Bishop Anthimos Opposed to Gay Pride Event

anthimosBishop Anthimos of Thessaloniki is blaming Yiannis Boutaris for his attitude on the Gay Pride Festival.

Vehemently opposed to the scheduled homosexual festival on June 14 and 15, which will take place in Thessaloniki, the Bishop urged Thessalonians to keep their children away from the event.

The Bishop is asking the Mayor of Thessaloniki to proceed with the cancellation of the “carnival”, stating that the festival is being held after his decision. The Bishop noted that Boutaris has only made  one concession, asking organizers not to present the parade near churches, but in Liberty Square.

Mr. Anthimos recalls the events that took place in Georgia in connection with the same event and the suicide of a person who resisted legalization of gay marriage in France, in the Notre Dame of Paris.

He also pointed out that the issue is serious, and recommends Orthodox Christian residents to avoid any manifestation of violence and conflict within the local community and respond by only stating their strong objection to the event.

He finally recalls that recently a delegation of citizens gave him 19,500 signatures of Thessalonians who react to the presence of homosexuals in the city and urges parents and their children to keep away from these “unholy and unnatural events.”


  1. Keep your children away from this event, have them attend church with smelly billy goat bearded fat bloated ignorant priests.

  2. How Ignorant! First they want to be exempt from paying taxes – now they don’t want to acknowledge a gay parade. Believe it or not – gays believe in god as well!
    Get with the times!
    Really really narrow minded and ignorant!

  3. Not a bit surprised, for the Metropolitan is also known for his xenophobic and anti-Semitic views as well. Greece will not emerge into the modernity that has long eluded it until the Church separates from the civil Greek state, and Church leaders of this Metropolitan’s ilk — his fellows Serapheim and Ambrosios readily come to mind — are marginalized, and even severely disciplined (defrocked?).


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