects of our lives for a very long time now…Did you know that yourself or someone told you about it???…Thanks anyway…

  11. You are right…Watch with a frappe in hand…Thats all Greeks can do and nothing else…As a Greek myself, I do apologize for saying that but this is the truth…The frappe comes first and hell with the country and I do give rights to other nations to accuse us of being lazy and the most corrupt country in the EU in fact we are number (1) in corruption…When we will get our act together and pull our country from the mud, only God knows…

  12. Just another attempt by the Goverment and Media to distract Greeks from the Coalition, EU and IMF and TROIKA robbing and selling off Greece at every chance.
    Samaras was selling Greek islands and hotels to the Turks, so now we are supposed to believe they are a threat??— Get real Samaras, and resign- give us all a break!

  13. We all know the boy Alex is quite slow… otherwise he would have given up these insipid blogs here by now.

  14. In case no one noticed the GREEKS have become COWARDS and sheep by letting the Criminals running the Coalition Gov’t of Thieves continue to destroy & sell off their own country without lifting a finger to stop them– Greeks are useless fools who now get what they deserve!

  15. The funny thing is Greeks do accuse Germans for the country’s bankruptcy without looking at what they’ve done the past years from mismanagement of the economy and of course the massive corruption they established in government…It’s shame that my country has become like this and no one is able to save it…

  16. Turks are murdereres. Time to kill Turks. Turks are not allowed to live in this planet, because they are dangerous than H151.

  17. Very strange behaviour from a NATO ally. If they are that keen in making excursions into the Aegean, surely joint naval exercises can be easily organised where participating Greek warships have the pleasue of patroling Turkish waters as well. Afterall that’s another way of promoting “tourism” in each region.

  18. There is ONLY one solution to this endless Turkish provocation – GOLDEN DAWN!!!
    You know it.
    I know it.
    The Turks know it.

  19. Σκατά Σκατά στον τάφο του Κεμάλ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. You must be the most despicable diasporic goldendawn fascist pig that always blames everyone but your sorry disgusting arse!

  21. Don’t worry Erhan, these comments are all by diasporic goldendawn fascist pigs whose allegiance is to red neck white supremacist policies dressed in some pseudo-Greek patriotic veneer!

    Just have a close look at the comments and the first thing you realise is that they are all from goldendawn fascists who only make up less than 9% of the Greek vote. These fascist imbeciles are a destroying our country.

    But as for these diasporic goldendawn fascist pigs they are worse because they comment on issues they have no idea about from their ivory towers they all live in these MOUNOPANA THS GIS!

  22. I don’t understand in amongst all this bravado noone fails to mention the EU. The euro is what has destroyed Greece yet hardly anyone mentions this. You want to Greece to be strong and independent yst clutching on to Germany’s apron.

  23. Yes, I agree that the Euro currency has been a disaster for Greece, but the European Union itself, has not been. Since joining the European Union, Greek society and the Greek economy has only benefited. Where the European Union decides to go in the future, however, and whether this will be beneficial for the smaller nation states, remains a different question. And lastly, whilst the the Euro has been a disaster, perhaps it will be the catalyst that forces Greece to deal with its remaining issues.

    Perhaps the EU won’t last forever…. the Euro in its current form most certainly won’t…. but for now, Greece has bigger issues at home.

  24. Hey Erhan you antagonistic turkish old goat herder go and help that blind captain of the intrusive vessel find his coke bottle lensed glasses as he like you probably couldn’t find his way out of a revolving door. You capital jerk!

  25. I know my history quite well (it wasn’t an Ottoman genocide if you want to check when that empire ended), unfortunately the author of this article seems to still live there, it hasn’t been called Smyrna in English or by it’s residents for nearly a hundred years. One can be patriotic without being ridiculous…

  26. hahahaha eisai xazos m-laka. I’m not golden dawn, but it’s pretty funny to look at you from my ivory towers of America because you look really tiny from the top floor, as though a slight gust of wind could sweep you to an Albanian pig pen.

  27. More like they are checking on all the riff raff that they dumped on those islands under the cover of darkness.

  28. No, because 80,000 well armed Muslims laid a siege against a threadbare army of 8,000 Christians that had been betrayed by their “European brothers” and were sacrificed in order for Europe to flourish.


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