Black Panthers Will Fight Golden Dawn

Michael Chege to Golden Dawn: Bring it on!
Michael Chege to Golden Dawn: Bring it on!

Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, which critics said have been beating immigrants with impunity as the government is frozen over what to do, will find itself squaring off with people who fight back.

Black immigrants in Greece – many of them in the country unlawfully – have formed the Black Panthers, taking their name from a 1960’s black power group in the United States and said they will send out patrols to confront Golden Dawn.

In a report aired on Britain’s Channel 4 TV, Michael Chege, a Kenyan who lives in Athens, warned Golden Dawn it would be exterminated if it tries to mess with black people again.

He said he and a group of friends have set up a brigade and will protect themselves and neighbors in areas where he said Golden Dawn has attacked immigrants.

“I am a member of the Black Panthers and everybody knows that. So I am giving them [Golden Dawn] a straight warning – don’t mess with black people, anyhow. And I mean it,” said Chege speaking to Channel 4 reporter Jamal Osman.

“We will exterminate them,” he said. “I’m not afraid of this neo-Nazi, stupid, idiotic group,” he told me. “In World War Two, they were crushed. In World War Three, we will exterminate them out of the face of the earth. “They want to do what Hitler did. Try it. They will have the same fate and even worse,” he continued.

Chege left his native Kenya when he was eight months old and after living in Greece for 28 years he says he is still treated as a new immigrant. As the only black kid at school he had to fight hard to earn respect and took up martial arts when he was seven.

While he says it is unfortunate to be a “stranger in your own land,” Chege, now a father, does not wish for his children to suffer the same abuse he has and hopes to move his family to Kenya.

In the meantime the Black Panthers use mobile phones and social media to alert each other in case of an attack. “It has turned our lives better, at least in our neighborhood,” he said.



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  3. Greek organize themselves in Golden dawn as a response to extreme racist violence from immigrants. And blacks organize themselves in black supremacists gangs as a reaction to whites trying to protect themselves from black racist violence.

    A look into what the Black Panters are.

    Som additional information.

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  5. Greeks in London and across the world are among the wealthiest, most productive ethnicities. For instance, in the United States, we Greeks rank a close second after the Jews as most successful ethnicities. Success means money, money means countries are happy with us, they want us there, and we make the world go round. Greeks are fed up with illegal immigrants and the idea of multiculturalism which has turned into a joke of a concept designed to put down people like Greeks who want to keep their borders secure. Did you know that prior to the Karamanlis-Papandreou period of vast illegal immigrant influx into Greece, Athens was the safest capital of Europe? Funny how things change… So, if it’s ok for Americans to build thousand-mile fences, and pass the strictest of anti-illegal immigration laws in the world, people like you should not be pointing your fingers at Greece. You have no right, and should instead go hug a tree or something…

  6. Hey dips*it, how about instead of opening your mouth regarding something you obviously know nothing about, maybe try jumping off a cliff and do a service to humanity!

  7. Mr. Chege has provided some bravado and lip rattling but he is not up against merely the Golden Dawn. Immigrants, living like parasites off of the immiseration of Greece will find themselves, as before, facing the fury of the public at large who will destroy the opportunistic immigrant population. Rather than making a futile and fatalistic stand against the Golden Dawn, immigrants like Mr. Chege should cut their losses, pack up their bags and return home.

  8. I think this man has to have a history lesson. The U.S Black Panthers were fighting against real injustices by the U.S Government. Furthermore Blacks in the United States did not just show up, they were FORCED into the U.S — big difference buddy.

  9. Heyheyhey – who’s in the wrong place here?!
    This looks like invasion-type war declaration to me.

  10. “New and better?”
    Well, hell, I hadn’t realized we’d invented the time machine? But I guess we must’ve, since you’ve clearly spent so much and with Hitler and his buddies!
    Hate to break it to you, buddy, but caucasians are no better that any other variety of the human species. If you think so… you’re an example against you own argument.

  11. Source, please?
    And why the bloody hell are you trying to say that Africans are a different species?
    Anyone with an elementary education can call your bs on that.

  12. I don’t like nationalsocialism, but c’mon Golden Dawn, crush these fucking foreigners.

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  14. National Socialism was designed for one thing and one thing only, to make race a religion and to drive out the invaders from every corner of Europe. Yes, it comes with sacrifices, but it’s worth it if we can create a future for our people. I’m all for the liberty thing, but that’s a European only trait, we created it and are the only ones able to sustain it, thus – Freedom isn’t free, you have to fight for it, freedom for the next generation should always be upheld, at the moment we are destroying their futures, placing them in the most dangerous world that is soon to be, if we do nothing. None of this ‘we must have a democracy’ forget it, we haven’t had a democracy for over 60 years – ALL mainstream political parties are traitors, scum and will soon be hung. They want to destroy the homogenous nations of Europe so it is easier to enslave us in a Communist-Capitalist totalitarian dictatorship of misery, the more foreigners they bring in, the more votes they get, it is rigging it so that we can never win, they don’t play by the rules, so why should we the rightful owners of our lands? I say let’s make a state we all want and can be proud of to fight this scum, democracy will never win it for us, just look at America if you want communist state, minorities make up 44% of the population now, they can never get their country back, the minorities rule.


  16. I’m sorry but Greece is a country of 11 million going through its own struggles. Regardless of if they are in the EU or not, that country is NOT Great Britain or the United States or Germany…At least they remember their history and are proud of their culture….I don’t understand why such changed in society have to be forced? Follow the legal channels, and go from there…don’t come illegally and start making threats and expecting to make demands of the country. I disagree with a lot of Golden Dawn’s tactics, but the Black Panthers are the same damn thing, but I guess since it’s ‘defending racism’ with ‘reverse racism’ its okay. If people hate it so much just get out, go to the UK, go to Sweden, go to Venezuela i don’t care, i won’t force you out, but what’s with trying to erase and punish a mere 11 million people with their own established homogenous culture who are already being beaten down. the mere hypocrisy of all of this is absolutely revolting.

  17. For a minute there I thought I was watching DJANGO instead of a discussion about the nation that brought us Democracy .But obviously that was a long time ago it appears we now live in a country that wears white hoods and blames others for there own mistakes
    I hadn’t realised that this site was for brain dead morons who think being white has anything to do with intelligence

  18. You’re right, skin colour does not correlate to the intelligence of a Human Being, that would be silly – but we know people that distinguish themselves as white European have an average IQ of 100 whereas Blacks have an average IQ of 70 in Africa and 85 in the western world.
    Only Athens was democratic, and really only military leaders could vote. Everywhere else was Nationalist.


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  20. If they want to do something good
    they can go back to their shit-hole and attempt their Negroid Nationalism over there.
    Greece is our land, and we attempt our Nationalism in our land.
    Black Panthers can go to hell if they are in my country and threatening the movement of 2 million ethnic Greeks. Black Panthers won’t do nothing against Golden Dawn. If they attempt something stupid, they better not complain when we will attempt severe pogrom in Athens against them. Greece is only for the Greeks because Greece never colonized other Nations, neither Africa, we do NOT care about Africa anyways, there is nothing for us there, like there is nothing for Africans here. Blacks go home.

  21. Africa for Africans
    Asia for Asians
    Europe for everybody is genocide.
    Black panthers go home

  22. Blood and honor Golden Dawn!
    Long live Ethnic and Sovereign Greece!
    Long live the blood and Nation!
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  23. Because they are.
    They are NOT welcomed here.
    They are unsocial, dangerous, they form gangs, they rape and stealing our women, they form anti-Hellenic movements in our land. our land only belongs to us. Greece will not become Europe’s Africa because of you multicultural degenerates!
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    Greetings from Athens.

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